Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link (Part 8): It's NOT Lupus!

Uploaded by OMFGcata on 06.04.2012

Ok, so, what have we learned?
Besides the fact that we start every other video staring at this door
I'm not sure what kind of glitch in the matrix is causing this
but apparently this is a thing now
I guess the game is saying, like, you are so bad
you should be in five
I don't even know. Whatever. Ok
Think I got this guy last time.
Yeah. Painkillers...oh...ohh
Not enough painkillers in the world for how bad I'm playing
Alright. Hopefully that didn't alert people
and it was just one of those area alerts
Because I'm trying to be as sneaky as possible here
I guess it doesn't freaking matter at this point, does it
[Whispered] Shit
I like how he conveniently turned back around at the last minute
Thank you
Ain't nothing happening over here
Probably should switch to this gun, huh
Thank you
Did he even have a weapon?
Thank you. Double thank you
There's a dude right around the corner here
Which is perfect time to go all
Yeah, ain't nothing to see here
Ain't nothing to see here, except a
Q in your rear!
A Q in your rear sounds
fairly disturbing
Uhh, stay down
Ain't no thing, ain't no thing but a chicken wing
Ain't no thing but a chicken...WING! Q!
That was an incredibly fast Q
Thought for...thought for sure I was about to be
all out of luck
Luck spelled L-U-Q
Don't question it
That's how we do it in the game
I assume the game is like a thing
the hip kids talk about.
The hip kids...oh my god.
The hip kids [Laughing]
You know them kids with the hips [Old man voice]
the hops, the bips and the bops. [Old man voice]
They don't know what the jazz is all about [Old man voice]
Where am I going again? Oh yeah, over here
Good work brain
[Brain] Shut up Jessie, I had nothing to do with this
I have a feeling this is
finally, after all the times using this elevator
this is going to be the time there's like 20 dudes out here
Well, well, well Jensen [Guard]
How's it going, dick-wad [Guard]
That's what I feel
That's how I see this going down actually
[Guard] Well, well
Also, could this be a trap, like is he dead?
Oh, no, he's still cool
All his friends are getting like
punched in the face. He's cool with it
Awesome, ok,
So because I found it earlier I guess it didn't
send me on a quest to go get it
Of the tiger?
So I can't go running around like
[Singing] Eye of the Jensen
[Music effect] Bum, bum, bow
[Music effect] chicka,chicka, bam, bam, bow
[Music effect] Bam bum boooow
[Singing] He's got shades
[Singing] and apparently an eye-ball
[Singing] So that's three eyes, pretty bad ass
[Music effect] Bum, bum, bow
[Singing] What's that supposed to mean
[Singing] Because it has one use
I said mean...move...I ruined the song because I don't know how to read
[Crying] I'm illiterate
So he's...
more than meets the eye
He's Quinn, transformer
[Sound effect] Bwap, bwap, bwap, bwap, bwap
That's the transformer sound
[Sound effect] Bwap, bwap, bwap bwap, bwa
Shut up
People getting all sorts of technic-acal up on this ship
Awww, shucks
Alright. Actually, go to his shop
sell some stuff here
[Singing] Sell...things
[Singing] Sell that whiskey
I have four of those
I can sell like one, two
Yeah, yeah, why not
Beer. Keeping that
Never know when you'll need beer
Umm, back
Ok, buy
What do you have to buy
Laser targeting system
Have I...I think i have that for my
one gun, so I'm not too concerned.
Yeah, I've heard
Ok, lets tab and go to my praxis-es
Woop, no wait, that's my quests
I can punch through walls
I'm cool with that
Recoil...nah, not too much in the need of that
Armor. Leg things.
[Gasp] Run silently, run and walk silently
Yes. What is this?
Sprint silently, I'm not sure I need sprint silently
But run and walk silently? Yes
Anything to increase my silent-ness is good
Damage reduction...EMP shielding...back
Probably should have gone for the cloaking system but
too late at this point
Probably should have thought ahead on that one, huh? too late at this point
Probably should have thought ahead on that one, huh?
Stealth enhancer, oh that's a thing?
