Gönülçelen )) Episode 38 - Part 1/3 [English Subtitles]

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How do you feel?
I have done it at last
My album is out
I still can't believe it
It is like a dream
a dream that will never end
oh look more billboards of me
what are you doing?
let's stop for a bit
come on
this is HER
let's go see her
she's a beautifule girl right?
she's not bad
not bad??
look at her she's gorgeous
and she has a handsome fiancé
excuse me
you're Hasret right?
can we get you're autograph?
of course
me too
here please
this is wonderful
can you write the name Zeinab please Miss Hasret?
I thank you
have a good day
you have to get used to it
I don't know how am I gonna do it?
I was scared to talk in front of two reporters
You know at the concert with Murat
this is even a bigger event
I am not sure if I'm ready for it
you're ready
forget the past
You are not that amateur girl anymore
You are someone who everyone knows of
A whole page of advertisement.. Very good
I think she will be very successful
Oh Mr. Murat is here
what were you guys doing just now?
Hasret’s album is out
we we're looking at its advertisement
the album is going to be very succesful
can we close this album subject now?
if you're so interested about making an album
I can give you Levent’s number and you can speak to him
Can you get out the notes I handed out last lesson?
I wanted to tell you something
You did so much for me... The album
All these advertisements
you worked a lot.. you putted lots of efforts
I wanted to thank..
No! don’t...
Don’t thank me
because you are not just my performer
You are the woman I love
The woman of my life
That’s why I don’t want you to thank me
It is enough for me to see you happy
Hello? Ok. We will be right there.
Come on.
what happened?
I have a surprise for you
Classic, Jazz, Ethnic, Rock, Popular you
can see such classification in a music store
But according to me MUSIC should be divided into 2
The one that is lasting and the other that is forgotten
it's that simple
A popular song now might be forgotten in the future
But the opposite might be correct too
Some songs are not immediately popular
but their value is understood in time
This is it for today friends
this is it.. What do you think?
Is it new?
did you like it?
yes very nice.. Enjoy driving it
the car is yours
And Koray is your driver
hello Mrs. Hasret
hello Koray
I thought if the driver was someone you know
you wouldn't feel that he is a stranger
Is something wrong?
don’t you think that this car is too over the top?
don’t think like that.. You earned it
I think it is too over the top
I am still not used to living in that house...
I can't accept it
you do not have to get used to it
You are now very famous
You cannot go everywhere with a cab
These kinds of stuff come with the business itself
Let’s do it like this
Let this be the company car. Until you get used to it.
And please don’t hurt my feelings.. Come on sit
I'm scared
don’t be scared
I will always be near you
but this car is not mine ok
ok. It is a company car and you can use it whenever you need it
I am sorry sir
I did not want to get me wrong
I just wanted my friend to be successful
I'm aware of your good intentions Nevra
I want Hasret to be successful too
but you think her album won’t sell a lot
look Nevra
This is a Bakh cd..Songs that he composed in the 16th century
people still listen to it today
I don't care how many copy an album is sold
but how many years it will defy and remain on the shelves
You can keep it
thanks sir.. Have a good day
have a good day
I am going out Mr. Murat.. do you need anything?
to the doctor?
yes.. I've an appointment today
I'm going out too.. I can drop you off
the clip will be for this song and we will shoot it tomorrow
Now you're going to say why would you tell me with such short notice
yes why such notice?
I heard about it this morning too
I want a faboulus start with no delay, not even for one day
The set is ready the scenario is ready. It will be a great clip
why do we have to rush? Why not shoot it 3-4 days later?
there's no new songs or clips on the market
If we finish it by the end of the week
every channel will show the new clip
Everyone will be talking about you
We have not one day to lose
What do you want to do today
Today is your day do whatever you wish
can I go to the neighborhood?
to pick mom up from the house
Can we turn from the next exit? We;re going to Hasret’s house
of course sir
my dearest neighbors
I promise to make the neighborhood like a flower
please Gülnaz stop it
move from here.. can't you see how crowded it is
move away dear Cobra
you stay out of it
vote for me
leave me
you won't be disappointed
Bravo Gülnaz
do not clap
thank you
my dear people of the neighborhood
Go down it's my speech
wait a minute
fo not let new candidates confuse you
vote for me and nevermind the rest
No.. don't listen to him
why the Booo!
shut up!
