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Episode 7
Oh. We meet again.
Is she your girlfriend?
There's no way.
Of course.
Seung Jo, want to come have some tea at the cafe?
No. I'll go ahead first.
You're home?
That girl I saw in front of the classroom earlier...
Yoon Hae Ra?
Her name is Hae Ra?
Is she your senior?
Does she look like someone above us?
Then again she is called the Goddess of the freshmen.
Wait, she's the same year as us?!
She entered as the second best in Parang University,
And you were the top student in the whole school.
Someone so amazing...
Why did she come to our school?
Are you being jealous now?
No way! Jealous? Why would I be jealous?
Of course you would be,
After all, we did kiss.
Ho! Perhaps, is this going to be the 2nd kiss?
This is just too good to be seen by myself.
I was played again.
To that person, the kiss we had that day meant nothing at all.
It was just a prank!
Come join us!
Please join our club!
So what? You're not really going out with Seung Jo.
Maybe you should just attack him.
What if he hates her even more.
That's hard.
It sure is.
Oh, my! I have to go.
You're not eating with us?
To be honest, I got a job.
A job?
Parang Beauty salon. The one In front of school.
Really?! That's great!
That's great.
I don't really know if it's really great or not.
They said I have to crawl up, but I'm trying it out.
So it seems it will be hard for me to keep having lunch with you guys. I've got to eat up lunch when there aren't any customers around.
You should come over too when you have time.
Then, I'll go off first.
I'm going. Bye.
Have fun!
I can't have lunch with you either.
The seniors from our major invited the freshmen to lunch.
Then do I have to eat alone?
Oh. I'm coming now. Yeah.
I'm sorry Ha Ni.
I'm going.
What's up with this?! I hate eating alone!
Seung Jo, did you eat lunch?
Seung Jo, do you perhaps have no one to eat lunch with?
I'll have chicken cutlet.
Wang Donkas, Chicken Cutlets, Hamburger steak...
You can't think if you don't say it out loud?
You came?
Even if you didn't, I was about to ask you if you wanted to have lunch together.
What are you going to eat? Donkas?
Hamburger steak please.
Me too.
Can I get a lot of vegetables?
Me too.
Excuse me! Hasn't there been a mistake?
Yes?? What is the problem??
Hey, Mr. Prodigy, you sure are brave in going against my fair distribution of foods.
Bong Joon Gu?
Ha Ni! It's been a long time, right?
You, why are you here?
Weren't you working at my father's restaurant?
That's right. I work there in the evening, and here during the day.
I'm earning this much money, so you can come marry me any time you want!
I've prepared everything.
Knowing you're going to the same school as this jerk, you thought I would do nothing about it?
So Baek Seung Jo, how is it?
You were really surprised, right?
Right. I was REALLY surprised!
How could you allow yourself to trail alongside the skirt of some girl?
The skirt of some girl?
That's called love, love.
You don't know what love is?
Excuse me, please remake this.
Oh my, how come you only gave him half a serving?
Youngster Bong, is this how you're going to do your job?
Lady, this is more than enough for this fool!
Eat well.
Eat up Ha Ni!
This seat is empty ...
Ha Ni.
uhm... you go first
Omg, I finally found you all my life, I was waiting.
I've been looking forever!
Oh Sunbae, long time no see.
"Long time no see"?
Since you're the new student here, shouldn't you have been the one to look for me?
That saddens me.
Is that so?
"Is that so?" Look at this kid acting so gentle!
Well then, I'll get straight to the point. Have you joined any school club?
School club?
I haven't thought of that.
You can't just enter a club without thinking. Just forget about that, and come join our club.
If you're with us , we can go to Nationals this time.
I don't want to, and it's been a long time since I last played.
Seung Jo, who was the person that got you the "Red Shoes" series when you were a sophomore?
-Don't remember? Then when you were a junior, who downloaded those really hot-- -Alright, alright.
You're saying okay? You're okay with it?
Thank you Seung Jo. You are such a nice boy.
After your classes are over, come find me in the club room, okay?
Alright, then you better come later! I'll see you later, alright?!
