Coneheads (4/10) Movie CLIP - The Birth Spasm Has Begun (1993) HD

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Greetings, my genetomate.
How was your day
Ferrying humans across the grid?
[ cones hum ] acceptable.
Tips could have been better.
The impending cone prepares
For its emergence.
Ahh! Ahh!
[knock on door]
It's khoudri.
Welcome, my employer and landlord.
Beldar, forgive my intrusion.
Rhavi is sick.
Can you work the midnight shift, use my car?
Most certainly.
This is the last triple shift.
The birth spasm is near.
Once again, you have pulled me from the fire.
Beldar, you have been working
Through your slar phase again.
Goz deprivation is not good.
This dwelling is no longer acceptable.
It is not good enough for you and our young one.
We must settle in a safer neighborhood,
One with better schools
And a stronger local economic matrix.
We are no better off
Than we were two zerls ago.
This ranch-style dwelling is available
At $6,900 down with a 9% fixed-rate mortgage.
But how? Our currency stock is insufficient.
I have been saving.
Ah! I praise you, earthwoman.
Ugh! Aah!
My bluevarp has broken.
The birth spasm has begun.
Aah !
Nothing to this.
Childbirth is an act of nature.
Take care of prymaat. We'll get good pictures.
I hate you, beldar!
I hate you!
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