How to Make a Pop Up Book using Elmer's Glue Sticks

Uploaded by ElmersBrands on 17.03.2010

Take a look at the this wonderful pop up diarama what a fun way to display a
project. You can put this in a card or into an older book
that supplies that we're going to use today are colored pencils
three different colors of cardstock: a blue,
a tan, and a white
and we need an old book that you can get at maybe a flea market or something
like that
we'll also need
glue stick tacky glue a pencil and a pair of scissors
if you go online you will find our patterns and the first step would be to
copy those patterns onto a slightly heavier paper and i've just used an old
manila folder
made a little bit heavier pattern
and then i've copied each one of those onto my cardstock
and so you can see that this was cut ivory paper so i found it on to the cardstock
that matches after you've cut out all your pieces you can go ahead and
start coloring them
and of course this is the fun part
you can see that most of my pieces are colored right here and i wanted to show
you a really fun technique on the whale
called blending
so I've already put down my blue colors and the harder i press the more vibrant
the color is because these are such as soft leaded pencil i can also go ahead
now and take my white
crayon and i can blend the colors of the blues together
the pencils work really beautifully in this blending technique and not only can you
use white but you could use another color blue to blend with as well
I'm going to go ahead and blend a little bit more over here
i've also use the textured paper and so the textured paper also adds another
dimension to the design and makes it turn out very interesting
the next step is to make your popup element of your diarama and again i've
traced the pattern onto a blue piece of paper
you can see this one right where all of my lines are
after you've traced it
the solid lines indicate where you need to cut
you see those are cuts
and then the dotted lines are where you fold so after you've cut everything
else open it up
and very carefully fold the matching pieces and push them out
and what that is going to do is give you little tiny stairs that
you'll glue each of your diagrams on too
after their all popped up and brought forward
just give them a little bend and crease to make the pop-ups very sturdy we take our
old book
and we glue this inside of the book
go ahead and we'll use some of our
glue stick
and you'll want to make sure that you line up the corners and the crease
above the pop-up element
with the crease in the book so that you can close the book all the way when
you're done
and again this would look really great in a card as well
the next step is to glue all of the pop-up elements into place so this is
the kind of little tide pool that goes to the front
we'll glue that into place
and then we have our waves along the back
and each of those glue onto one of the little stairs that we've created
you can lay a
flap to press it into place and then when you pop it back up again it'll
shoot up
course we have the whale
and the whale is going to go on to this little extender
and the extender is going to help it popup above
the waves
I'll glue the extender in half to make it a little stronger
glue it onto the whale
and then glue it on to the stair
so he's gonna go right in the middle
press it against the little pop-up piece
and we'll press the whale into place on the little tab now as you're doing this
at home you're going to want to take your time and make sure that you allow
everything to dry each of the pieces goes on its individual tab so that when it
pops up they all separate let's go over to the finished piece and i can show you
what i mean if I turn this completely sideways
this front piece is separate from this little pop-up
and from the whale and from each of the waves in the background
that's what your finished popup diarama will look like