School club?
You don't have class?
You sure are following me all around.
What kind of club is it?
I won't tell you.
You're going to follow me if I do.
Follow you? Who said I would follow you?
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[Super strength/power Club]
Would you like something?
Hi! Hello~!
-So everyone is here. -This is the list of members.
Why isn't she coming?
So you followed me.
What are you doing?! Come here.
Omo, we meet again.
What is this? If I didn't follow then there would be trouble.
You play Tennis well?
I can't play it.
Of course I don't since I've never tried it before.
You shouldn't have come if you've never played.
You obviously think lightly of clubs.
What do you mean? That person said that I can join even if I can't play.
He said I just have to want to play and be sincere about it.
That person?
Let her be. She's normally pretty mindless.
It seems like it.
Alright now. Attention, attention.
Let us begin.
Today it seems to be a little awkward Since you still don't know each other,
I'm just going to do a brief intro, and we will begin our official training starting Thursday.
So you should bring along your rackets.
Pleased to meet you. I am the club vice-president, Wang Kyung Soo.
Second year student.
Second year?
21 years old.
21 years old?!
I apologize. No. It's fine, it's fine.
Sometimes, even my mother talks to me formally,
Well it's good, since our beginning is light hearted and fun like this.
Then I will continue to get into the details.
This year our Top Spin club has been blessed with the entry of some very talented freshmen.
The winner of last year's high school tennis nationals.
First place, first place. Right, Baek Seung jo.
Also, she was in the same tournament,
I present to you the girl's division winner. Yoon Hae Ra.
Nice to meet you all.
I don't really know why, but as of last year, no new female students have joined our club.
However, a female student who cares greatly about our club and genuinely wants to join came today. Her name is...
Her nam...
It's Oh Ha Ni.
Oh Ha Ni.
Hello everyone. I am Oh Ha Ni from the social studies department.
Excuse me, but how long have you been playing Tennis?
I have never held a racket.
But I've played badminton!
Ah! Applause, applause.

Are you okay?
Yeah I'm okay.
Yah, that was pretty powerful. You just need a little more practice and you'll be fine.
I'm sorry. I said it was okay, so keep playing.
Oh, Pretty! You look pretty.
For real?
Yeah, really pretty.
It's perfect! It's really pretty.
Oh you bought brand new clothes from head to toe.
Well, I have to go get ready...
"This is the first time in my life that I am playing tennis ," So you appear.
It's normally the kids that can't study that buy pencils before they even take an exam.
Right! And all different kinds.
By the way, you look to be getting along well with Kyung Soo Sunbae.
Yeah, I like Wang Sunbae.
He's exactly like Tofu.
He's smooth, and very kind. His words are very nice too.
Very different from a certain someone.
You're really clueless.
Let's go.
Okay, now.
Kyung Soo.
Since it's your first day, we're going to have an ability test. Go to the back and stay the way you are right now, and just get the balls.
Kyung Soo will be serving the balls.
Please don't feel burdened.
Today we will be testing to see what skill level everyone is. Don't be nervous. I'm going to serve 5 balls.
Don't force yourselves, and only do what you can. Don't over do it, or else, you can get hurt.
You play even when it's raining?
Of course, whether it's raining or snowing, we play.
So get ready everyone. We're going to start.
Hurry up and move it!
Those pieces of junk!
Electronics major, Han Ha Shik.
Fighting! Fighting!
Oh, startled me!
What the hell are you doing?! Hit the ball! The ball, damn it! Again.
Open your eyes WIDE!
What are you doing, punk?
At least get one you punks!
I told you to Get it!
Get it right! Get it RIGHT!
Hit it correctly!
Hit it! Please hit it, damn it!
Undecided major, Yoon Hae Ra.
Sunbae, what are you doing?
Serve the ball correctly.
Undecided major, Baek Seung Jo.
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Oh! Baek Seung Jo, nice to meet you.
I've been waiting for the day to go 1 on 1 with you, like this.
Please take care of me.
Hey, I've been going easy since you said you haven't played for awhile, but I don't think I need to.
