The Diva Wears Prada - Madonna, Cher, Lady Gaga (Devil Wears Prada Parody)

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Working Nine to Five
Miranda who??
Yeah Yeah Yeah
alright everyone, dragon lady's on her way!
I don't understand why it's so difficult to confirm an appointment. Actually ...
I did confirm last night. - Details of your incompetence do NOT interest me.
Who's that? - Human resources sent her up I was just pre-interviewing her for you.
Well clearly i'm going to have to do that myself because the last two you sent me
were completely inadequate so, send her in.
That's all.
Who are you? Stefani Germanotta
So you don't ready Runway? - No
Before today you had never heard of me? - No
and you've no sense of style fashion..... - Well, I think that depends on....
No no, that wasn't a question!
Take a chance, hire the smart fat girl. -That's NOT your line. That's all!
There you are Emily, how many times do I have to scream your name? - Actually it's Stefani
my name is Stefani.
Lady Gaga, but everybody calls me "Mother Monster"
I need ten or fifteen skirts from Calvin Klein - What kind of skirts? Meat? Sirloin?
Please bore someone else with your questions
Get me Guy Oseary!
Get me Gabbana! Get me Gaultier
GET me Malawi - This isn't mine!
Get me more Botox
Where's my red string? Get me some long sleeves.
Do I smell Hydrangeas?
No, I specifically told them. - If I see Hydrangeas anywhere I'll be very
and Emily? - Yes?
that's all.
no I've seen all this before, where are all the other dresses?
I think this one is terrific! - NO!
No, its just baffling to me, why is it so impossible to put together a decent
we're all the belts? why is no one ready?
Here, its a tough call, they're so different!
Something funny? - No it's just that both those belts look the same. But I'm still learning
about this stuff
this "stuff?"
oh, okay you think this has nothing to do with you?
you put on those pointy shoulders for instance because you're trying to tell
the world that your're unique. But what you don't know is that Joan Crawford was wearing
extreme shoulder pad designs in the nineteen forties and inspired a young
Nolan Miller to go into fashion design. In the nineteen eighties he created
huge shoulder pad designs for Joan Collins to wear is DYNASTY. And you're blithely unaware
of the fact that Theirry Mugler showed extreme shoulders in his couture
collections and costume designs for Grace Jones. Her outrageous fashions inspired many
of today's image-makers.
it's sort of comical how you think your fashion choices are unique, when the
designs you're wearing were put together for you
by the Haus of Gaga
from a pile of "stuff" - Why are you so mean to her? You're not in this scene!
I'm the one with the Oscar
I should be in every scene. - So now you're gonna try and get that line into every video?
the Academy Award-winner is talking. - Could somebody please open a window..
it is so hot in here, i can hardly breathe! - I'm hearing this! and I want to hear more of..
this! - What page are you on?
Here's a quarter, go down town and
have a rat gnaw that thing off your face!
What? that's from Uncle Buck
that's all!
this is ridiculous! I can't work with her...
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