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[guy] both tribes pay attention. we had to stop the task,
and take micheal to a hospital. at this point we dont know his condition
and we wish him well.
[Ana] i was scared. i was left alone with people i dont know
[Itay S] it's serious, scary. the strongest guy here out the first task.
[Guy] since we don't have a winner in this immunity challange, tomorrow there will be a new one.
the losing tribe, will vote out one of its members
Tinium tribe, since you were ahead, you can select if you like to go back
to your original island, which has tools, cover, nails, all you need to built a great camp, or
you want to go to the unknown, a new island which could be better or has nothing
[Guy] take a minute to discuss
[moshe] i dont like changes [inbal] it could be the same as our old island
- i bet that it's better - who wants the new island?
[Guy] so i understand you choose the new island. i wish you luck. both tribes, goodnight.
40 days
Doron (Jamchi)
Itay S
Itay T
Dang tribe flag
welcome to the home of Oshri and Natalie Dang...
[Yulia] buki, what is that boat? - I think it's the other tribe
- no way - think its them. here is Turgi (Itay t)
- it's them, just next to us
[Oshri] nice, both tribes on the same island, i finally understood what's the fence was for.
[Natalie] now i see what the purpose of the fence
- the only think i dont know..if they'll get food - they'll probably get some food
[Azam] from the boat we could see we are coming back to the same island, it's just divided.
tinium tribe
[Anat] we had the choice of an old or new island and we chose the new island
[Anat] we thought no way it would be worse than our old island.
-there's nothing in here Ana - I'm gonna die, there is nothing
- pot and machete - no way, no way
[Anat] I pictured the food waiting for us for Friday dinner and there was nothing
[Anat] pot and machete, not even sharp.. not even a flint.
we dont have fire, and no flint. no cover.. last night was luxurious
[Anat] I'm now appreciate the fire from last night and that stinkin' cover
[moshe] so pretty, look at that wonderful space... - oh come on...
[Anat] It knock me down, took away my energy i'm freezing, no fire, no flint
[moshe continues].. so pretty here, i love it... it's better here.
- what are you talking about? are you insane? what's better here?
[Itay T] they have cover and fire and machete, what do you have?
[Itay T] "how wonderful, how wonderful" what's so wonderful?
[Itay sarcasticly] so great in here... [moshe] would you rather cry? so cry...
[moshe] people don't take me seriously saying "that loser with his humor" - it's hurtful
[moshe] its something i really want to change
[moshe] no coconuts today? [itay t] go find one and you can eat
[itay t] its not funny, im really hungry its sucks
[buki] okay doron, lets do a "kidush" (blessings for Sabbath) -buki blesses..... Amen
(alters the blessing and say coconut instead of vine) - and that micheal lewis well get better.
[buki] you insulted me twice today when i wasnt picked to the tribes,
and not cause you think im strong and scared of me. 2nd when you preferred Michal to carry the cart over me
[Itay s] that was from a good place, it shows how much we love you
[buki] im not dying...
[doron] if we chose you, you would say we dont care that you are, maybe, harder for you
[Yulia] I like buki. i think he is possitive in our group. he is a "care-bear", you can't not love him.
Tinium, day 3
[Anat] I didnt think it's going to be so hard. the night was a torture
[Anat] the night before we had a cover and fire i didnt realize how "rich" we were
[Anat] we're hungry, i dont think that ever in my life i was without food so long
- its only the 2nd night... - what will be in 3 weeks...?
- the nights are aweful - it's a "once in a lifetime experiance"...
Dang - day 3
[Buki] we built wall, wall, wall.. 3 walls of a rectangle...
[michal] buki said and repeat and explain how well he knows what to do and how to do it
buki keep giving instructions
[doron] we decided that buki will be the engineer
[itay s] if he knows what to do, maybe he is right cause i'm at home can't even hang a picture...
[buki] me, my wife and my 3 kids were in the scouts just before i came here i was in "scout day"
[itay s] buki keep saying he was a scout leader [buki] if you are good, ill take you to the adult scouts..
[doron] buki's idea was as usual a two hours lecture do this... and do that...
buki keeps giving orders and doron tells him to move on and start building
[buki] yesterday after i took a dump, i wiped with leaves and went into the water, so i wont worsen my itch...
