Special Effects of "Rainbow Town" - Written by a Kid ep. 4

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Aug 8, 2012

MALE SPEAKER: Get your clothes on we're going swimming.

MIKE DIVA: Kial Natale from Canada did a lot of the
special effects.
He goes by Megasteakman.
And he does amazing, amazing work.
KIAL NATALE: My name's Kial Natale.
I think one of my favorite things was killing Joe Penna.
No offense to Joe Penna or his fans.
MIKE DIVA: He made the graveyard look exactly how I
wanted it to look, which is basically half cardboard
cutouts, half neon craziness.
KIAL NATALE: So here's the 3D set that I built.
You can see each one of these is a separate object.
There's probably four or five different variations you can
see that I made down here.
So once you hit Render, this set just comes to life.
I spent a full day just painting on cardboard, cutting
out those pieces of cardboard in Photoshop, and then
extruding them in 3D.
MIKE DIVA: So there's this effect.
It's a green screen.
And, basically, you take out the green from that screen,
get this, you can put anybody anywhere.
You can put them in space.
You can put them in Egypt.
You can put them in New York, in Toronto, in the woods.
You can put them inside a cup of milk.
OK, using the power of green screen technology, we were
able to take this scene and make it look like there was a
large group of people.
But, in reality, there was, in fact, a very
small group of people.
Basically this scene was a last minute decision because
originally there was just supposed to be [INAUDIBLE]
on the hill with [INAUDIBLE]
And at the last second, I just got everybody that was there
on that day to crowd around and pump their
fists a little bit.
And a couple clicks, and some Hollywood movie magic later,
we have this scene.
MIKE DIVA: One of the effects in [INAUDIBLE]
is Rainbow Town.
So for this, we just went outside my house and shot it
in the streets.
And I had Matt do all the movements, knowing that we
were going to go into aftereffects and have to cut
him out frame by frame.
NORA LEE YOUNG: The sky is all the rainbows.
There's not an inch of blue there.
KIAL NATALE: The biggest challenge on Rainbow Town for
me was a shot of all the rainbows dropping
down from the sky.
This one shot has over 40 rainbows.
And each one of those rainbows is pre-comped several times,
often including a roto of the rainbow, because I couldn't
chroma key them.
MIKE DIVA: He actually went through the effort of cutting
out rainbows and hanging them on strings and throwing them
down from a green screen.
KIAL NATALE: Originally, we were going to
simulate those rainbows.
But I figured it'd be easier just to shoot them.
And I knew a little bit of roto work because you couldn't
actually chroma key them because there's green in the
actual object.
MIKE DIVA: I really wanted bring it into reality and not
have it too cartoony.
But, at the same time, have a cardboard cutout-y feel at
same time, which is why a lot of the trees in the graveyard
are cut out.
And the rainbows are cardboard cutout.
I really just wanted to capture a blend between
cinematic quality and a children's play.
NORA LEE YOUNG: One day, I mean, one night she died.
Then she haunted her grave.
KIAL NATALE: I hope the effects captured the epic
scale that our storyteller envisioned.
It's a great world.
I like the idea of Vampire Town and Rainbow Town.
And it was really fun to bring those to the screen.
MIKE DIVA: This was actually one of the funnest projects
I've ever done, to be honest because its story was amazing.
The little girl was adorable.
Everything about it was just perfect for me.
Geek & Sundry were really cool to work with because they were
really open to my ideas and letting me do pretty much
whatever I wanted.
So, yeah, it was a blast to work on.
And if they want me back for another
episode, I would be down.
NORA LEE YOUNG: What the witch and the little girl ate was
eyeballs, blood, and batteries.