ASİ 71. BOLUM (FINAL) , PART 1 ENGLISH SUBTITLES (Turn on your video captions to see the subs)

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I drew our tree house but I haven't decided yet
I like it, it looks nice
Don't decide just like that, think careful
One minute, let me think
What kind of a tree house do you want?
Daddy, it should be just like a real house
It could be like an (American ) Indian house
or like a Tarzan house
Which one do you want?
Like a Tarzan house
Then, we'll make the stairs out of ropes
Do we have a deal?
Ceylan, tomorrow is a big day
Harvester thresters are coming
- Do you know what they are? - No
Like the name says, harvester... thresher
The origin of those 2 words...
Stop lecturing... you are confusing her
Let me explain it to you
Harvester thresher is....
Leave it to me, huh?
The machine seperates the kernels from the stalks
then we bail them in piles to be loaded onto the trucks
Do you understand?
I understand, dad
You guys are trying to make me fill Asi's place
Your sister was handling everything
She has been my biggest supporter
Would it be bad to have another Asi, huh?
Ziya you're being replaced
Ziya took Asi's place, everyone knows this
New force is ready, dad, I present you Ceylan
- I heard cows gives more milk with classical music - Really?
- We can have a rock-n-roll farmer, she can make music while working
Of course, why not?
Maybe then, wheat will grow faster
And you make a good singer
You can sing to the wheat fields
Ok, ok, this is enough
Don't you want some dear, take it
Who made this?
My mom made it
Thank you
- Welcome Fatma abla - Thank you Mrs Süheyla
The table is ready, please sit down
Is there a seating plan, where may I sit?
Please sit where ever you like
Mrs Fatma, sit at the head of the table
The only thing missing is bird's milk
We came for tea & you prepared all this? Bless your hands
You shouldn't have
For you, it's not even enough
Please start Mrs Fatma
I personally prepared all of them
- Mrs Neriman, taste this - Later
Any news from Kerim and Defne?
Valla, I don't know Mrs Fatma
They keep changing their minds
I think this time, they are sure about moving to Istanbul
I knew it.... they're leaving the nest one by one
Come on Mrs Neriman, they're not children
They are married grown-ups
It's their lives, let them do whatever they want
I understand her
Parents don't want to seperate from their children
We always want them near
but we can't have all we want
Please, start
Even thinking about it makes me anxious
Kerim, are you sure?
Is it the restaurant thing again, sweety?
Be honest, do you think I can handle this restaurant thing?
I mean.... can I handle it here in Istanbul?
Even if you ask thousand times, my answer is the same, yes you can
But who would know Antakya cuisine here?
How do you know I'll have customers?
How do I know? Uh...
May I ask you something?
Sure, go ahead
If someone opens a restaurant in Istanbul with Antakya food,
Perdeli Rice, kofta made with cleaver-chopped meat, kunefe with sweet syrup
What do you think?
Valla, that sound good
I heard Antakya cuisine is delicious
If there is such restaurant, I'd eat there
See, I told you
- Thank you - Don't mention it
Kerim stop, what are you doing?
Doctor, I want to ask you something
With this wand, everyone's wish comes true
Now close your eyes....make a wish....hocus pocus
Hocus pocus
Wish for good things
And when I say hocus pocus, it comes true
Oh really... it comes true?
Thank you very much
Demir, it's a perfect match
This is what we needed
I'm not sure about this
What if it harms her?
Demir, there is no risk
You know this, doctor explained it to you
We're talking about a procedure done to bones
There's no risk for Asya
It won't harm her, you're worrying for no reason
I understand you
but you should understand me too
I can't risk losing you
We'll do this for all 3 of us...we must do this
I don't feel comfortable
to put a little child through this
Mom, I'm hungry
You're hungry
Come, lets get something to eat
Congratulations Aslan
What are you talking about?
Guess who is coming?
Is it her?
Is it her?
I'm going to die, I'm melting
Your doctor is coming, she can treat you
- You guys leave....scram - Ceylan, come on
- Hello - Welcome
Thank you
- Would you like some ayran? - Sure
I can't find a clean glass
- Mehmet
- There's no clean glass here - I'll bring some
Remember we'll build a tree house
I'm drawing how I want it
Okay, go ahead
- Hello Asi - Hello Inci
- Did you get the test results? - Yes
- Asya and Demir are perfect match - This is a great news
Can he get the bone marrow transplant immidiately?
The most important thing is solved, I'm very happy
Don't you worry
Demir's treatment is eligible for immidiate transplant
His treatment stimulates his immune system
That's why he's kept in an isolated room
The risk of him catching an infection is high
He needs the transplant as soon as possible
I'll talk to the doctors for immidiate surgery of Asya and Demir
First I need to convince Demir
He can't afford to say no
His life is on the line
I'll talk to him again
- Ok, we'll keep in contact - Ok, talk to you later
You heard, right?
Asya's bone marrow is a match
but Demir doesn't want the transplant
Yes, I heard... and I'm not shocked
What do you mean, Aslan?
This is Demir's only way to live
If he doesn't accept transplant from his daughter, we'll lose him
If I was in Demir's place, I'd do the same
It's ridiculous
Why don't you consider that Demir loves his daughter more than his life?
Instead of risking to harm a loved one,
He would walk the fire
You mean, he would even sacrifice his own life?
If you love someone, that person should come before you
You should be able to sacrifice your life for that person
Demir has a chance to spend his life with his daughter
Do you think he should miss that chance?
Shall we go to dad now, mom?
Your aunt is coming over, sweety
Can we talk for awhile?
Do you know, there's one person who can save your dad from that room?
- Guess who? - Who?
How shall I do it, with my magic wand?
Not really
Remember that time you gave blood?
Something like that
Can you get an injection for your dad?
Is dad scared of needles?
No, he's not scared
You have a medicine that'll cure your dad
Same way you gave blood, you can give that medicine to your dad
Is that why I can do magic?
I cured Fatma mom and aunt
You don't want the transplant, right?
How did you manage to explain this to Asi?
You don't want to put Asya through this
I can't think of Asya in the operation room
I can't do that to my daughter
But you can leave her without a dad, right?
Ok, it's your decision
My aunt is waiting on the Internet
Ok.... it's connecting