Dance Moms - Season 2 Episode 11 - Melissa Pleads The Fifth - Todrick Hall & Scott Hoying Recap

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TODRICK: What's up everybody.
This is your boy Todrick.
Thank you for coming back to yet another week
of Dance Moms recap.
This week I have one of my best friends of all time.
His name is Scott Hoying.
He's the lead singer of Pentatonix.
They just won The Sing-Off on NBC.
And he is here with me today.
Everybody, the one, the only, Scott Hoying.
TODRICK: I'm so glad you're here.
Scott watches this every week.
TODRICK: What do you think of the show?
SCOTT HOYING: I like it.
It's funny.
TODRICK: This week Maddie is at the top of the pyramid.
ALL: Go Maddie.
TODRICK: The only person doing a solo is Maddie.
So this is going to be a breeze for her because she's
always doing solos.
It's to like Reflection.
And she's dressed like uh Snow White kind of.
It was obviously a great number.
Also there's a trio.
And the trio consists of Chloe, Maddie, and surprise--
TODRICK: Yes, Nia was in the trio.
Her face was like, what?
SCOTT HOYING: Yeah, but she was so excited.
I was happy for her.
TODRICK: She was.
And I was--
SCOTT HOYING: Until she did it.
TODRICK: Until she did it.
Then there was all this crazy drama, because everybody knows
that Melissa is getting engaged.
But she's like always acting so shady about it.
And so the parents were asking her.
And now she's not even wearing her ring anymore.
It's so weird.
You know?

Oh, are you getting married?
I like your ring.
TODRICK: No, no, what would make you think that?
I don't really know.
SCOTT HOYING: Oh, I was just wondering if you were--
TODRICK: Please don't ask me about that.
It's very personal.
SCOTT HOYING: Oh, I'm sorry.
TODRICK: It's really personal.
So just--
SCOTT HOYING: I didn't mean to offend you.
TODRICK: Calm down.
Like don't wear a ring around everybody if you don't want
them to ask you if you're getting engaged.
Not only that, but she took things to a new level.
And she had an attorney send the other moms a letter.
This is a cease and desist letter.
You cannot ask me about my personal life or about whether
or not I'm getting married.
SCOTT HOYING: Or I can sue you.
TODRICK: Or I can sue you.
SCOTT HOYING: That's a little crazy.
TODRICK: Then when they showed up they were like, did you,
um, send this?
That was my husband's attorney.
TODRICK: What letter?
Because you're embarrassing me.
You're embarrassing Abby Lee.
You're embarrassing Maddie.
And you're just embarrassing.
SCOTT HOYING: Yeah, say embarrassing one more time.
TODRICK: Embarrass.

So the trio happened, and it was terrible.
Abby Lee was like, my favorite part of the
trio was when it ended.
Maddie killed it.
She killed it.
And she won first place.
The trio didn't place.
Surprise, surprise.
Nia, thanks for bringing us down.
SCOTT HOYING: Her face after they didn't make it.

TODRICK: And you know that inside she was like, yup--
SCOTT HOYING: It was me.
TODRICK: It was me.
She needs to join the step team or something, because
ballet is not for her.
Yeah, the Candy Apples did this clown number that was
really weird.
SCOTT HOYING: It was like this Tim Burton like--
TODRICK: Kind of Cirque de Soleil, but not.
But one girl couldn't even do it.
And she fell.
And like or--
SCOTT HOYING: She hurt her ankle.
TODRICK: She hurt her ankle, and she left.
But no one cared--
We were like, who is she?
SCOTT HOYING: I mean, all she did was hurt her ankle, and
they brought her out on like a stretcher--
TODRICK: On a stretcher.
SCOTT HOYING: Like she just died or something.
TODRICK: Like she just come out a third degree burn, like
a house that was blowing down.
I was like, she just twisted her ankle.
Like put some ice, and some frozen peas on that.
They didn't win this week, but they still came out on top of
Candy Apples.
So Abby Lee was happy with it.
And next week should be just as interesting.
Hit it DJ.
SCOTT HOYING: One, two, three, oh four,
TODRICK: Thanks for watching Dance Moms.
I'm Todrick.
SCOTT HOYING: And I'm Scott.
ALL: And you're watching FYI.

TODRICK: Too much.
TODRICK: Too much.
As you were.