Ghulam (1998) *BluRay* w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 11 (Last)

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Three.. - Get up, boxer! - Four.
Trying to be a boxer, eh? - Yes, go on..
Come on.
He was talking a lot today. Now he has forgotten how to taIk!
Put your bets - 1:10, he won't get up!
What are you talking?
Come on, Jaggu!
He won't get up. Come on, one. - Ronnie!
..hit him so hard that he should never get up ever!
You've lost. - He's up again..
He's fuming boys..
Come on, damn you!
Get up. Get up.
Get up.
lt is futile now. He won't get up now.
Nine.. Ten..
Beat him up!
Beat them up!
Don't spare anyone!
Beat them up!
Hey.. hey.. Move!
Don't him me. Please, don't.
Anybody can swim along with the waves..
But he is a real man..
..who cuts through the waves, and surges ahead.
"Hey, what do you say.."
"Hey, what do I say.."
"Listen. - Tell me. - Are you coming to Khandala.."
"What do I do in Khandala.."
"We'll roam about, dance, sing, enjoy ourselves, what else.."
"Hey, what do you say.."
"Hey, what do I say.."
"It is monsoon, what's the point in going to Khandala.."
"lt is the monsoon season when there is fun, my nightingale.."
"I will become wet and catch cold and cough.."
"We will take an umbrella and go, do you think I am insane.."
"What should I do, l can't figure out.."
"What do I tell you, l don't know.."
"Why do you think so much, you go ahead..
..and l'lI follow you, what eIse.."
"Hey, what do you say.."
"Hey, what do I say.."