Miracle-Ear BluConnect

Uploaded by MiracleEarExperience on 18.02.2011

The big news in small hearing aids is the introduction of the new MEBluConnect. You're
probably familiar with the technology called BlueTooth, which allows for a wireless connection
between an ear-piece and a cell phone. Well, we've taken that technology and applied it
to our hearing solutions.
The BlueTooth application in MEBluConnect lets you use a remote control to switch the
source of your hearing aid's focus, so you can use your own personal amplification settings
for your BlueTooth cell phone, use your MP3 device without earbuds, or even listen to
your TV or DVD player in stereo through your own customized hearing aids. With the assistance
of your Miracle-Ear specialist, you can program the remote control so that switching from
everyday listening to listening to your favorite music or making a phone call is as easy as
the press of a button.
Here's how it works: Once the remote is programmed, you can pair your system to your BlueTooth
phone, so that when a call is received, you'll hear the ring through your hearing aids. This
solves a problem that some people have had with certain cell phones causing interference
with their hearing aids. Press the green button on the remote to accept the call and you'll
be automatically connected. Use the microphone on the remote to speak to your party. When
you've finished, press the red button and the MEBluConnect will automatically return
to the program you were using prior to the call coming in.