No, please go easy on me.
That was just a coincidence.
Cocky fool.
Okay, that's it.
Good job.
This isn't good, Wang Sunbae is totally pissed.
I know, the next person is dead now.
Last one, Oh Ha Ni.
Oh Ha Ni!
Where are you hiding? Come here.
Come here!
Go on over, he's calling you.
It's all your fault!
Come here quickly!
Excuse me...
Stand up straight!
I'm sorry, but this is the first time I'm playing in my entire life!
Please be gentle...
Shut up!
What's up with all the talk!
Are you playing dodgeball?
Why are you avoiding the balls!
Don't you dare avoid the balls again.
Don't you dare!
-Hey! Hey! Ha Ni! -Are you alright?
-I think she fainted! -Ha Ni get up!
She's got a bloody nose! It's a bloody nose!
That's right, this is what it's about!
This is the kind of will power I'm talking about! The need to hit the ball even if it means to faint!
That's right Oh Ha Ni!
Are you okay?
That fool is typically really well mannered, but once he picks up a racket he turns into a different person.
Yeah. He feels so bad he's not even able to come over here right now.
You two, how the hell do both of you look so good, study so well, and even play tennis that great?
Isn't that just a bit too unfair?
You guys were really popular in high school too, right?
Not really.
Whatever, Hye Ra looks like she dated quite a lot.
I wasn't at all interested in dating.
Other people and I, have a hostile relationship, but I need other people.
Because I want to be acknowledged as independent through the mere independence of the other person.
And in so we begin to begin a process called dating.
And the meaning of independence here?
The ability to transcend all situations with my own will and ambition.
And when we respect the other person's independence...
That is Love.
That is what is said.
What? Does it hurt your head?
This is where it get's really important.
Eventually ...
Eventually love is to throw away one's own independence, which becomes the posession of the other person.
The feelings that one feels at that point, is what's called hatred.
Therefore love can only fail.
What the hell is this?
My head hurts!
Are you interested in Sartre?
Not really Sartre, but I'm more interested in the relationship between Sartre and Beauvoir.
Oh Sartre and Beauvoir.
Even I know who they are.
Oh, now that I think about it, you two are simliar to them.
Didn't those two meet because they both placed 1st and 2nd place for the state exams?
That's right.
Really? That's crazy.
She's totally a girl version of Baek Seung Jo.
You better be on your toes.
You followed your significant other to play tennis, which you have no clue about, and came back with a damaged nose.
What about it, Oh Ha Ni?
And here I thought you were on a roll this Spring, but look at you now.
Seriously, you went from winter back to winter.
No, there's still hope.
To be honest I do feel a bit uneasy about the club,
but there is still one area of hope left.
What is it?
You were here.
What a coincidence that we're in the same lecture?
What a relief, because I heard this lecture was hard.
Since you're here.
This is it! Listening to a lecture along with Seung Jo.
I could have never imagined this in high school.
I knew it! Oh Ha Ni's spring has arrived!
The guy sitting behind you came along too?
Ha Ni!
What are you doing here?
What is it? Can I not be here?
I just really miss the old days of studying!
Did you like to study so much that you miss it?
Fool, it's because of you that I got out of the cafeteria during it's busiest hours!
Was the cafeteria that slow?
Of course I feel bad towards the cafeteria lady.
But it can't be helped!
Is that seat taken?
What a real coincidence? We're sitting in another lecture together.
What do you usually eat for breakfast?
I really don't know.
Ha Ni! Ha Ni!
Do you understand?
Joon Gu, shhh!
Pardon me.
Why do you have a bandaid on?
Did you hurt yourself?
What did he say?
I am sorry.
I'm be quiet!
Oh, shut the mouth!
Shut the mouth?
What, why are you guys laughing!? She's doing good!
And... who are you?
You don't have any books. Did you originally take this class or...?
Oh. What? Huh?
Hey man!
I'm sorry.
But I am coding!
Yes I'm coding!
What does that mean?
Are you trying to say you're a high school student?
Not that, but that I just have a high school diploma.
That I don't attend this school.