Gülnaz stop it please you're making me loose my votes
- only if you hadn't said what you said - what did I say?
that I don't nor can't understand these stuff
yes it's true
ok what you said is right.. here go
may God forgive you
my dear Cobra
this is politics.. It has its ups and downs
Horray Gülnaz.. Congratulations
we love you
may God take my revenge from you
your hands whish is clapping will know how to vote
my dears your hand was not wash the dishes
or doing laundries
who is that?
is it the municipality?
oh it is Hasret
my lovely sister
it's the star of the neighborhood
Hi aunt kadriye
Hello Mrs. Kadriye
welcome Mrs. Saime
God protect you Hasret
did you get me a copy of your CD
it's in the car
Balçeçik are you jealous?
aren’t you coming?
No I have stuff to do
see you
I'll distribute it to everyone
distribute? give it to me I'll sell it
shame on you.. it's not for sale
give me
who's voting for me?
to whom you're voting?
to Gülnaz
to whom you're voting?
to Gülnaz
sorry to bother you
not at all
it's been a while since I saw Hakan
it'll be good to see him
I forgot to tell you
they called from a newspaper
they wanted your opinion about Hasret's album
I asked them to call you later but...
if they call again
tell them I won't answer such questions, Bahar
Hello Hasret?
where are you? Can we talk?
I'm with Bahar now.. We have stuff to do
oh sorry I disturbed you
was it important?
no it is not important
I wanted to see you but seeing as you are busy
I can call you when I'm free later.. Ok
of course.. ok
Hasret what’s going on?
I talked to Murat
He is with Bahar
and he said we are busy I will call you later!!!
so what is it to you?
he's lying to me mom!
He says he is not going out with her but!
answer me Hasret
what's it to you?
why do you care if there is or not anything between them?
I don't care
It’s the fact that he is lying is what bothers me
He says he is only helping her
but I'm sure there is something between them
all you want to do is to be sure
if Murat and Bahar are going out or not... and also
also what??
you're scared that you might be mistaken in Bahar's issue..
oh stop arguing. Who cares about Murat or Bahar
no reason to get yourself upset
easy for you to say
You are not even aware of the way she acts towards me
You do not know what she has done to me
I don’t know and I don’t care.. All I care about is my sister
don't worry your sister is fine and dandy
her album is out.. Everything is all rose colored
look Hasret
You did all this by yourself , so don’t cause problems
what the hell have I done?
what else could you have done?
you think I don't understand you Hhh?
You got angry to Murat you went and got engaged
and then you felt remorse
You do not want to be engaged
don't you feel remorse?
Yes you do
Look at us we are so poor
What has Murat hoca done to you to deserve this?
Murat hoca taught you, gave you a concert.. made you famous
But you? And what did you do?
You did everything posthaste
you can't turn back on your words
Mrs. Saime
Her mind is with Murat but she is engaged to Levent
she cannot find a solution so she scowls at us
I know what is going on ok?
please tell your sister to back out of the mayor's elections
oh who cares about your elections
Gülnaz: what sort of a person are you cobra?
what’s going on?
Nakiye were are you?
Mrs. Nesrine
Mrs Nesrine
there is a new letter for you
a new letter?
what happened to you?
my back hurts Mrs. Nesrine
I heard a crack sound coming from my back
oh my God.. can you stand up?
I can.. I can.. can you help me
I'll help you
let's call a doctor Nakiye
No.. No.. I'll be fine
please can you read me the letter
My love N,
I'll wait for you at 4pm next to the Statue in the park
I'll be happy if you come
He wants to meet me
I'll get ready immediately
you can't go like this Nakiye
he wants to meet me Mrs. Nesrine
look at my bad luck!
what a bad timing to hurt my back Mrs. Nesrine!
They called from the company in Ankara
they said that they look positively to the sponsership issue
they want to meet with you
did they schedule the meeting?
they said it will be tomorrow but...
impossible.. tomorrow is the filming of Hasret's clip
I didn't reply to them because of that
tomorrow all the executive of the co. would be on travel
They want to meet with you before they do travel
So tomorow I should be in Ankara
Yes Mr. Levent
this meating is more important than the clip
book me a flight and I'll talk to Hasret
I called the Radio Station you told me about
they want would like to host Hasret tonight
that's good news
do you need coffee?
at what time? Ok. I will be ready by then
I do not need koray
I will be here for a while longer see you later
is this Murat calling?
no Levent
are you angry at me?
