UofL Match Day 2011

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The Match is our own March Madness, if you will.
And it is, really a program that is
able to match students with residency programs.
So they know at this point they have matched somewhere.
So, as you can imagine, the atmosphere on Match Day
is really one of excitement.
Student: "I'm very excited. Thank you so much."
Sarina: "ou didn't even think about it until
they made you sit down and everyone started talking.
So, I was perfectly happy go lucky until Dr. Ganzel started talking.
And then you walk up there for the first time. I got goose bumps all over.
The students are excited, they're anxious.
There's a time at noon, where all the envelopes get distributed.
And then the students open their envelopes and find out where they're going.
Sounds: "Yeah! Wow! Houston. Nice!"
Sounds continue: "Where you going? Northwestern!"
Crystal: My name is Crystal Atwood, I'm originally from Louisville, Kentucky.
I did match here at UofL in anesthesia.
How exciting is that? Oh, it's more than exciting.
I am absolutely thrilled and energetic. I'ts my number one choice.
It's where I want to go, where I want to practice and where I want to do my residency.
So I am more than excited.
Allison: Honestly I am in a little bit of shock.
It's exciting, very exciting. It's a pretty crazy process.
There aren't too many people who open an envelope and
are told here's where you're living the next three years.
Which is Albany, New York.
We're southern Californians moving to Albany, New York
This is exciting. By way of Louisville.
I'm very excited because he got his number one choice.
He gets to be an ER doctor. He got the program he really wanted.
Barak: Moving to New York is a very scary aspect.
to that. It's a big change. Yea.
so, thank you dear. You're welcome.