The Making Of "Goth Boy" - Written By A Kid Ep 2 Behind The Scenes

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LINK: Activate.
RHETT: Really?
LINK: We've never done that before.
RHETT: Wonder Twins.
LINK: We've never touched fists before.
It was awkward.
We'll never do it again.

RHETT: We essentially looked at a couple of videos of some
of the kids telling stories.
And I think both of us looked at that list independently,
and we independently agreed that CiCi, the story about the
goth stepdad, was the one that we wanted to do.
LINK: But then I said I'm only going to be involved if I can
wear a skin-tight green screen suit and act like a
two-year-old for a couple of days.
Green screen me out of any kinky scenes that this suit
may invite.
I don't know why I'm trying on the head.
RHETT: The thing that clinched it for me was the scene about
Link's character peeing in my character's face.
I just thought that would be really funny.
And I knew you wouldn't really pee on me.
LINK: Yeah.
It would be a special effect.
RHETT: And the story centers around two characters.
We basically have Max, the two-year-old, and Christian,
the goth stepdad.
And we don't work well with other talent, so we figured it
would just be the two of us.
And we would box everyone else out.
CICI: When Max sees his new stepdad, his stepdad is goth.

LINK: We decided just to use CiCi's voice as a narration
for the whole thing.
And we decided let's go all the way, and let's not have
any dialogue.
Let's not have any sound.
We wanted everything to be driven by her story and us
just to react to it.
So you never lose the feeling that this is a
child telling the story.
CICI: Max crawled out of his crib and sat right in the
middle of the living room floor and started screaming
and crying in the middle of the night.
And then it was morning, and that was his birthday.
Now he's turning three.
He got a little more mature.
LINK: I love the logic of that.
Waking up the next day, realizing it's your birthday,
and OK, I'm much more mature now.
I can handle this stepfather.
In a kid's mind, just get to the point of the story.
OK, they dated, then they got married.
I love how she puts that in one sentence in her story.
RHETT: Not only we were reacting to what she was
saying, we were trying to keep up with how
quick her mind is working.
LINK: We wanted the pace that she told the story to dictate
the pace that we shot and edited the story.
Well, not shot.
We didn't shoot it at the pace that she told it.
But we'll edit it that way.
Don't hold me to any of this, by the way.
RHETT: We actually had a lot of freedom with Link's
character, because we embraced the ridiculous nature of his
set up here.
So as you can see, he's got little baby hands.
But then he could just take these arms off and stick his
real hands through.
And we did that in subsequent scenes.
As you can see, Link's actual hand is, I would say, 17 times
the size of the baby's hand.
LINK: I like making an internet video that, when
people watch it, they think, I can do that.
RHETT: Even though they clearly couldn't.
LINK: They couldn't There's no way.
So we wanted to do that low budget, do-it-yourself,
in-camera effect stuff, making the baby, making it look like,
oh, I see how they did that.
But we wanted to balance that with making it
look as good as possible.
So Julian Smith--
he's a famous YouTuber, great friend of ours--
he's really good at making stuff look
great on his channel.
We said, hey, Julian, do you want to get your team together
and shoot this for us?
And he said, yeah.
So to me, that was the balancing factor which allowed
us to be so ridiculous, wouldn't you say?
RHETT: I would agree with that a little bit.
I give Julian some credit.
It's much easier to turn Link into a two-year-old than me.
He's more childlike, to begin with.
Lots of people have recognized that.
It's pretty obvious.
And I'm 6'7".
JULIAN SMITH: I think that would have been a bigger
challenge though, right?
To turn you into a baby?
RHETT: And I will not shave.
So that's the real challenge is the shaving.
RHETT: Yeah.
I won't shave for any role.
That explains why you didn't get the part in Twilight.
Throughout this, I now picture him as my little baby friend,
is really how I think about you.
I've always thought about you like that.
LINK: Do the horse.
RHETT: I've always kind of--
LINK: (SINGING) "Ride a little horsey into
town." You say that.
(BABY VOICE) Hey, can you do the horsey, stepdad?
RHETT: Is there a song that goes with it?
LINK: You don't know that?
RHETT: My parents didn't do that kind of
stuff with me, man.
LINK: (SINGING) "Ride a little horsey into town.
Careful, little horsey, don't fall down."
RHETT: You're going to hurt yourself.
LINK: In closing, I would like to invite all of you to check
out our YouTube channels.
And one of them is called Rhett and Link.
RHETT: The other's called Rhett and Link 2.
It's a very creative naming system.
LINK: We do music videos and local commercials and lots of
other things, which I'm just too embarrassed to talk about.
But this isn't embarrassing.
I'm perfectly comfortable with this.
(SINGING) "Go to sleep, little self.
Go to sleep, little self.
Close my eyes, go to sleep." (HUMMING) "When you wake--"