No. mom I am not angry
you were right
I didn't want to upset you
but I had to tell you what I thought
it's good you did
anyway she has to say what's bottled inside of her
who are you referring to?
how is my sister?
she is downstairs
Maybe you should go and speak to her
I will but her anger does not finish so easily
I am waiting for her to calm down a bit
I must've bothered you today?
by taking me to the doctor then back home
you didn't bother me.. I'm fine
you should continue your sessions.. you heard Hakan
don't worry Mr. Murat I will
can I listen to the radio
please do
yes my dear audience
I remind you this is a new song of Hasret
be with us at 9:00 pm, Hasret will join us LIVE
you can call and ask her anything you want
Now let's listen to another song from her album
can I come near you?
Are you still mad at me?
I cannot stand it when you are mad at me
If you can't STAND then SIT DOWN
Don’t laugh
Oh my God
I am sorry if I upset you
Hasret you never screamed at me before
you are right
but you know what I have been through lately.
yes but I told the truth to you one by one
Oh ok.. . I forgive you.. you forgive me too.
Don’t be miserable I can't stand it
Please smile.. smile girl
yes like this
Hasret I forgave you please forgive me I was harsh on you
ok sister, I forgive you
my lovely sister
So tell me who will you vote for Cobra or me
of course you.. Who would vote for Cobra?
yes and also he is a man
yeah a man
he's Cobra and he's a man
I am live on a radio show tonight
really which fm?
Murat is calling
Hello? No I'm not busy?
I never guessed we will get to this state
All thanks to you the restaurant reopened Jafer
it's open but we need to get a license ASAP
Cobra will get it
right man? what happened to you?
the mayor issue is all complicated now
my wife is my opponent
Mrs. Saime, Hasret, they are all on Gülnaz's side
I feel hopeless and alone
stop it man!
who's gonna vote for Gülnaz?
have you gone mad?
you will win the election... mark my words
of course
are you gonna vote for me?
for sure I won't be voting for Nizam
and of course not for Gülnaz
I will be voting for you Cobra
thanks girl
brother Jafer are you voting for me?
to be honest we shouldn't leave Gülnaz alone
what are you saying?
Yes Jafer what are you saying?
dear why are you upset?
After all Gülnaz is one of us right?
No she's not one of us
what does she knows about these stuff?
I believe that Gülnaz is the best candidate for the mayor's post
take this!
you're an ousider now
here do all the cutting yourself Jafer
what did I say yaa?
this is non sense I will call the doctor
don't call a doctor Mr. Ethem please
he'll tell me don't walk and a lot of stuff
I have an emergency
I have to be in the park at 4:00pm
I'll be fine in no time please
don't call any doctor please
ok NaKiye but your health is at stake
what if it was a complicated case?
No it's not
I'm a village girl nothing will hurt me
look AHHHH!
it's better if we call a doctor
I'll get it
sorry to put you through troubles
welcome.. Come on in
oh hello Hasret.. Welcome
thank you
Is Levent not here?
no. I came to give my CD
oh your album is out
thank you
Hasret shall we go upstairs?
who was it?
she came to give her album to us..
Hasret’s album is out.. Congratulations
thanks oh did you buy it
no need for that
Hasret brought it herself
Hasret brought it?
she is upstairs with Murat now
She came to bring her album herself
I see
Anyway I am busy right now.. Can I call you later?
ok see you
Koray where are you?
I'll an address I want you to ho there immediatly
congratulations. .
I am happy for you
I hope you'll like it?
It looks pretty . It is appealing
I couldn't have such an album without your help
I owe you a lot
you owe me nothing
you succeeded on your own
do you think I succeeded?
well time will show us the results
Levent must be on cloud nine
He wanted to have this album out
He must've heard his name so he called
how do you know it is him?
Hello levent?
where are you Hasret?
I'm at Murat's house.. I came to thank him
really? ok.. Say hi from me
I will
When will you leave.. We have the radio interview ronight
I won't be late.. I'm leaving soon
I'm waiting for you
He says Hello
oh koray?
hello.. I came to pick up Hasret Mr. Ethem
yes sir
I'm Hasret’s new driver.. I started work today.
ok. wait a second
Oh I was just coming to you guys
what happened?
Koray is Hasre's driver.. He came to pick her up.
Levent must have sent him
so what about your job at the hotel?
I quit Levent hired me..
The pay is better here
oh good
have a good day
have a good day Koray
see you
have a good day
good bye Hasret
your car is very pretty Hasret
It is not mine.. It is just a company car
a new car, with a driver on the very first day
When you are a nouveau riche...