Yardbless Pro Shooter - Light Craft Workshop Fader ND Mk. II Review

Uploaded by yardblesspro on 08.09.2012

Hi, today we'll talk about neutral density filters...
in this case, Light Craft Workshop's Fader ND Mark II.
This is the second version of this product from LCW...
which offers between 2 and 8 stops of ND in one filter.
It has a solid built and finish.
On the front we find a rotatable ring similar to a polarizer...
and it has marks signaling the diferent levels of filtration.
When rotating it, we can see how it gets darker or lighter...
allowing more or less light into our lens.
It's very useful for shooting video because it lets us
adjust our exposure with precision.
For example, in a sunny we would have to close the aperture
almost completely to get a properly exposed image...
losing all control over depth of field.
We could also changer the shutter speed, but the movement
would become unnatural and unusable for most situations.
With the Fader ND we simply set the aperture, shutter speed
and ISO we want and then rotate the filter until it's exposed
correctly in a matter of seconds.
Here are some examples of clips obtained while using the filter.
We have two tips about this filter.
It's available in various sizes, but try to get the biggest one...
usually the 77mm or 82mm version.
Then combine it with adapter rings for each one of your lenses...
that way you'll use one filter for your entire set and save some money.
We also recommend using a screw on lens hood.
This will help you rotate it more easily and will avoid getting your fingers
in the frame, which can happen because of the slim ring on the front.
The only problem with these type of filters is that, when getting to
the stronger levels of filtation, one can appreciate what is known
as an "X Effect", creating shadows over our image.
But this isn't a major problem because that amount of ND is rarely needed.
It comes in a nice package noting the filter size...
and it includes a hard plastic case and lens cap.
We recommend keeping this case handy to store your filter
when you're not using it.
If you use DSLR cameras for video, you need to have ND filters
because they help you control the look that this cameras provide.
The Fader ND Mark II it's a very known product right now...
but you can find similar products from other known brands
like Genus, Tiffen, Heliopan and more.