[oshri] buki talks about nothing other than his dumps.. diarrhea here.. diarrhea there
[buki] i worked as a crime reporter... tells more about his reporter history
[buki to natalie] yesterday after the dump... [natalie] stop... im embarrassed
[Itay S] buki makes alot of noise but does nothing
[doron] sometimes it is just too much
tinium - I can hear Buki...
- what are they builing over there? - they have all the tools
- lets build here something
[doron] it's hot, and the patience is short we're hungry and have to work quickly.. let's go buki..
[yulia] buki, what's next?
- they didn't built anything all day
- hold on, its going to collapse [doron] nice job buki
- what a group of clowns [inbal] was funny seeing them trying to build
[itay s] it's unreal, its not reality, its a sitcom
buki gives orders again [doron] why do we need this lecture? we have instructions
[doron] buki, i beg of you....
[doron] what can be simpler, they gave us instructions how to built a camp.
doron reads the instructions - dig 4 wholes 1 meter deep
[buki] doron has to prove that he is the smartest and that he knows better than anyone
[doron] i came from the basketball world, we have a manager and we follow instructions
[buki] where were you 2 days ago when we started building? why didnt you say anything?
[doron] buki come on [buki] doron let me finsih talking [doron yells] so finish already!
[natalie] the 2 tribe elders act like kids
[yulia] i was surprised by doron, i thought he was more mature
[doron and buki keep fighting about building the camp) (others asking them to be quiet and stop fighting)
[yulia] the situation wasnt nice, seems doron wants to take credit.. to prove he should stay in the game
(joking about doron being the landlord)
(talking about food)
[Anat] we are so hungry. we think about food we talk about food all the time/
talking about how everyone at home would think they ate all the time and slept at hotels just came to the beach for 5 mins everyday
[Inbal] im going to look for food. i wanted to be alone, and i went to look for food.
[Doron] the camp that we talked about and planned for 3 days, was now built in 5 minutes
[buki] I'm going to the woods to take a dump...
[inbal] i suddenly see a hut with a sign: "the hut is the place and the time is now destiny will be decided in negotiations"
[inbal] i see a sack with rice
- what's up buki - I just went here to take a dump... i always do it near the fence here...
-what's that? -it's a sack of rice - you'll give it to me? - no
[inbal] i understood that the negotiations from the sign was about the rice, our tribe are very hungry
[inbal] i'm good at negotiation, done it alot before as a lawyer and as a parliament member
[buki] lets split the rice in half [inbal] no, ive found it, its mine
[inbal] you have something i want, i need a flint for fire and you have nothing to do with fire and without rice
[buki] lets talk, its says negotiation on the sign I dont need anything, we have it all there.
[inbal] ok, im leaving, ill manage to cook it.
[inbal] usually the fattest is also the hungriest... so it's easy to negotiate with him
[buki] wait, sit...
[buki] i was blackmailed by inbal
[buki] you dont like me for many years, just put the sack on the table [inbal] ill put the sack of rice next to you? come on..
[buki] inbal doesnt like me. im a crime reporter, and written about her family and family bussiness many times
[buki] also, about the fact she became a parliament member at 27 how come a 27 years old is already in the parliament?
[inbal] i've left the parliament at 2006. you've done your job.
[inbal] how much rice you think is in the sack? 5 kilos? I'll give you 1.5 kilo.
[inbal] give me the flint for few hours, im make fire and give it back [buki] so you'll give it back? [inbal] yes
[buki] i understand you new camp is bad, you have nothing? [inbal] no, we got an amazing camp, with food and everything
[inbal] i gave buki the feeling with are doing fine and cooking the rice is not that important
[buki] so you really ate schnitzel last night? [inbal] yes, i said we did, so we did.
[inbal] so we fooled him that last night we had an amazing dinner
[inbal] flint for 1.5 kilo, that's my offer [buki] wait, yea,... [inbal] now, my tribe is hungry
[inbal] if you are not back in 15 minutes, im gone. be back with the flint and get the 1/4 sack of rice.
[inbal] dont let anyone change your opinion, cause i'll get fire one way or another
[buki] i was blackmailed by inbal. period.
[inbal] im waiting here for 20 mins, after that im gone with the entire sack.
[inbal] it was so easy, i never thought he would take that deal.. flint for 1/4 sack..
[inbal] no mercy. buki wrote all those things which are not true. he's a piece of sh** , he sould of written the truth.
[inbal] let me have the flint give me the buff for your rice
[buki] be large, put more rice [buki] put more or ill leave. [inbal] fine go. [buki] no...
