RAGE CARTOON #21 (German - English subtitles) - Rage Comic Compilation

Uploaded by TrollwutTV on 14.09.2012

Hey a radioactive spider!
Ouch, the spider bit me!
I wonder what kind of superpowers I will get..
Why do I still hear somebody talking?
Because you have ears?!
Let's continue with "Bear Grylls" - Man vs. Wild
"Especially when it is so hot it is very important for me to drink.."
".. there is a river over there. But unfortunatelly I can't drink from it because of possible predators around"
What else is he gonna drink? His own piss?
You have to go to jail for 2 years
I know..
But the judge told me for everytime I sleep with him, he will remove 1 day!
So.. what did you do?
Shut up and let's go home!
Hey, do you work here?
No! I am just wearing this for fun!
Hey, how about a beer after work?
Sorry, I can't..
Because I hate you!
Yes honey?
Why hasn't daddy got any hair?
Well.. because he thinks a lot honey!
So.. why do you have so much hair?
I can't believe that after all this shit they're still together!
My buttcheeks..
(Find the hidden penis in the cartoon to become the "Dick of the week" + comment where!)
Why is there straw lying around?
Why are you wearing a mask?
Stop distracting from the fact that you didn't clean the room!
(This scene made fun of a famous german porn movie that is all about what happens when you try to put a storyline into a porn movie)