[Eng sub] SJM on Zhong Yi Da Ge Da (Variety Big Brother) 綜藝大哥大 (12-12-09) Part 2/3

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For this group of theirs
not just you guys, but even people of our age,
when we see them, there is no way for us
to pick who we like the most. It's too difficult.
Everyone of them is very cute, right?
Thank you!
This is a gift especially for Fei Ge.
It is our new album.
You must accept this.
These words he wrote on there are incredible.
Alright, let us start speaking truthfully now.
Let us start with an auction.
From...I'll start it from NT$8 thousand.
Everyone has signed this.
How much?
NT$30 thousand
NT$80 thousand
NT$80 thousand
NT$100 million
Is there any higher than NT$100 million?
NT$150 million?
NT$130 million. It's already up to NT$150 million.
NT$10 billion.
How much?
Okay, it has finally appeared.
Okay, three times and it'll be finalized.
Sold for NT$1 trillion to this...
NT$1 trillion.
Yeah right, I could hardly wait to take it for myself.
It can't be sold, it can't.
Let me think about where to put it so that it can't be taken by you guys
from me. No way.
If you guys help me hold it, it'll disappear later.
This one...okay...
Okay...watch it for me.
Okay, I also have a gift for you guys.
How do you say tea (cha) in korean? Tea.
My "Cha".
My tea...
This is called...is it green tea?
Oolong tea. (a type of famous green tea)
"Wu long cha"...
Do you like to drink Oolong tea?
I like it the best.
Like it the best.
Do you know Oolong tea?
I know.
That's right.
Actually, I drink tea every morning.
Oolong tea.
You definitely can't drink this type of tea over there.
I really like drinking Oolong tea because all of my family really likes to drink tea.
Let me tell you, this is called sincerity.
My tea is not a joke.
Look, it's gold packaged.
It smells very good, smells very good.
What are you doing?
It's been opened before?
It's okay, I just opened it today to brew it.
That's not it, this is giving my regards.
I drank it once.
That's alright...
It's okay, right?
Thank you.
I am speaking, you...
Leader reporting.
Help us discuss and recommend who can perform some talent individually or something like that.
I think everyone really likes dancing...
really likes to see our Donghae dancing.
Donghae dancing.
Then is there music?
Teacher Kong Qiang, you must step on it.
If you don't do well, we won't be able to leave from this formation of youngsters.
Okay, Donghae!
It's looks so good.
It really looks so good, seriously.
Just from these few steps, I already feel the unstoppable charisma.
I can hardly stand it.
This is just a warm up.
It's only a warm up?
That's right, there's more.
There's more?
That's right.
Give us some more, okay...
Okay, it's Donghae.
It really looks so good.
Can anyone perform with an instrument?
Who can perform? Henry.
Okay, then Henry will start performing on the violin.
Leader, can you ask them to come over to my side?
Okay, no problem.
Fans must retrain themselves, you cannot grab the hem of their pants or something like that.
I'm afraid they won't be able to see, so...
Okay, Henry will start.
Let's give him a hand...
It's like he's wearing roller skates.
No, I...
I crouched for too long and my knees become a bit difficult.
You are really awesome.
No...thank you...
Seriously. Was it good?
This is our Pingdong person! (in Taiwanese)
Seriously, I have already been subdued by him.
It's not easy.
He dances the Moonwalk even better than Michael Jackson.
Leader, we just heard that our...your manager has already prepared your music.
This is all prepared impromptu.
Completely impromptu.
Give us some.
Give him a hand. Okay, no problem.
Leader Hangeng.