The importance of sign language

Uploaded by CBMworldwide on 09.10.2012

An interest in the deaf community in the Gaza Strip was highly emerged with the establishment of Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children in 1992.
Atfaluna, has been working very hard to improve the quality of life of deaf and hard of hearing people in the Gaza Strip and demonstrated that all the services provided for deaf people were effective and efficient,
yet the empowerment of deaf community is not really possible if their language is marginalised or ignored.
My name is Hashem Ghazal. In the past, there was no interest in sign language; but now,
sign language is being taught to hearing people
to facilitate the communication between the deaf and hearing communities.
In this way, we can communicate with hearing people without any need for a sign language interpreter to accompany us.
That is why, sign language should be promoted through training to make it possible for hearing and deaf to communicate with each other.
My name is Abeer Shaghnoubi, I am a deaf teacher and I want to raise the point
that sign language must be taught in schools
as any other language, in order to reduce the isolation of deaf people
and integrate them into their surroundings.
In this regard I want to send my appreciation to CBM and Atfaluna for all their efforts
and the sign language courses implemented throughout the years to the community members,
which facilitated the communication between the deaf and hearing communities.