Tujurikkuja 4 Lastefarmer (ENG subtitles)

Uploaded by CatapultFilms on 30.12.2011

We've often talked about the sorry state of our agriculture.
We'll have to continue this theme
when we visit Vikla farm in Mõnguste village,
where Väino has been farming for five generations.
There's nothing to brag about.
The Euro subsidies are cut off, the West won't let us in.
Our own people -
stop prancing around with your pitchfork!
That's the wife.
Stop shuffling around randomly!
What? - Where are the sheep?!
She tends to shuffle around randomly.
Fickle-minded Väino would've given up farming,
if it wasn't for some unexpected help from the state.
My wife had a child
and boy, did the money start rolling in!
Birth allowance, child allowance,
parental benefits!
And then it came to me, you see.
Here they are - pure Estonian Flaxen.
The wife mostly tends to them.
She's almost like a mother figure.
I mostly deal with money and visions and stuff.
How's the work? Not too hard?
Well, sure, a bit -
Ah, it's easy peasy for women!
Nature built them that way.
News of Väino's business plan spread like wildfire,
and soon enough parents came knocking.
There's no room in kindergartens,
and no reason to have them just hanging around at home.
Honestly, we have a pretty decent, sizable herd.
Eat up, it'll make your fur shinier!
Väino splits the profit with the parents.
At payday, some parents even visit their offspring.
The tricky part is to find the right kid.
We're really pleased with Väino. He's helped us a lot.
We've got more time for hobbies now:
BodyPump, fitness...
Why should we suffer because of a broken condom?
And the kid is where she's wanted.
Mummy, are we going home now?
Mummy and Daddy are, you're staying here, silly!
Christ, kids are dumb.
Is that all? We'll split, smells like shit here.
Kids with the best profit margins
are introduced by their name.
That's Spotty.
That's Horny.
And this is Blacky.
And then there's Ginger.
And there's Teeny. Come here.
Oh, you like that, don't you?
He should be in school already
but he's a bit slow and simple.
A strong specimen otherwise.
Off you go!
Where are you going? How did you get there?
Are there any problems?
Wolves. Took six preschoolers last autumn.
But the state compensated it all.
I even made a little profit.
I even considered setting the wolves on my own herd,
but so far, it's still just a thought...
Is Vikla farm the saviour of Estonian agriculture?
Looks like it.
Only the kids need time for adjustment -
they desperately tried to escape in our crew's bus.
The programme is supported by
the European Regional Development Fund,
the Estonian Ministry of Agricul -
Capital of Culture 2011!