Very Blue Beard 2/2 (with English subtitles)

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-Lilianne, oh Lilianne
You will make me so happy again.
So come closer to me, Lilianne
And seal me in your tender embrace
-I will do...
Yes, I will
But for now...shut your face.
You're overgrown, my lord!
And on this beard of yours
Some vitriol you poured-
The cause of all your sores!
With all emaciation
Your girth I'm plainly seeing.
You treat your own well-being
Like an abomination!
-I never have been sick...
-And he's so strong and brave!
-You're half-way in a grave...
But I will fix you quick!
There'll be no more steaks
Cutlets go bye-bye.
And consider cakes-
A nonexistent lie.
Butter: spoon a day
Salt: decrease intake
-Meat and wine, you say?
-Wine and meat we may
keep for our guests' sake!
Instead, you'll get...
Iron nerves and kidneys clean.
Just like this without a stop.
Jog with yoga in between
On and on until you drop.
For your health's good virtue,
Do your headstands right!
-And don't change your posture
Walk like this, keep tight.
Breathe, make exhales slow
Take care not to fall...
-What if he's still fine though?
-What if I'm still fine though?
-Then don’t breathe at all!
-But you will get...
Iron nerves and kidneys clean
Just like this without a stop.
Jog with yoga in between
On and on until you drop.
-Life is getting tighter
Nothing is amiss.
-Strictly regimented
is his every kiss.
Excess of impulses
With cold shower douse!
-Happy you will be...
-Happy you will be...
Angel, not a spouse.
Instead I will have...
Iron nerves and kidneys clean
Just like this without a stop.
Jogging, yoga in between
On and on until you drop.
If you put yourself in poor duke’s shoes
You'd grow a blue beard too
And then you have two choices:
To run way...or
Sorry dear... just happened like that.
-Rage made him blind 'bout womankind
-It's easy to see why
I roamed and roamed And then some more
-And time did also fly.
-But then I dreamt my former dreams,
-All those caprices weird
As if from darkness …so it seems,
Third bride of his appeared.
Vivienne, oh Vivienne
Be my wife through all years' span.
So come closer, my sweet handsome man,
And seal me in your loving embrace
What a long hoped-for moment of grace!
Here's my heart and the keys to the place.
Our life we'll adorn with the flowers
Shave this beard, my darling, please do
Nothing'll then fade this love of ours
Much less moustache and beard so blue.
We'll have songs, and the guests, drinks a-pouring
Everyday, all the time, fun abound.
In the love's firmament We'll be soaring.
And we'll take along Our lovely hound.
We'll have steaks, and the wines - rich cuisine
All is pleasure and charm for us two.
And the bounds of our love can't be seen
Yes, the bounds of our love can't be seen
-There’s no end when love's true
-There’s no end when love's true
...when love's true.
Glory to the Duke and the Duchess fair!
Such a marital bliss here at last
Upon my blue beard, I swear
I could not hope for this in the past.
And I swear upon this deer bone donation.
No other mistress's a plus
Duchess, do accept our congratulations
And please do pay attention to us!
I'll caress and will soothe, I'll be giving.
And again I will want to caress.
If one could just embrace all that's living,
I would promptly against it would press.
We're free like the wild birds through and through
Don't get jealous and pale Don't get blue.
For in love bounds are few
And the more that you have,
-And the more that you have...
-Yes, the more that you have
Oh, the more that you have
The more it grows strong and true!
Who's gonna argue- It’s pleasant when
bunch of friends flock to your house.
It's less so when your wife's beauty
Gives wings to all of them.
...and even more annoying
when friends take their time flying away.
In a case like this, don't even think of
leaving for some war or hunt.
Otherwise when you come back,
you might get more than just a blue beard.
Your friend might misunderstand you and before
you have a chance to say "Sorry dear"
It'll just happen like that.
Farewell, farewell my friend so kind
You saw how things occurred
My gruesome guilt You'll have to find-
Weight justly every word.
And let the fate provide for you
For all the sins of mine
More warmth and care that are true
And faithful love divine.
-Hello, my dear! -What time is it?
-It's half past midnight -Thank you.
-Give congrats, my dear! -About what?
-The case's closed, alright. -And it was blue?
-Oh, yeah it was blue. -Some special soap?
-Why soap? -Beards are never blue!
-Oh, how can they not?!? Don’t know if I’ll cope.
-Ah, nice story. -Oh, I’ve made this up?
-Sick of your lies -I’m a liar now?
-You were hanging about with... -Me?!? hanging about?!?
-Fine, hanging AROUND… -No such thing!
-And did you have wine? -What wine?
-Oh, her diet won't allow? -What diet?
-I want a divorce! -That's it my dear darling!
I'm coming home…NOW!
Dear wives!
Our version of the story may not be fully objective
If that’s the case,
Sorry darlings... It just happened like that...
Screenplay by A.Arkanov Music: G.Gladkov Lyrics: U.Mikhailov
Directed by V.Samsonov Art director: I.Makarov
Video: V.Milovanov Sound: V.Vinogradov
M. Boyarskij: Detective/Duke O. Anofriev: Duke's dog Voiceover: A.Belyavsky
V.Ignatjeva: Marianne M.Smirnova: Lilliane L.Dolina: Vivianne