Adobe Connect Tutorial 4-Save-Edit Recording

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Alright, so let’s go ahead and end the meeting, and then get into how we set up
the information for the recording, for other people to view it
after we close the recording, again you have a couple of different options
you can click on the meeting tab, and you can hit the record meeting right there
and it will stop, or you can hit the red button right here, and you can say stop recording
no more red button, so we aren't recording anymore
people are still in the meeting though, we just stopped the recording
so just keep in mind, that you still have participants in here they are going
to be in the meeting until you end the meeting, so
click on end meeting, you can add a little message here saying "hey thanks for joining
please join us next time, same time, same
channel" that type of thing if you would like, and you have right here, open this URL
for everyone if you would like to, you can open the URL, don't worry about
that too much, because we are going to go into farther detail later on, so
hit OK, and this will pop up
if you want to get back in real quick, you can by hitting start meeting, if not
you can just go ahead and exit out, and then you can go down to your
bar and find these
other, the other
windows that had popped up that I had told you to minimize earlier
alright, this guy
you do not need, you can go ahead close that out because that dealt with the meeting
and so we are back into this one, again
if you are still logged in, you can go ahead and
hit the home button, let it refresh, okay because you have been out of it for a while
then, what you need to do, is you can go to meetings
here, not create new, because you have already done it, but we need to go to our meetings
once you go into the meetings you will see the other
classes, what I did here was I have already set up a few
so you have Connect 101, Connect 205, Connect
800, but we are in
Connect 205, so if you select Connect 205
here is where you see if you need to edit that information
you can, again you can change the name, you can
give it a different summary, if you would like, anyone that has the URL can enter the room if you want to change
that access, but you cannot change the URL
just keep it mind, but go ahead and go back to the meeting information
here is where you
well, let me back up, say you are going
your next recording session, for your next maybe live meeting
go back to 205, go to enter room, do not set up a new one
always stay within that course name, and go
back into that meeting, so you would hit enter meeting and it would pop up
and give you this, it would say "has entered the meeting" but since you are the host
you can always start the meeting, keep that in mind
but we do not want to do that right now, we aren't going to record it, we are going to end the meeting again
hit okay, that is going to pop up, and we can click
close that out, we can close that one out, okay so we are back
here, again, what I would do now
is go to recordings, this is where you need to go
to find the previous one we had just done
if you hit recordings, that is where Connect 205 week 1 is
and so if we would of recorded that one we just went into you know you can name it week
2 or give it a name of a different lecture, and so forth
that is where you would have multiple weeks, okay, and that is how you record them
here is the thing, right now they cannot view them if they have this URL
right here, this is the unique one for that specific recording they would not be able to play it
because we have not made it public
see right here it is still set as private, what happens is, what we need to do
is make it public, which all we need to do is go to select the box
"Make Public" and you will see that change and now the recording
are accessible to all, if we want to make it public again
or private, click on there, and it says here "The private setting however are accessible to the edit participants list
and that is where you go, edit participants
notice that only me, and our facilitator
people are allowed to actually view it, nobody
else would have it, you can edit the information
here if you wanted to rename it, again, sorry that
is for the actual meeting, okay, see how I kind of got lost
right there, perfect example, I'm just going to go home and start over again, so go to meetings
205, then go to recordings
I want to make it public, so I go ahead
and select that box, make public
alright, and once I click on it, okay this
is the link that for an on demand lecture
or say someone missed that live meeting and they want to go back to it
You’re like "okay, let me send you that link." Here is the link that you would use, okay? Copy paste it
in an email, this is the link that if you want to show them the meeting or that
lecture within eCollege, and actually have it embedded into e-college
this is how you would do so, and I'll show you that also coming up
okay, so this is where you would actually enter in the recorded meeting that you
saw, you can go in there, click on it
and, give it a minute to upload for you and
there you go, you can see this is the host, at that time when we are starting the meeting
we weren't sharing anything, we can move into there, we can advance it
see how I am messing around with the chat button right now, chat pod, and
earlier you saw the note pad, so I am moving things around
so that is where you can view the recording
again, for on demand, or if someone missed it, they can go back to it. You can put this into e-college
you can email out the link, just close that out
Say you needed to edit the recording, alright? So if you edited
the recording, all you have to do is hit "edit recording".
Go there, it will open up the meeting, and it will give you a few extra
little features, it is a very simplistic editing.
It is in-point out-point type of editing
and down here, here is your cursor for your time, you move it back and forth and you see
right over here, your time actually moving, alright
and these are little triangle buttons
this is where, say we don't want. Let me go ahead and pause. Say we
don't want to start until a minute into it
Okay, so you go to the minute, well this is your beginning point
and here is your out point, see how I am dragging it and it is making a different color, a little shade of blue, you can see your time
is moving, so let’s go ahead and go to a minute
Alright, so you have that highlighted, and you
have set your in and out points. Well, then you are able to cut. Alright
and then once you have cut, you can move those, and see how that blue still stays there
that is going to be a cut spot, so say we don't want the last
minute, two seconds. So that would mean we would need to go
to thirty five
and set that, now see how I dragged that, now that
that is going to be cut, if I hit cut right now, so I need to readjust my end point
and so my end point is going to be right at
that marker on the cursor, which is about thirty five
oh two. Thirty five will work. And so
there we go, so we are going to cut off that, so what you do is since you set it
you hit the cut button, and you can adjust, see how again now we have
in-points, out-points, you can do it in the middle as well. Say we don't want
this part right there, go ahead and cut that, alright?
Notice, we have not hit the save button yet and you can also
do an undo, if you need to, and hit
the save button that I just mentioned, but notice how we have thirty six
minutes and two seconds, if you hit the save button
it is going to save those changes
give me a second to make those changes
and it should be less than thirty six minutes
and two seconds. Yeah, our total time now is 32.01
and we've made the edits. Now,
say you’re done. You see down here, though, you have revert to original?
You can do so right there, or, keep in
mind we are in the edited version, so that’s 32 minutes
If you want to, you can go back to connect
205, you can go to recordings.
Here it is, week 205. If you click on there,
and go here, it's going to bring up
If you go to that link you email out, or pasted to eCollege, it will actually
be the edited version.
As soon as you pop it up, you will see that that's the 32 minute
one, so that’s our edited version. But, did you notice
you have the option to view original. If you go to view original
then you are able to make changes to that. So you always have your original
just FYI. Next we
can show you how to
bring it into eCollege.
Again, right now we are in our connect, then we go to
recording, we see the recordings we have, we've made them public.
We've done some simple edits. and Again, this link
right here, once you're in recordings, this is the link that you will need
for eCollege or to email out to anybody
This is the recording. Difference it, if you just go just
to the meeting room, this is the meeting for a life meeting
Then, once you hit record within the meeting
it's going to bring you a new link, and it's going to
generate a URL for those
recordings. It might sound confusing, but again, just remember that
this is always what you use to
have people come into a live meeting, and then keep your recordings, your lectures,
and they will record, and you will have multiple ones here
and this is the link that you'll use to
send out. Be like, again, please check out this lecture
you can find it here at this link below. All you do is highlight
copy, and paste, to anywhere it needs to go.