Hang Out with Beth! - 11/8/12

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BETH: Oh, late night last night.

Hello everyone.
Welcome to My Damn Channel Live.
I'm your host Beth Hoyt, and today's Thursday November 8th.
Today is the day after our big My Damn Channel Live show that
we did the Ace Hotel last night in New York City.
So all of us here in the office today went and we all
are hung over.
It was so fun though.
Thank you to those of you that came out.
Our Twitter winner Marshall Zang was there.
I got to meet him.
He's way cool.
And I know a lot of you could make it because of the
Nor'easter or because you live on a different continent.
And in that case, I've collected some photo
highlights to give you a glimpse of the evening.
That's Jermaine Fowler.
I've never seen him perform live before.
He's so funny.
Check him out.
He was our first--
he was our opening act.
I really am a big fan.
Definitely check out Jermaine Fowler.
Excuse me, I think I just burped up some vodka.
Just kidding.
Um, not really.
This is Trish setting a record.
That's Dan Roman from Record Setter,
whom you may recognize.
Trish in a turkey costume, as she likes to do.
I'm in Megabeth wear.
And we are about to set a record, which I will maybe
show you in a bit.
So that happened.
There's Shannon Coffee of Coffee Chat.
She performed last night.
She's was funny.
She did stand up and she is there doing her best Statue of
Liberty impression, I think.
That's what it's got to be, and she's also holding up that
icon of the Statue of Liberty, which is so--
that picture is just perfect.
It's so good.
She was hilarious.
This is Stuckey and Murray.
These guys are so funny.
They sing comedy songs.
And they're both really cute, and they also invented this
thing called the Fuxedo.
It's a zip-up tuxedo.
And they were like sold out for a year.
I know the last time I talked to them about it,
they were sold out.
It's so-- 'cause it looks like a real tuxedo from the front,
and then the back is a zipper.
It's brilliant.
They're like wedding parties.
They made it as a joke.
And then there were wedding parties that were like
ordering tons of them because it is a smart idea.
And then oh, I'm Dora the Explorer looking very intense
with my bulldog face.
And that is Trish dressed as Mrs. Claus with a black eye.
'Cause we get real.
We get real about comedy and about telling people the truth
about things.
And we are performing there a skit about how
Dora murdered Christmas.
It was so fun.
Here's Kate Berlant.
She looks kind of creepy in this one, like she's putting a
spell on the audience.
She is my favorite female comedian.
She's so funny, and maybe I'm saying that because she put a
spell on me like it looks like she's doing there?
But I liked her before last night.
A lot.
She's so funny.
And oh there's our house band, Walter Schreifels standing up
and Dave Hill just like going to town on the guitar.
He's really talented with the electric guitar.
I could listen to him do it for a very long time.
And we did.
And it was awesome.
They jammed it out like in between each act.
It was really fun to have them there and perform some songs.
Oh, this is a good one of me.
There's Trish taking--
looking like she's going to take a hit in my stomach.
She is Liza Minnelli and I am Dolly Parton.
I'm scared.
And we were doing a diva death match.
No big deal.
We're just fighting to the death.
It's how we do it.
I think those are the photos.
We have a--
we have a Twitter question from Tom Graham.
Tom 075757.
How did last night's show at the Ace go?
As you saw, pretty good.
Any records broken?
Funny you should bring that up because OK, so as I mentioned,
the Record Setter guys Dan Roman and Corey
Henderson were there.
The yellow jackets officiating us breaking some records.
And we did a group record with the whole audience.
It was amazing.
Everyone got up.
The footage will be on recordsetter.com later so
you'll be able to see the experience.
But there's an existing record of a group of people doing a
chain thumb war.
It was only like 10 people and they were all just holding
hands doing thumb war.
We crushed it.
And everyone in the audience got up and made
a huge snaky circle.
And then we thumb warred while they counted all the people.
And I mean we, fucking nailed, we did this--
it was awesome.
Such a group effort, that was amazing.
And everyone got badges, world record badges
to prove our record.
OK, but before that record, Trish and I took on an
existing record.
And I won't give you any spoilers, I'll
just let you watch.
-The most whoopie cushions sat on without smiling or laughing
in 30 seconds.
The current mark is at 22.
Corey, are you ready?
-I am ready.
-Trish and Beth, are you guys ready?
-Audience are you guys ready?
-Here we go.
On your marks, get set, go!

