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Hello, welcome to Vida Rhino I'm Joel Gonzalez
and in this video we will be talking about energy drinks
also called energizing drinks
and the impact they have on the body when ingested,
so, I hope you like today's topic
it's a very interesting topic and it's important for the people to know this
with this, let's get started
Many people around the world consume energy drinks on a daily
basis to try to cope with fatigue, tiredness,
and lack of energy during the day.
It is also common in those people who have night shifts, working at night
so, they drink these to stay awake, more active,
and to be more efficient in their work,
But what do these drinks really do when they're inside our body?
If we take one of these cans and obverse the outside
everything in it is just there for marketing purposes
these drinks actually don't give energy to the body,
just stimulate it temporarily.
These beverages are primarily based on sugar and caffeine
from those we get that sense of energy,
There are other drinks that contain caffeine and sugar
But in very low amounts.
These energy drinks contain 4 to 5 times more caffeine and sugar
that those other traditional drinks.
Now let's take a look at the most common ingredients in these beverages
and also a list of possible side effects
due to consume too much of these ingredients through these beverages.
Of course we all know that caffeine is the main ingredient in these beverages,
sometimes it doesn't say explicitly "caffeine"
but comes disguised as guarana, comes disguised as green tea extract
so those who are sensitive to caffeine and maybe someday
want to try out some of these drinks
if you have not tried it yet, beware about this
because most of the time there's caffeine in it although there's not caffeine explicitly in the ingredients.
Most energy drinks contain a lot of sugar,
Some companies even use some creative names
to make people think that the sugar used in their energy drinks
is more natural than the one found in other brands,
they use names like "natural cane juice"
or just use the word "glucose".
Drinks with high sugar content are linked to obesity
and also to the fast increase in type 2 diabetes.
About taurine there's really not much to say
because there is nothing documented about the effects it can have on the body
or long-term effects, I think that we know the effects in the body over time
but personally I do not want to experience that so I better don't use these drinks.
The inositol.
About this ingredient no side effects have been reported
but, in large amounts has been associated with diarrhea
and has also been used to treat people who have a psychiatric disorder,
In large quantities.
Taking an energy drink while exercising can be dangerous,
since 2 effects are joined, the combination of the diuretic effect
and sweat being released during exercise,
so, that can give you a severe dehydration.
Some people like to mix energy drinks with vodka
or other alcoholic beverage,
so, alcoholic beverages dehydrate you too
and when combined with these drinks then, dehydration is greater
that may be even to very dangerous levels.
Side effects ordered from the most common
to the less common.
Number one we have tachycardia, the next one is shaking,
feel uneasy, gastrointestinal discomfort, chest pain,
dizziness, paresthesia, which is the tingling or numbness of the skin
and finally we have the least common is headache.
In the year 2000 the French government took the decision of banning the brand Red Bull,
Because it was linked to the death of an 18 year old athlete,
This young man died after drinking 4 cans of Red Bull in a game,
I think he you went a little too far.
But not only was France who banned the drink, so did Denmark and Norway,
In Canada for example, the brand is required to put a warning label for pregnant women and children.
The drink returned to France after 12 years of being banned in that country because it was not proved that it cause damage to health.
Well, that was the subject for today Saturday I hope you liked it
and see you on Wednesday with another subject, in case you drink energy drinks remember never to use them
as a replacement of water.
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