Oh, that's stealth related information
Oh, I forgot about that
But none of it is really useful
Yeah, ok
That's why I didn't care, because it's not that freaking great
It tells me what they're doing
But I don't give two shits about them
because they'll be Q'd in the face before its over with
Radar system...hacking fortify
What about like, super duper hack?
There's probably a few of those, right?
Way to waste them points Jessie
Leave your angry comments and messages to...
Lets go up here
Do our jump across, I think i know exactly
[Grunt] where we're at
Up here
The thingamajig here
Hopefully everyone is knocked out, I didn't leave anyone just chilling
[High pitched voice] Oh yeah, we're just
walking around
Walking over all the bodies that got beat up
Umm, loading bay
knocked out guy
Where's the way down
Excuse me, way down
Detention. Hey-O. Easy peasy
Back to my favorite door
And my favorite scanner
[Robot voice] My, Jensen, your triangle wang certainly is healthy
[Sound effect] Bleep, bloop, blorp
That's the robot
She can feel love
from my super sexiness
[Singing] Triangle, triangle, triangle, triangle, yeah
That's...the wiggle...shut up
Damnit brain, you're supposed to be helping me out here
[Brain] I'm on vacation, pal
I have to do another one of these too, just to get back where I was
Son of a B
Oh they better not have guys again in here
Oh dear
Ehhh, doesn't look like it
We'll go around here
I'll help you in a minute, chillax, curve your swerve
Oh my god. Don't flip chocolate chip, it'll be ok
Hmmm, this way?
Yeah, it's over there
Oh, oh, not that way
How'd the hell
Probably should have undone that bar too
because I think that's like the second time I've walked right into that damn thing
That laser grid shall remain
Adam Jensen, slayer of laser grids
And these things, whatever the hell these things are
Gonna go faster machine, thank you
Alright, run over heeeere
Go into this thiiiiing
[Sound effect] Boop
Enter this one
Disturbingly scan at my
wang-ial area
So his limbs are...
I think we're at only his torso is him?
Even his torso isn't him
Is Adam Jensen all robot now?
He still has a heart
Lets go
Alright, run, run, run
Thank you auto save
Yeah, ok lady, I know
Run past this nagging old woman down here
who I think is like 20
Old in her spirit
is what I mean
I don't know what I mean
Come over here, run past the dead bodies, and...
F5 that biznitch and go
Well thank you
Something over there
Can I do anything besides down
Is that a button I can press? Can I...
I can do nothing. Down it is
Or up...nope, no, down, we are definitely going down
[Singing] This is the elevator song
[Singing] Even though its kind of a pod
[Singing] But that's ok, oh my god
[Singing] we're going underwater right nooooow
What the hell is this place. There's like an underwater...
turbine? What the hell?
They're wind farming underwater apparently
I'm joking, please don't write
[Nerdy voice] There's no such thing as wind underwater
[Nerdy voice] Well actually, there's the currents, the currents
Don't. Don't start that topic. Don't do it!
Don't do it
Ok, oh crap, here we go
I have a feeling this is going to get interesting rather quickly
What the hell is this?
What is going on here? What...
They're just turning knobs?
Don't even know...I don't even know
Oh shit
[Worried] Ma'am?
Holy what the?
[Worried] Ma'am?
Whaa the fudge
More painkillers, at least they've got a bunch of those
Who is...what?
That is a....
Uhhh huhhh
Excuse me ma'am, I'm just going to look in your
Whaaaa....the whooooo?
Oh! There's the suits that were in Zhao Yun's office
Like, updated models
Is she going to freak out if I hack her computer
Whatever. Hack
She's like right across the room
Security level 5? Mother fuzzer
Maybe I'll get an upgrade or something
Just looking around. Need stun gun darts, not tranquilizer
Ohhh! Fancy. Ok.
Biotech industry leaders to debate ethics
Heaven to open to all
Space station named Heaven
Orbital resort to accommodate 12,000 people
A nights stay, 100,000 credits. Yeah, that seems about right
Though again this is 2027 or something around that, so....