-Ten seconds.
-Sixteen seconds.

I think the last one came outside the 30-second limit.
Now before you announce the total, are we comfortable that
was more of a grimace than a smile?
So we're good that you followed the rules.
So what it's going to come down to is the count.
And we're not counting those.
I mean there were some pops.
We're not gonna count those.
(AUDIENCE MEMBER) You have to count the pops.
-Hold on, Corey.
I take this very seriously.
Remind me what the current mark is.
-The current mark is 22.
And the count here set at My Damn Channel Live
is minus one, 24!
It so feels good.
I really can't believe we broke it after that rough
start, right?
It feels really good, especially after we totally
failed that balloon-popping one we had on our show in the
studio that we did here in the studio.
Hi, words.
Um, so we didn't do that one well, but I can't--
it feels good.
Did it.
In other news, let's chat.
Me and you.
What have you guys been up to?
Have you been sitting around daydreaming about what new
menu items Taco Bell is going to add as
they become more upscale?
Just me?
I've just been doing that all day.
Have you been watching the Les Mis trailer
over and over on repeat?
Just me.
We've got a comment.
This is this from mrc316.
The hangover hangout.
Someone get Beth a Bloody Mary.
Yeah, Nate.
Nate's now learning he should always have a
Bloody Mary on hand.
This is-- but it's not--
Nate needs a Bloody Mary too.
Like, we all-- you're not hung over.

Thought you were.
I've been speaking for everybody.
Well a lot of people here are.
It's not just me.
We've got another comment.
This is from ChristiFarmer.
Never watched this live before.
Very cool!
Yeah, right?
We think so.
Anything can happen.
I still have vodka in my system.
Who knows.
All right, here's-- it's not like it's any different to
have me drinking on the show, 'cause that--
it's a rare occasion that isn't happening.
I'm not an alcoholic.
Here's another comment.
Are you excited to see Les Mis?
I am.
Can you believe they're singing all the songs live in
the film and not pre-recorded?
I know.
I think it's a good move.
We were just talking about that.
I think it makes it real.
It's already Hollywood-y enough.
It's cool to have it like--
they'll have, like, real emotions in that.
I think that's very cool.
And I'm so excited I don't know what to do about myself.
I don't know how to wait until that movie comes out.
How do--
you know what we can do?
OK so one of my new favorites, chloereidishere.
You got it?
So thank you for that comment, chloereid.
She wrote an amazing song for me.
It's called "The Beth Song." It's called "Beth's Song." And
like, I love it so much that that also-- and she tweeted at
me and said here's how you can get over your sadness about
Les Mis, and then gave me the song, which is how I got over
my Les Mis sadness hour.
Here's some of "Beth's Song" by chloereidishere.
-This is possibly the best song I've ever written.

The other day my comment was featured on My Damn Channel
Live on Monday I think.
Yes, on Monday.
And I asked Beth--
because I've written songs for Grace and Shannon and they
loved them-- if she would like it if I wrote a song for her.
And she was what seemed ecstatic.
So here it is.
I hope you like it.
I'm using a ukulele because I thought that you might
appreciate that, Beth, because you seem like a
ukulele kind of girl.
Don't know what kind of girl a ukulele girl is.
But here goes.
-It's not the [INAUDIBLE] show.

Since when?

Thank you so much.
Now check out her channel.
She's very sweet and very talented.
Her channel on Twitter and YouTube is--
I'm not--
I'm trying to honor you, Chloe, not make us both--

I don't really know how to play this at all.
It's chloereidishere.

Let's get back into your comments.
We have one.
Its from Speed Racer.
Nate looks like a character from Party Down.
It's very vague.
Let's see.
What do you guys think?
I don't-- like he looks like Adam Scott?
Or just like in general he looks like a caterer?
NATE: Like a disgruntled caterer?
BETH: Yeah.
That's apt.
NATE: Yeah.
BETH: Yeah.
Like an LA person who's like let themselves go.
NATE: It's not on purpose.
BETH: I know.
He's doing a mission.
He's on a challenge.
"No-Shave November" is what's happening here.
NATE: Yeah, and this is just because of the
headset coming off.
It's not like I do this all the time.
BETH: I didn't notice that.
What do you mean this?
NATE: I meant like, the hair.
I look dishevelled right now.
BETH: Oh, I don't think so.