[inbal] you have more than 1/4 here... your tribe has yulia and michal and natalie... they each need single rice..
[buki] inbal, you are a lawyer and ex-parilament member.. [inbal] so you saying im manipulative?
[buki] your family name has a lot of respect [inbal] and that's why i gave you more than 1/4
- I thought I was going to an island with Ana Aharonov... - how bad can that be...
[Ana] do I look like a piece of meet now...? - dance a little on the beach.. some lambada...
[inbal] i told you i was going to look for food... I've got rice!
- wait how do we cook it?
[moshe] turns out inbal's parliament term wasnt in vain... [inbal] he missed the rice in one minute
[inbal] now, with my lawyer instincts... (shows flint) - so, you gave him half?
[inbal] not a half, why half...? moshe, that's why you so skinny, i gave him 1/4
- let's cook
[Ana] I can't stand Inbal, she annoys me
[doron] what's in your hands? [buki] rice. let me tell you what happened
[Natalie] i never thought i would be so excited to see rice
[buki] i went as usual because of my diarrhea to sh** [everyone] again?! why you start like this. start over...
[buki] i saw inbal ,who "loves" me alot, sitting there she found a sack fo rice
[buki] she made sure i knew they had great dinner. she was willing to give me 1/4 sack for the flint for few hours
- so, what did she give you? [buki] she gave me 1/4 sack - why not 1/2 ?
[buki] you know inbal, she said she'd leave... - if they ate last night, why couldnt she give you half?
[buki] i dont know if they ate - so you ended out a loser...
[doron] buki negotiated like a coward. they dont have fire, so why give it to them.
[doron] if i was negotiatig, i would get 3/4 rice. what happended buki, got confused? the name Gavriely scared you?
-let eat what you managed to get [doron] everyone thought 1/4 sack was a bad result
[azam] hot rice, tasted so good after 3 days to change the coconut taste
- here's to inbal who found for us the rice - look like an indian boy in Delhi..
[moshe] you understand how the simplest food could be a delicacy
- mail... "a tribe that would want the immunity"
"would have to be very stable" "no body part can be moved"
"hand up or down means failure" - mis-reads a word... everyone corrects him... - don't correct him... he's the leader...
"no concentration and you'll find yourself in tribal council" "2 boys and 2 girls, from each tribe only 4"
"so think hard who you are sending" "to the task"
[buki] i want to say, this task is not physical i want to take part in the challange
[buki] in physical tasks, im the old lady who sits out but stability... ive got a solid base.. Yulia, the wind may blow her
[itay] buki wants it, lets give it to him [yulia] i like buki, but now we need the tribe to move forward and not lose immunity
- we have better people... [buki]- but you dont know what the task is
[doron] i think my body structure and strength could help us in the challange more than other type of person
- doron goes to the task
[buki] i was mad. 'im not the strongest and im not this.. and not that...'
" 2 boys and 2 girls... think hard who you choose" [Ana] well, me for sure - yeah Ana goes
- him too, he has done yoga...
[moshe] its important to go to tasks and be part of the success I dont mind going, i hope it will be fine. I'll go.
[inbal] are you stupid? the man did yoga once 10 years ago.. look what he looks like...
[inbal] you are stronger and more stable. if we lose you go home, im telling you!
[Harel] very hard with Inbal's character she is control freak, likes to order around
[inbal] huge mistake - do you want to vote?
[ana] i felt moshe would be strong now. cause he wants to prove himself. why keep talking about it
[moshe] you want to decide... [inbal, cuts moshe] who decided? no, you cant decide alone. harel got to go.
[ana] "i think harel needs to go" even if you think that there's a way and timing to say stuff
[inbal tell azam] say that you think harel has to go [azam] i cant make him if he doesnt want
-we decided that moshe is going, why say infront of him that harel has to go?
- we know she can talk and thats her profession... what do i have to do... dance here all day?
[ana, dancer] i really dont like inbal
- the 4 going, do the best you can. - let not talk about it anymore
[Natalie] I See the other tribe chose Moshe for the task.. why him? If they asked me, Azam is much better for the task
[moshe] i look at the other tribe, doron jamchi looks like a worthy opponent...oshri is strong too, im nervous.
[guy] welcome to the immunity challange. but before that, im sure you'd like to know about Micheal
[Guy] his health does not allow him to continue in the game [doron] its a shock. very hard to grasp.