He doesn't go to school here.
He just works at the school cafeteria.
I guess...
He likes Ha Ni.
That's why, he's here.
Oh. I see.
What the hell is this hag talking about? What did you say?
Hey, why are you acting so high and mighty when I didn't even ask you to!?
Everyone is sitting here after paying the expensive tuition.
Stop being a nuisance and why don't you just leave now?
What? A nuisance?!
If you're stupid, the least you could be is modest.
Gosh, I absolutely hate stupid guys.
You're like a bug!
You don't have class today?
After going to university...
It really is no joke.
What? Did something happen?
That's not it...
I think there are so many kids that are super smart
and super pretty.
Seung Jo as well, probably likes the pretty,
smart, and skinny ones.
He probably likes girls like that right?
Did a girl like that appear before him?!
Hey, Ha Ni.
I may look this young, but I am an adult.
I can tell just looking at you two.
You two can only be perfect when together.
You're meant to be.
Like this.
I don't know how great that girl may be,
but it can't be helped if she's not his other half.
See, it can't be helped if it doesn't fit.
So don't you worry. Alright?
That's right.
Now stop wiping that, you're going to put a hole in it!
Oh. Baek Eun Jo.
What is it?
Your caligraphy supplies?
Yeah. The ink stone...
And rice paper?
What are you looking at that you don't even hear me when I call?
Oh. What is it, Oh Ha Ni?
Why did you come to someone else's school?
Uhjjoo (Look at you)!
I brought your materials...
I'm going to take it back.
Ah give it to me.
What are you watching?
I got it.
It's her.
Am I right?
Ohh. She's pretty.
Actually, they're all prettier than you.
Thank you!
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I don't want to do this anymore.
Ah. Is that so?
Then, eat this
I'll get fat!
Where do you have fat?
Then do you want to play Omok (Korean game)?
Ah, he has to make her have fun.
I want to leave.
My mom's making some food.
Is this your friend?
Oh, you did a good job making this.
Eun Jo's pretty smart.
Like this.
Could I stay for dinner?
Sarah, should I give you more?
No thank you. I ate well.
Aigoo, so clever.
Seung Jo, oppa!
Oppa, do you believe in love at first sight?
Hmm, I'm not sure. I never thought about it.
I used to not believe it.
I thought adults were just saying things,
but i think it's real.
Earlier, when you came into the room,
the background behind Oppa really became white and
I couldn't see anyone but oppa.
Oppa, just wait 7 years.
Eun Jo, you... since Sarah likes your hyung
are you here because you're sad?
Our Eun Jo is so cool though,right?
Eun Jo ahh.
I don't know.
Aigoo what's wrong? Eun Jo, you're cool too!
Ah. Where's Eun Jo?
Are you even worried?
What? Why are you being like that to me?
Cheater (relationship-wise).
You act like you're not, while you're managing(?) it. I see it all.
Yeah. Manage.
Whenever I want to throw away my feelings because I think it just must not be,
you laugh for me once in awhile.
Whether it's real or you're playing around,
you make people confused and make them dumb.
What are you talking about?
You're right. You did well.
You two look good together. Mean.
Hey, are you talking about Yoon Hae Ra right now?
Not talking about Eun Jo?
Ah, it's the same thing.
How did it go?
Go away, Oh Ha Ni!
I don't want to see you! It's all your fault!
Just go!
I'm sorry.
You brought her here and it ended up like this.
Did I ask you for that favor?
You're right. I went overboard again.
Well, that's just like me.
I'm really sorry.
I know that I can't say anything to make you feel better...
What do you know?
What do you know?
I know.
In this world, I probably know it the best.
The person I like doesn't look at me but looks at someone else. Smiles/laughs for someone else.
I really know what that feels like.
And I can't be truthfully jealous either.
Are you talking about my brother?
Eun Jo.
I think... if two people mutually like each other...
It's almost a miracle.
Someday, will that miracle come true for me too?
I don't know.
Don't do that.
Stop it.
Should I get another house?
Chef. Chef. Take a look at this.
Hey hey, why is this so watery?
