Check out process for textbooks at EIU

Uploaded by IAMEIU on 17.08.2010

♪ [music plays throughout] ♪♪.
(female voiceover). In order to speed up the
check out process, it's a good idea to print your book list
before you come, then proceed directly to the textbook
storage area when you arrive.
To print your book list, log in to PAWS, click on the
"Student" link, then click "Textbook Rental," and your
textbook list will appear.
If you do not have your textbook list printed out, proceed to
one of two printer kiosks.
Swipe your Panther card and hit print or enter your E-Number on
the touch screen key pad, hit print on the key pad, and then
hit print in the print box.
Take your list from the printer and proceed to the
textbook storage area.
There will be staff members throughout the building to
assist if needed.
Textbooks are arranged numerically.
You'll need to look for the textbook reference numbers
on your list.
All textbooks being issued for the current semester
will be identified with a large blue tag with the
textbook reference number.
In addition, there will be a downward arrow pointing to
the shelf where the textbook is stored.
Once you've found all your textbooks, proceed to one of
the eight stations at the check in-check out counter.
Hit "Start" on the touch screen, then swipe your Panther card
or enter your E-Number.
Hit "Check Out" on the touch screen, then place your
textbooks on the reader.
For best results, place only a few at a time.
As the textbooks are being checked out, the textbook
information will appear on the screen.
At the top right of the screen, you will see the number of
textbooks that have been successfully checked out.
Once the information has turned green for all textbooks, hit
"continue" on the touch screen and a receipt will print.
Alright, that's it.
You can take your receipt and your books and be on your way.