I'm cool with in 15 years of having a space station
because I believe this game is 100% accurate
Completely and totally accurate, totally true, all of it
Trying to figure out what the hell that was
It felt like Jenova was going to burst out of there
[Singing] Sepiroth
[Music effect] Doop, doop, doop, doop [Singing] Sepiroth
[Music effect] Doop, doop, doop, doop
Oh, what's this
Use holographic display
What is this? Oh! Oh!
Is this where we're at?
What are those? Are those troops?
Uh huh
Ok, what about this?
Meh, read it.
Can't take that, don't have room
I like how I'm trying everything in my power not to move forward
Because I just want to see - Oh, trauma kit
Can I go ease her suffering with the trauma kit?
Administer a lethal does of morphine and end her suffering
Yeah, why not. Actually lets leave and go talk to that chick first
I don't want to do anything that I'll regret here in a minute
What? I need those. Damnit
Ehh, lets get rid of this beer here
and, um,
Why I have those still I don't know
[Sound effect] Woop
Now we're good, ok
Get this
What the hell is that?
I'm missing one?
Oh wait. Ohhhh.
These are the things I've been finding
Yeah, ok, they were in my inventory
I don't know if you remember that Yeah, ok, they were in my inventory
I don't know if you remember that
They were in my inventory under quest
Which means it's probably a quest to go
kill that woman there
I'm missing one, where the hell would it have been?
I will have to hunt for it
Nano augmentation
[50s announcer] Pipe dream or theory for the future!
Been throwing around the word nanotechnology for decades
Mmm hmm
Wait, that is a person?
That is not a person, that is a monster, creature thing
Oh, thank you, nice
Oh! Oh! Oh! Hell to the yes.
Umm, Confirm
The minute we're done, actually I'm afraid like if i talk to her
alright, F5
Let's see what happens
I'm afraid if i talk to her its going to initiate a scene or something
and I'm going to miss the ability to do all this stuff
Mmm hmmmm
You think you can justify your role in this?
Or what does OCM stand for, yeah, I'd like to know that
So Jensen basically
Dohhhh, conspiricies
What does DARPA have to do with this?
Adam Jensen
Adam Jensen
It's happening right now
Hmmm, Zhao Yun is probably behind it
I think I know where this is going, and I don't like it
Quite possibly, he is Jensen
Damn right I will
Ok, well that was awesome
I guess, uh...
we can go back over here
Hold on lady, I'll free you in a sec
Oh, wait, hold on, disconnect
F5 this biznitch
then hack
I think we all remember the fun that happened when I
screwed up a level 5 hack
Oh, I only get two attempts, terrific
I got ya lady
Oh, maybe I can just take him out here
Look at that
Some level five terminal you were
More than you know
loss of life is tragic
but in the long run, necessary
This project is of utmost importance to the immediate future
Monitoring Omega requires extreme amounts of computational power
Ohhh, shiz!
And Heaven is set to open to the public, and then
Uh huh
I know you're right, absolutely the numbers are...ok, yeah
What I am asking you to do is to stick with us and use that empathy
Wow, definitely a dude in charge, yep
Definitely, definitely a president of some kind of company
when he says stuff like that, like use that
This conversation was automatically saved to your conversation history
You there?
Ohhh kay
Yes boss
Mmm hmmm
Jesus Tiffany
A lot of trouble for even looking at these records
classified subject
iron willed
fairly sexist tendancies
artificial [mumble]
Oh! Oh, oh.
Ohhh, this was on Peter Burke
Oh! Oh, so that's that little like
alien...Jafaa kind of thing he's got going on in the back of his head there
Next time you see a scene with Burke you'll see what I'm talking about
Alright, woman, woman, just die already, geez
Oh, ok
That was it? That was that quest?
Oh, what the hell, it was right here
Did that just show up, or have I been really blind the entire time?
Wow. I don't even want to know what kind of butt clenching was going on there
And there's the password to the...
[Long sigh]
Everything is for a reason. There's a reason I did that
there's a reason. I don't know what that reason is
but there's a reason
Oh, nice
[Sound effect] Yup
Is there something down here? No, that was that
Did I really miss this the entire time?
I...I'm going to say it showed up there after I put her out of her misery
Just so I feel good about myself. But...yeah...yeah
Anyway, lets go back