[ana] if would be easier for me if micheal was still in the game. he was a part of me and we had a connection. i'll miss him.
[ana] i knew how much he wanted it, and how well he could have done'in this game.
[guy] however, he does feel much better, and we all wish him well.
[guy] every tribe will try to get the immunity idol and and avoid tribal counsil
- is the idol edibal...? [guy] if you win, you can give it a taste...
[guy] lets move to the challage. each of you will stand under a beam, and will hold 2 poles
[guy] you cannot let the pole drop, if it drops you are out of the challange
[guy] the last person standing will earn his tribe immunity.
[guy] let's begin. ready? go!
- dang tribe sent: yulia, oshri, natalie and doron jamchi - tinium tribe sent: itay t, ana, anat and moshe
[oshri] at home watching the tasks look very easy, but doing them - it's not easy at all.
[anat] it felt like torture...
[guy] 15 minutes. everyone still looking good.
[moshe] im sweating, breathing heavily, praying it would end
[guy] strong wind blowing, watch out
[doron] ana doesnt even blink, standing like a rock smiling at times. Seems no one else has a chance.
[guy] ana the first to drop the poles.
[itay t] i was shocked. shocked that the dancer who suppose to be the best at it, was out first.
[ana] i couldnt believe it happened to me. one of the most embarrassing moments in life.
[guy] Ana from tinium tribe is out.
[doron] Ana out first - unexpected. the ones who seems strong can be weak
[guy] natalie from dang is out
[guy] 30 minutes, tribes are even.
[Anat] oshri and doron are strong men, more than moshe i was feeling my shoulders burning and thinking we're in trouble
[guy] yulia drops the poles and right after her also doron jamchi. Dang loses 2 competitors.
[oshri] i didnt think our guys will go out so fast. surely i didnt think doron will be out before moshe.
[moshe] wow.. moshe... you're beating that basketball guy.. doron. cites from a play he did "man of steel".
[guy] 43 minutes. oshri the only dang member left. oshri vs itay, anat and moshe
[oshri] i wasnt scared from this situation, even liked it. the underdog wins for his tribe
[guy] moshe ferster drops the poles
[moshe] i guess also the man of steel. but i feel good. I helped the confidance of the ones left.
[yulia] oshri please please... save us. save us from tribal counsil today.
[itay t] i wasnt going to move my hands. with all the respect to my friend oshri, im with my tribe now.
[guy] oshri drops the poles. tinium tribe wins immunity!
[guy] tinium tribe, you are winners of the task you gained 3 more days on the island and the idol is yours.
[guy] itay, you have 3 days to check if it's edible... [guy] Ana..? [ana] right, i dont deserve to hold it...
[guy] dang tribe, you'll meet me tonight at tribal council no one is save. take your flags go back to camp.
Dang well? we lost.
[yulia] not a good feeling letting them down
[itay s, jokes] it's okay, we still love you.. and... oshri, the tribe had spoken.. so pack your stuff and go...
[buki] we're few hours from the first tribal council. i came to a conclusion that i dont stand a chance
[buki] since the tribe needs strength to move forward, so i'll go home
[buki] i cant justify asking you to keep me, cause I sat out in both challanges. i'm not as strong as you.
[michal] it was very easy for me that buki wanted to quit. if that's what you want, lets go for it.
-buki repeats his 'im weak.. old lady' speech. [natalie] enough already, you annoy me
[natalie] there's a chance that buki's lack of motivation will get him votes out today
[buki] i want to leave to you my pants... ... you can use them as a blanket...
[yulia] i like this person, and i want him to stay. but at this point, you dont want to lose a strong player.
- he is asking we'll vote buki - i can understand him, he wasnt picked for anything
[michal] it cant be easy to carry this belly in the heat here and not being picked for tasks...
[buki] and another thing, part of it is that inbal... [doron, cuts him] enough, i cant hear that name buki or inbal anymore
[doron] get over it, it hunts you for years.. [buki] im sorry.
[doron] im tired of this story [natalie] you always make him walk away with his head down
[doron] he insults me too [natalie] it hurts me when you hurt him
[doron] why dont you protect me when he insults me? [natalie] he doesnt insult you, he just protects himself.
[doron] this is my way to protect myself, having some quiet from his BS who built everything here? you did?
[natalie] yes, i also built the camp [doron] what did you do?
[natalie] you keep bragging, when i on day 1 collected wood and... [itay s] enough, we're all hungry...
