La Giostra - Part 1 of 2

Uploaded by immaginariosonoro on 23.07.2010

dance with me, give yourself to me
swing with me
play with me and overwhelm me
take me with you
the rain keeps falling
-the soil gives out the stink of piss -hold my fingers tight
hug me like the sea
-in this mud you can't tell soldiers from things -as I am breathing the morning sun is rising
-we can't move -as I am breathing the morning sun is rising
this trench is crammed with bodies
with cramped legs
with rifles, with rubbish...
FORWARD! Impossible?
Who cares! Forward! At any cost!
I'll have
and I'll paint
-Orders were totally insane -garlands of flowers
-wild, and deranged -I'll perfume this dawn
-Barbed wire... They had never seen it before -change this day for me, stop this moment...
Find a way!
Forward, by God!
What are we doing here?
Playing games?
Have I ever met her?
I don't think so
I've never met her myself
But I can't get her out of my mind
She's really intense
I've seen her in Venice
Really? When?
On June, 10
On your birthday!
I was having a stroll at the Arsenale
And you met this woman
Yes, but...
She seemed to be coming from a far away place
from a far away time, you see?
And she was wearing really strange clothes
She had black gloves on
And a red hat
You're joking!
I swear!
It's true!
she kept looking at me
At me, you know?
As if...
As if she had...
recognized me
As if I myself had...
Then I heard...
Then... Nothing
I lost her
The dream
Who's she?
Not there should I be looking for her
But then, where?
Or... when?
I could have...
touched her
I would have liked to...
I can hear her in this silence
I turn around...
And she's not there anymore
Come with me
You'll be with me forever
I'll be waiting for you
Who is she? Who was she? Who was she to me?
I'll be waiting for you
I'll be waiting
What's going on?
Drago, I've got no time
Do you want me to come by?
Come with me
Is there anybody there with you?
You'll be with me forever
Okay, that's it. See you. Bye
I'll be waiting for you
Our song
Are you with us?
That song
I've been looking for it
Well? Nothing to say about that?
I couldn't find it. It doesn't exist
So what?
So... I've recorded it myself
Now it exists
That's crazy
Come and listen to it
Look, Davide, give me a break! Come!
Come to my concert! I'll be waiting for you!
No. I can't come
I'll be waiting for you
Flickering light
embroidering the world
on your soft womb
You are with me
You are
in waves
I can fly, I can ride
lost in the wind
Blissfully the sky opens out
You are with me
You are
Clouds, smiling behind peaks
caressing the sun
Blissfully the universe brightens up
You are with me
You are