That's how Nate gets to and from
everywhere, just so you know.
Did you know that about Nate?
He's a hopper.
Yup, it's true.
Do you think Taco Bell should deliver?
That's a terrible idea.
Terrible idea.
Go outside and take a walk right now just
for suggesting that.
That's the worst.
What more do we--
That would have been--
I would have appreciated that last night.
I realize that I ate a Twix in between all my vodkas, and
that was maybe why I got so drunk so quick.
A mini Twix.
Not a--
Anyway, here's another comment.
This is from Lindsay Blake.
Do you miss Grace yet?
Yes, I do.
But I've been watching all of her blogs.
I mean, like, it's still-- you can still watch Julie Grace.
It's like you do get a piece of Grace every day, but I do
miss her presence in the studio on Tuesdays.
She'll be back.
She'll be back soon.
And we will have a shot together.
Can't think about that yet.
Can't think about that yet.
OK, here's another comment.
This is from Lauren Michelle.
You may have never--
you may have never watched this live, but I've never
watched this show.
It's my first day, and I'm happy.
I'm so glad you're happy.
I am glad you're watching.
Welcome to the live My Damn Channel Live.
It's interesting, right?
But isn't that cool?
Send me questions, and keep coming back, and let's keep
talking, and tell me more things about
you and I'm not creepy.
I won a record.
Here's another comment from AndThenThereWereCats.
Beth, what's your take on onesie pj's?
I think they're great to wear to parties.
I think they're like a fun thing, practically speaking.
I will often like, wear socks to bed if I'm--
'cause I'm freezing.
My room is really cold.
And I'll wear socks to bed.
In the middle of the night I wake up like in a--
like I'm about to die because it gets so
hot wearing the socks.
And I have to be able to take them off immediately
or else burn up.
So the idea wearing a onesie, I would probably
like faint in my bed.
I'd like wake up and be like, it's hot.
And you can't get it off.
Like you can't just take your socks off.
I would be, it would be a nightmare.
And then I'd like freak myself out, and
then I'd be wide awake.
And then I'd take off that onesie, and then I'd like--
No we're not--
That's not what I meant to say, but basically you need to
be able to just--
and be wearing another onesie underneath that onesie.
But that onesie on top would be too warm.
I don't like that.
Can you sleep in those?
However, if someone is wearing, like, an animal print
onesie, or like an animal-type one, just
hanging out, that's fun.
I support that.
Next comment.
Yes, please.
Are you married?
That's a no.
That's a negs.
That's a negative.
That's a nope.
That's not--
That's, uh.
I do wear rings, though, on my ring finger.
I don't even know.
I always forget which one is the right one.
And sometimes I have auditions for--
Nate knows.
It's this one.
But this is my-- no, I thought it was the right hand.
This is how not married I am.
But I always wear rings on that finger just 'cause it
like, fits that finger, and then you know it's a good way
to fend off guys if you're looking for that.
But also I have to wear them sometimes for auditions for a
married person, and then I don't know which
one to put it on.
And that's why don't book those roles.
Next comment.
Hi Beth.
Question, which Smurf was your fav?
I like Clumsy.
And I also like--
I don't know if I like or just really remember Vanity.
The one with the flower.
It really sticks out my mind of like enjoying episodes that
included Vanity.
Because it doesn't seem to fit-- it's like they made this
show with all these like, Happy, Fun, like dwarf-like
Sneezy, Dopey, Clumsy Smurfs.
And then there's Vanity.
Which I think was like, maybe if Mindy Kaling like, happened
to be writing for Smurfs, just like snuck that one in there
and they let it pass.
So yeah, I think Clumsy and Vanity.
That's pretty accurate for me too.

OK you guys.
Did you see my energy drop?
I took one of those Emergen-C's before the show,
and I was, like, pull it together, Beth.
And I think it just, like--
it just like I had--
I rose and hit my peak and then I think maybe when I was
playing this and then I just plummeted.
And that is our show.
Thank goodness.
Thank you for watching.
Thanks all the news people-- all the new people for joining
and watching.
I hope you enjoyed it and come back and subscribe.
I will see you tomorrow.
I will be--
I'll be better.
And I'll see you and I'll have the "Beth of the Week" then.
OK, goodbye, my favorites.