[natalie to doron] stop bragging, do for sake of doing not for sake of saying you've done it.
[doron] excuse me ms. dadon (natalie). I was the captain of israel national basketball team for 15 years captain of macabi tel-aviv 12 years...
[doron] manage people, a leader, responsible man, a friend this is how i see myself. and i cant accept from one, Dadon
[doron] who only brought 2 nice ass-cheeks, so everyone in Israel can see she's a model. stay out of it Natalie!
[natalie] i dont like the atmosphere here... [doron] i dont like it too, he drives me insane,
[natalie] me and me all the time...doesnt sound good, we all worked here.
[doron] nice timing natalie to tell me all this i know you talked about me behind my back..
[natalie] i didnt talk behind your back with anyone.
[yulia] the arguments with doron are pointless, it's coming from a place of ego or insecurity, and we dont like it.
[natalie] i can survive the island, but i can't survive a single day with doron here.
[doron] she's a fraud in a bikini with her ass handing out
[natalie] i cant handle this energy, i promised i'll leave the emotions at home, but sorry it's not happening. this is me.
- lets think logically, they day after Doron, what will happen here? - will we survive? without micheal and doron
-what did he do to advance us? he's not that strong - he fell with me in the task today
[yulia] i dont have a problem with the person but.. [natalie] he didnt prove himself
[itay s] its a dilemma, i dont want to vote buki out, but he is weak.... doron or buki...
[natalie] i dont know what to do...
[guy] fire represent live in this game. when your torch is extinguished, you'll have to leave the game and the island.
[guy] welcome Dang to your first tribal counsil. only one of you can be the last survivor and win 1,000,000NIS (US$ 250,000)
[guy] you started this game on a fancy boat
[michal] it was an amazing boat - it all changed now, you have nothing
[itay] the yacht was great, but i just want to say that this entire situation moves me...
[itay] it takes me back to my childhood, i dont know if you know but my father was the founding member of the Dang tribe...
[itay] and I grew up here... i'm so hungry, i dont know what im talking about
[itay] we see here alot of fire... and on camp we try for 2 days to light fire.. and cant
[guy] in the first moments in the game, you had this dirty game in the swamp, fighting for your life
[yulia] it was a shock, but im happy it started like that, made us dirty and "maskless"
[guy] there was a thing ive never seen before you each helped eachother in the swamp
[itay] it is cause we knew eachother and friends. now we have to disconnect emotionally and vote someone out
[guy] you know eachother from the TV and gossip, now you can really get to know eachother. were you surprised by anyone?
[itay] i know most of those poeple well, but oshri never slept at my house...
[oshri] i couldn't. no free time...
[itay] i wasnt surprised by anyone even if we cheat a little, the basis stays the same
[guy] was anyone badly surprised?
[guy] so everything is perfect on the dang tribe.. [itay] im sure we were, but no one will say it here...
[guy] buki, did you know eveyrone? [buki] no, not at all
[buki] i knew doron as a basketball star, the others i didnt know at all
[buki] i want to apologize to some people in here i said some stuff to them on the first days when i didnt know them
[buki] they didnt even say "hello" to me for example, this model i thought was a "cloths hanger"
[buki] turns out she is almost a doctor in math... and she is very smart and intelligent
[buki] so everything i was thinking about models and acresses changed you get to know them better each day
[buki] as you can see, i have a different look than them and when there's a physical task they tell me to sit out
[buki] so i cant prove myself [others] not again... it's not like that...
[guy] and yet you managed to get your tribe 1/4 sack fo rice what exactly happened in there?
[buki] i went into shack in the woods, Inbal was there already she told me about the new island and that they had food
[buki] and that she has everything, all she is missing in fire, and she'll give me 1/4 sack of rice for it
[guy] and you took the bait? [everyone] he sure did...he was so hungry...
[buki] i tried to get 1/3 sack but she kept saying she is leaving with all the rice.
[natalie] i think i would see her bluff, no one will eat unless its a fair deal. 50-50.
[buki] you cant criticize me over what went down in there... you can all go to hell.