When you made the dough... Did you mix in one direction?
Ah that's right. I did it that way.
The seasoning is good.
Yes. But it's really interesting!
How can it have that salty taste?
Yet it also tastes sweet!
Ah. That's right.
If you leave it for a couple hours, you don't need to add MSG.
Someone will hear. The way...
Hey, go make the batter again.
Oh, then what should I do with this?
In the refridgerator, there should be batter. Mix this with both halves of that.
Yes. I understand.
When am I going to make noodles out of this.
i need to hurry up and make a bowl for Ha Ni to eat.
Joon Gu.
Yes. Chef.
What do you like about Ha Ni?
Oh. Chef.
Since you ask me like that, I'm a little embarrassed.
If it wasn't for Ha Ni, I wouldn't have been able to graduate.
I used to get in trouble everyday and the kids used to avoid me.
Ha Ni became my friend, and I was able to graduate.
Ah. Is that so?
Yes. Chef.
This is correct, right?
Like this, like this.
So it is true that you live under one roof.
Oh. Eun Jo.
We've got to look for some documents for a joint assignment.
I'm sorry, but do you think you could take your work to the study?
What kind of assignment?
It's a general ed class based on Western studies, but we had to partner up and complete the assignment.
Your brother?
Yes. Eun Jo.
Come on.
She's so pretty.
Seems like none of the adults are home?
Yeah, father is late all the time and it seems mother has gone out.
What are we going to do about the assignment?
Do you know a bit about Nietzsche?
I've read some of his works,
but I don't know if I could say I know it.
Then again...
It's Nietzsche, do you think that's what I meant?
Oh it's nice here!
The view is so much better!
I hear Western guys think that when a girl innocently follows them home,
it means that the girl is okay with spending the night with the guy.
What should we do?
Let's each organize the documents and then make a conclusion.
Sounds good.
Since we can't look at all of them in this short amount of time.
What's our theme going to be?
Nietzsche may have said God is dead, but in the end he wasn't denying God but praising him.
What do you think is the core of Nietzsche's words?
The word joy keeps coming to mind. Hwan Hee = Joy
Did he say Ha Ni?
That's a good one!
Overcoming denial and changing into joy!
How about we turn in a video file instead of a report.
A video?
Like using clay animation or something.
We can show the process of extinction to formation.
So we'll show the notion of joy via a video file.
You have a camera at home right?
You're home?
I'm going to use the camera.
Hyung is working on an assignment with a friend.
It's a 2 person assignment.
But the friend he came with is a girl.
She's so pretty.
A girl?
The professor assigned the partners, so don't be mistaken.
I'm going to use this. I'll put it back after I'm done.
Eun Jo, I need something from some of your supplies.
I'm going to use it.
Goodnight, Father.
Alright. Don't leave the door open because you have to go somewhere or anything.
Don't worry!
-Goodnight! -Thank you!
-Thank you for the hard work! -Good luck!
Others have all gone to university.
They're doing well with clubs and listening to lectures.
Bong Joon Gu.
You're so pathetic.
But what can you do.
Hurry and learn the trade and become a top chef,
so you can proudly propose to Ha Ni.
Ha Ni, what are you doing right now?
Should I call her?
I've never called her this late.
Man, now that I'm going to call her, it's a bit nerve wrecking.
Pretty good.
It's unfortunate I can't be a bit more detailed, but this isn't an art project so...
Let's film it.
Seung Jo can you spread out the petals?
Like this?
Your mother?
She's my friend.
Yes. So you're working on an assignment together?
We should have asked permission before hand.
Barging in without contacting you...
I'm sorry.
Where is Ha Ni?
Probably in her room.
Where did she go?
I heard she came home.
Oh. She left her handphone.
Ha Ni isn't in her room.
Is that so?
She must have gone some where.
Ha Ni.
Ha Ni.
Oh, what's this?
It's awesome once something living is on it.
Oh it is.
Where did this guy come from?
It's the first time I've seen him so happy.
Is Seung Jo...
Having a taste of joy right now?
It's done.
Do you think you can grab me a glass of water?
