Advanced Kickboxing Moves : Double Sweep Kick Followed by Right Cross in Advanced Kickboxing

Uploaded by expertvillage on 03.10.2007

Hey I'm Danny Hawk with the Normandy Gym in Miami Beach and also president and owner of
Hawk's fight wear. You can reach us at for all your mixed martial arts needs. I'm
going to demonstrate a double sweep kick followed by a right cross over the top. Double sweep
followed by a right cross. We used this on an opponent to disable him with a Charlie
Horse or a hard kick to the liver or to the ribs. So left foot forward right foot back
and your off. Followed by a big crossover the top. So can't tell if I'm trying to punch
it or kick. I'm going to get in boxing stance. Inside over the top that right hand. One more
time left foot forward right foot back. Over the top that right hand and that's a double
sweep followed by a right hand over the top. You can also move out of the way and you can
throw me that and that's a lethal combination it's used as I said to a Charlie horse, or
rib cage area followed by a knock out punch to the head. So offensive or defensive however
you want to use it it's a great combination of another advanced move.