[michal] its okay, we glad you brought us rice. [buki] okay, thank you
[guy] today in the immunity challange, you really wanted to play [buki] they didnt let me
[buki] it says the task needed someone stable look at me... im the most stable guy here
[itay] we didnt know exacly what the task would be it could have required strength as well. so we gambled on the strong
[guy] doron gamchi, i see you are not happy about it [doron] you are not suppose to volunteer yourself
[doron] to a task that you may end up screwing the entire tribe. there is hypocrisy and being fake here
[doron] everyone wants to win and be the "good boy" here being nice to everyone
[doron] buki knew that he missed one task, and missing another can be a reason to vote him out.
[guy] do you agree with what doron said, that you do not contrubute?
[buki] its correct that if you dont contribute, you can be voted out. i wanted to contribute. to help.
[doron] even if it can hurt the group? [buki] sometimes the short and the fat can do better than athletes...
[buki] i came not as a celeb, im not doron or micheal you try your best, but no one gives you a chance
[guy] were you hurt not being picked to any tribe? [buki] yes, they picked another and another, and i stayed last
[buki] and it reminded me, you know... ive been in siturations like that in my life. it was bad.
[guy] oshri, when choosing tribes, you had the first pick, and you selected Natalie. Doron Jamchi, would you do the same?
[doron] no. cause choosing natalie by "shlomi" shlomi? by oshri, sorry.
[doron] it takes me back to the moment when Natalie and Iris were left. and who was selected? the pretty girl, the model
[doron] and who got kicked out? a 56 year old woman, who came a long way to where she was.
[doron] she was shamelessly kicked out. its ugly, it's the face of the new young community from tel-aviv
[oshri] doron, she lost the task.... [natalie] sorry, but im not from Tel-aviv...
[doron, ignores all] this kind of behavior, you wouldn't see 20-30 years ago. kicking an old person like that from a game
[guy] what are you saying, that the young generation is bad? [doron] yes. without a doubt.
[natalie] i barely know those guys... [doron] guy, they are being fake
[natalie] i didnt come here to hang out with the young guys i like buki, and i enjoy talking to him
[natalie] but with doron i didnt have a connection i watch basketball, and to me he was a ledend
[natalie] and now it is blowing up in my face. everything i thouhgt doron represented, he is not!
[guy] buki, what do you think? natalie saying some harsh stuff
[buki] doron is a symbol and you look up at symbols. but suddenly you understand he is human
[buki] in the last few days, everyone had a feeling that the legend is not like the person.
[doron] all those stories.. jamchi and jamchi.. it's hard to talk about breaking the legend, when the one talking about it
[doron] is a rude, vulgar person. i'm talking about Buki.. even disgusting.
[doron] let me explain who is buki. he is a crime reporter in tel-aviv
[doron] his world is about whore, transvestites, dungeon etc. a person like that who ignores his friends feelings
[doron] and go to the toilet infront of them on the beach, naked, and uses bad words, he is not my cup of tea. Now...
[buki] doron, do yourself a favor, stop here. [doron] i actually going to continue, and im taking nothing back
[doron] i told here the truth. you asked me if the current generation is bad, as soon as i said yes, i knew id be under attack
[doron] and they'll try "the legend is broken".... no legend was broken, i have my character
[doron] and its a good character. the only thing wrong with it is that i tell the truth to the person's face
[doron] but, is telling the truth to someone's face meaning that it is not true?
[doron] im sticking to my way, and ill only admit that i may tell the truth in the face too much
[guy] okay dang, it's time to vote yulia, you are first
[buki voted for doron. misspelled his name... and not on purpose...] with your bad behavior, you ruined for me the legend of doron and maccabi -tel aviv
[michal - voted for buki]
[doron - voted for buki]
[guy] when i read the results, the person with most votes will have to leave the island
1st vote - buki
jamchi (doron) one vote to buki one to doron
doron jamchi 2 votes for doron jamchi, 1 for buki
buki 2 votes each
doron jamchi 3 votes jamchi, 2 buki
the seconds person voted out from survivor vip doron jamchi
[guy] doron jamchi, take your torch and come to me. the tribe had spoken
[guy] you are eliminated from the game and have to leave the island [doron, very weak] thanks
[guy] dang tribe, you followed your heart and eliminated one of the stringest players
[guy] time will tell if you made the right choice. take your torches and head back to camp
next time on survivor...
[doron] the dynamics with some of the tribemates didnt work fine. it's not a disaster
i dont take it too hard. i dont like being reffered to as a legend
i had a great basketball career. i had a 50th bday and got a gift
of a one in a lifetime experiance and as hard as it was
the expriance was amazing [everyone but doron and michal voted for doron]