Oh then again we haven't had anything to eat this whole time.
Hold on a second.
What should I do?
Should I jump down?
If she sees me here,
I'm better off dying!
No I'm out.
I'm at a friend's house because of a school assignment.
We're done.
I'll call once I leave.
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You should quickly be able to play on the courts.
You can't just shag balls everyday until graduation.
But still, you're trying your best.
Even when Seung Jo is not here, you still come.
Why isn't he coming?
Omo, you didn't know?
Seung Jo is a special member. He joined the club on the condition to come and play whenever he feels like it.
You're living together, but you don't even know about that?
Wait a moment.
So your relationship is at that level?
Not getting anxious... is a little boring.
She's so mature.
We're the same age, but why do I seem like a kid?
Baek Seung Jo can come when he feels like it?
Then why did I join here?
Why I am gathering those?
Oh, dad.
It's going to be spicy.
I like it spicy.
Is it fun?
It's hard...
Why did you call me?
Put a little bit more radish juice in it.
I asked you why you called me!
Let's move out.
In the end, we can't just keep living there forever.

However I'm...
usually out here because I'm working, but
It seems like you're having a real hard time so my heart is unsettled.
Let's move out.
I'll take care of a place for us to temporarily reside at.
Ar... Are you alright?
Oh, it's spicy.
I might have put too much horseradish
I'm starting to tear up.
So, why did you put a lot?
I'm against it. Thinking that Ha Ni will be gone!
I don't want to. I'm against this.
Honey, be a little thoughtful.
He's saying that Ha Ni will go away!
Ah... Really.
Ki Dong, you really don't have to be concerned about it. We really want you to live with us.
It's not like you're just staying here for nothing, you're paying the monthly rent.

Thanks for the offer but we've been here too long.
We've been bothering Seung Jo and Eun Jo.
And our Ha Ni,
Will be able to give up Seung Jo quickly. About that...
How can I?
It's alright, Jae Su-Shi
No, it's not.
Anyhow, this problem should be dealt with by the the 2 who are concerned.
Seung Jo doesn't have any interest in Ha Ni, and... What should I do?!
If Ha Ni marries into our family that won't be a problem anymore right?
Oh, I really love that bright personality
And that cuteness of hers.
Even Seung Jo, will come to like her .
Aigoo! Our Ha...Ha Ni
Is a happy child.
for you adoring her like this.
Stop crying already.
Oh Ha Ni is moving out.
She's moving back with her father to their house.
Isn't that great?
Ever since she moved in, she has only been a pain to you and me.
You're moving out?
Are you disappointed?
Well, it's a relief since my life can finally go back to normal.
Yea...That's what I hope too.
I have to go pack now.
Ha Ni we have to go now. They're all waiting downstairs.
Is that all?
Jae Su-Shi.
Seung Jo, Eun Jo.
We've brought you much trouble. Really sorry.
Oh right.
You should come by our house sometimes.
Ha Ni, say goodbye.
For taking care of us, I'm very grateful.
For making delicious meals everyday,
On the day of the sports competition, you brought us Pizza and took pictures with us. Even taking my friends with me
And even took my friends with us to the beach.
and threw me a congratulation party for passing the exam.
To me everything is a pleasant memory.
Everything that happened when I lived here, really...
Ha Ni...
I'm sorry for being a bother to you this far.
Ha Ni...
My life with you....
If you're like this then it'll make Ha Ni awkward.
Stay well.
Come back and visit.
Ha Ni, let's go now.
Good bye.
Well, then.
Put on your seat belt.
Ha Ni...
Assa! Now I can have my room back.
Baek Eun Jo, You!
Mother! Aren't you going to feed us?
This is all your fault, Seung Jo.
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Are you okay? Nothing is wrong with you?
I... really gave up on Baek Seung Jo.
I'm really trying my best to let go of that guy.
Whenever I see Oh Ha Ni, she's amazing.
You should definitely remember,
I am your home. A home that will always be there for you no matter what.
You might not like it, but I'm interested in Seung Jo.
I like you.
And you?
Goodbye... Baek Seung Jo.