Let's Play Skyrim Ep. 10: Resolving a Dispute

Uploaded by AquatakatII on 20.11.2011

>> Hello, people on the Internet for whom I make these videos. Otherwise known as Internet
The Ritual Stone.
Eh, no I'm good.
Oh, who are you?
What are you doing? What are you doing?
What are you doing?
You shouldn't have done that.
I was perfectly fine just not murdering you and then you had to show up and be who you
I'm not impressed.
Like I said, we're playing Skyrim
and we're just returning to Whiterun. We have been all over the place
fixing a tree or trying to get the ingredients to fix a tree.
It's really rather exciting. I fucking love trees.
I just to charge up that battery in the sky there.
I'm doing my very best to find the most awkward way to reenter Whiterun.
Oh, cocks. Big floppy cocks.
>> What do you want, little elf? >> Nothing.
>> Do you have the Eldergleam sap? >> Yes, I do.
>> Wonderful. I'll use it to repair the tree. Thanks a lot for all your help.
>> Wonderful.
>> So... >> Grace of Kynareth be with you.
>> Grace of Kynareth be with you too.
>> I guess I just don't get anything for that.
>> You are one of the healers?
>> Thank you, the pain is already easing. >> A fine day to you, friend.
May you die with a sword in your hands.
>> May you die with a sword in your hands, also.
I am told that the best place to find work is here with these guys.
If you wish to hunt with me, your feet need to be quick and your eyes quicker.
OK. Um.
I think I'm going insane.
The leader of the Companions must be down here.
Oh look, there was just a big hall at the end of here.
>> ...but I still hear the call of the blood.
>> We all do. It is our burden to bear.
>> Hello. >> We can overcome.
>> You have my brother and I, obviously, but I don't know if the rest will come so easily.
>> Leave that to me. A stranger comes to our hall.
>> Hi. Um. >> Greetings, outsider. If you have some business
here, speak it.
>> I'm looking to join the Companions.
>> Would you, now? Here, let me have a look at you.
Yes, perhaps. A certain strength of spirit.
>> Master, you're not truly considering accepting him?
>> I am nobody's master, Vilkas, and last I checked, we had some empty beds in Jorrvaskr
for those with a fire burning in their hearts.
>> Apologies, but perhaps this isn't the time. I've never even heard of this outsider.
>> Sometimes, the famous come to us. Sometimes, men and women come to us to seek their fame.
It makes no difference. What matters is their heart.
>> And their arm.
>> Of course. How are you in battle, boy?
>> I can handle myself.
>> That may be so. This is Vilkas. He will test your arm.
Vilkas, take him out to the yard and see what he can do.
>> Aye.
>> OK.
>> Not here. Out in the yard. Come on.
>> We gon' punch each other now?
Oh my god, can I shoot you in the face with a fireball?
Where is the yard, just like outside I guess? OK.
Jesus Christ, these fucking loading screens sometimes.
>> The old man said to have a look at you, so let's do this. Just have a few swings at
me so I can see your form. Don't worry, I can take it.
You never should have come here!
What do you think this is? We don't do battle with magic around here, new blood.
>> Oops.
Well then I guess I'm just going to have to punch you.
Just hit you right in the face multiple times!
>> Not bad. Next time won't be so easy. You might just make it. But now you're just a
whelp to us, new blood.
>> Yeah, I'm pretty whelpy.
>> But do what we tell you. Here's my sword. Go take it up to Eorlund to have it sharpened.
And be careful. It's probably worth more than you are.
>> I can do that.
>> What brings you here?
>> Vilkas sent me with his sword. The guy that's just down there.
>> I'm guessing you're the newcomer then.
>> I'm just doing what I'm asked.
>> That attitude would get you far, if you were some stuffy merchant or a Jarl's foot
stool. Around here, you'll want to learn to live your own life. Remember, nobody rules
anybody in the Companions.
>> Are you a Companion?
>> Not actually a Companion myself, but none of them know how to work a forge properly
and I'm honoured to serve them. My name is Eorlund Grey-Mane. I work the Sky Forge. Best
steel in all of Skyrim, all of Tamriel.
>> Someone has to be in charge, though.
>> Well, I'm not sure how they've managed it, but they have. No leaders since Ysgramor.
Kodlak is the harbinger, and he's sort of the advisor for the whole group, but every
man is his own, every woman her own.
