Кибер-ящер Щ_Щ [Cyber-lizard]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on 15.12.2011

Sup I’m Stas Davidov!
First vid was sent by Kasia!
More than a million views in a couple of days.
And i’m telling you, this is a sight to see! [here's a cross]
A lizard playing a game on a smartphone! [go cs?]
Planet of Apes, you say?
Planet of Apes, you say? Planet of Lizards!
Today he’s killing digital ants [today you spilled a beer...]
Tomorrow - the real thing!
Wait, lizards do eat real ants.
[or die tryin']
I lick the screen just like that when i watch german movi...
Oh, did that came out loud? [busted!]
They better not make a game where beer crawls like that [way to change the topic!]
I’ll chew thru my new iPad.
Luv it how the lizard looks at the screen and goes like
hmm, those guys are tastless [i.e. they don't taste like anything]
I think i’m being deceiv... MOAR ANTS.
Tastes like video game?
[like screen]
Scumbag owner. Reptile hungry - feed him games!
If you can play WoW all day and not eat [not eat skill +6] doesn’t bloody mean the animal is happy with it.
And move him away from the screen!
Or do you want him to become the first lizard on earth who wears glasses? [firstlizardonearthwhowearsglasses]
And what the hell’s with the game?
Why aren’t the physiological characteristics of players taken into account? [respect my animal chracteristics!]
I will fight for lizard rights!
Why can’t you eat wasps? [or bumblebees]
Ok, enough of PETA for one day.
Instead lemme tell you how this lizard is called
Bearded dragon!
And this is Horosho!
A vid for “tips for winter exams” section was sent by jerrykve
[In Russia there is a chance to get your final grade without taking the final exam, if you’re an exceptional student. This practice is called “getting an auto-grade”. It is also called a “machine-gun grade”, hence the machine-gun.]
[Elena Ivanovna, I'm a machine-gunner]
[And here's my machine-gun! Can i have a machine-gun grade?]
Gentlemen, place your bets!
Either he didn’t put the uniform in vain and will get his auto-mark [door No. 1]
[door No. 2] Or he didn’t put the uniform in vain coz the next year he’ll have to wear by the law [you’re in the army now!]
Now we’ll find out!
[you win]
What can i say, nailed it! [do not try this at home]
Let’s just hope it’s not med school and he’s not a future doctor [stomatologist]
On second thought, teacher would be unwise not to understand the hint of the gun on her table.
[Here's my machine-gun]
[kill me]
So, cunning is his main weapon.
Get it? WEAPON!
I think if he went to a bank like this, he’d get an auto-grade as well.
[I'm a machine-gunner]
Hey, i know another great way!
It’s more reliable [and more common]
Grade me a 5 (A)! Here’s my five!
Or you go to the union and say
I wanna be a member! Here’s my...
Did i say that out loud as well? [naaaah]
I feel universities will be overflown by those machine-gunners.
Just watch out, talk it out so you won’t gather an army of classmates.
[imagine everyone a machine-gunner]
All in all, he’s lucky.
You know how it goes:
A for creativity, F for the subject.
And this is Horosho!
Third vid is sent by tolstovsanya.
And once again it’s about ruthless taekwondo! [taekwondo again]
Of course, everyone would like that.
But the reality is cruel! [MOAR CRUEL]
[take that]
[and this!]
[didn't expect that, now did ya?]
[bang! a round kick!]
Too much violence in this video!
Continue without me [Stas went to look at kitty pics]
[watching without Stas ) ]
Teletubbies learned taekwondo? [ohno, he's back!]
Oh those korean kids.
What’s the matter? Didn’t eat a dog in the morning? [koreans do that, right?]
There’s what’s bugging me.
Korea, country that just released the Galaxy Note!
ARE THEY TAKING A VID ON A HAM SANDWICH??? [before-revolutionary tech]
Can’t even see trainer’s ass in the mirror! [voyeur much]
[trainer's ass :( ]
Those dangerous round kicks!
Had at least one reached it’s target - the whole hall would be destroyed! [Falcon punch!]
And little korean kids are prolly shouting something like
kick his asian butt [butt]
“we wanna see his liver!” [ass]
But don’t worry, kids are on the light side.
The winner is... Friendship! [is magic ;] ]
So jumpy!
Their master must be a kangaroo [drunken kangaroo style]
Hmm, here's an idea!
And this is Horosho!
And the question was sent to us by greeneyeser
There sits an old man, wearing a hundred coats. He who undresses him - … ?
There sits an old man, wearing a hundred coats. He who undresses him - … ?
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So, how will you celebrate New Year?
Gather some friends, get drunk, bring the house down. Well everything The Sims will allow me.
end polska hotel =) NEW YEAR - FRIENDSHIP - PSHE! P.S. going to Poland to get wasted, learned polish cursewords)
My! _<
I gotta work on the New Year's Eve... gonna eat a candy and return to catching you (Officer Ivanov)
PS Bu. Buhast. Buhast mich. [buhast=getdrunkst]