>> I'll need to be going.
>> I have a favour to ask. >> What is it?
>> I've been working on a shield for Aela. My wife is in mourning and I need to get back
to her soon. I'd be much abliged if you could take this to Aela for me.
>> I'm happy to lend a hand. >> That's a good man.
>> This is the best fetch quest. Multiple things to fetch? Awesome.
Where are you, Miss Lady? Hiding out in here?
Am I interrupting something? Hi.
>> If you wish to hunt with me, your feet need to be quick and your eyes quicker.
>> You just told me that like a little while ago.
>> Ysgramor himself wouldn't have the patience to deal with all the rabble around here.
>> Yeah, I just have your shield.
>> Ah, good. I've been waiting for this. Are you new here?
>> I told you, this is the whelp that Vilkas mentioned.
>> Ah yes, I heard you gave him quite the thrashing.
>> Don't let Vilkas catch you saying that.
>> Do you think you could handle Vilkas in a real fight?
>> I don't really care for boasting.
>> Ah, a man of action. Here, let's have Farkas show you where you'll be resting your head.
>> Farkas.
>> Did you call me?
>> Of course we did, ice brain. Show this new blood where the rest of the whelps sleep.
>> New blood? Oh, hello. >> Hello.
>> I'm Farkas. Come, follow me.
>> Hi, Farkas. How's it hanging?
>> Skjor and Aela like to tease me, but they're good people. They challenge us to be our best.
>> That's good of them.
>> Nice to have a new face around. It gets boring here sometimes.
>> Yeah. >> I hope we keep you. This can be a rough
life. The quarters are up here. Just pick a bed and fall in it when you're tired. Tilma
will keep the place clean. She always has.
>> That's nice of her. >> Alright, so here you are. Looks like the
others are ready to meet you.
Come to me or Aela if you're looking for work. Once you've made a bit of a name for youself,
Skjor and Vilkas may have things for you to do. Good luck. Welcome to the Companions.
By the way, if you're looking for something to do, we've got a letter about someone needing
some muscle right here in Whiterun hold. I don't know what the fight is about and that's
not our business anyway. I just need you to go out there, look tough, and scare this milk
drinker into submission. No more than that. I don't want to hear about a killing, understand?
>> I think I can handle that.
>> Try not to get carried away. By the way, if you're looking for something to do.
Skjor says I have the strength of Ysgramor, and my brother has his smarts.
>> OK then.
>> Hm. Oh, you're one of the new bloods. Hello.
>> I never thought they would actually let me join the Companions, but now it looks like
they're letting anyone in these days.
>> Oh gee, thanks.
Well then, I guess I'll just go handle that thing.
I hope they don't mind me shooting them fireballs because that seems to be the only thing I'm
good at. I tried hitting stuff with a sword once. It went very poorly for me. Very, very
poorly indeed.
[whisper] Good job, Bethesda. Good job.
Oh my god, it's totally that arse that's like right here. Hey, Sinmir.
>> The security in Whiterun is terrible. Shameful is what it is.
>> I've been sent to resolve a dispute.
>> You can't scare me into submission! Let's go.
>> Come on, let's see what you're made of.
>> I will punch you so hard. I'm punching. You can't handle this. You can't handle this.
Oh my god. I will destroy you. Oh my god. This is going so well for me. Bar brawls.
Bar brawls. This is the tops.
The absolute tops.
>> You're tougher than you look. You got me fair and square.
>> So, are you going to be difficult anymore or am I going to have to punch you a little
bit more times?
Huh? Huh?
What do you got to say for youself, huh? Sinmir?
You know what you have to do.
>> Fine. I'll take care of it. Just please leave me alone.
>> OK. Beautiful. Farkas.
Skjor says that I have the strength of Ysgramor, and my brother has his smarts.
>> I, yes, um I took care of the problem in Whiterun.
>> Kind of fun to push people around sometimes, isn't it? Good work, brother.
>> Awesome. Do you have anything more for me to do?
>> Skjor was looking for you earlier. >> What does he want?
>> Don't know. He just said he needed to talk to you before you do anything else. I don't
like making him angry, but there is some work for you if you want it.
>> OK. Before we speak to this lovely looking gentleman.
I think we can make that an episode, Internet people.
Next time we'll get him to give us something to do. Thanks for watching.