Potatoes 101

Uploaded by PotatoGoodness on 18.08.2009

So you might have noticed that the potato display in your grocery store has changed
a lot over the years. It used to be all you could find was russet potatoes, the perfect
baking potato but now you see bags of potatoes loose potatoes all different shapes sizes
and colors. How do you know what to buy? There’s only one thing you need to remember: don’t
buy a potato that has a greenish color to it.
Everybody knows about russet potatoes and you’re probably familiar with white potatoes,
red potatoes and buttery Yukon gold potatoes, then we have fingerling potatoes and beautiful
purple potatoes. These are all great just zapped in the microwave for a really quick
side dish. Now once we get them home how do we store them? Don’t put them in the refrigerator.
It’s so easy. A brown paper bag is all you need and then don’t store them with things
like onions and garlic. It doesn’t matter what kind of potato you
buy they’re all really nutritious. Did you know that one medium potato has only 110 calories,
no fat no cholesterol, no sodium, has half of the vitamin c you need in a day and more
potassium than a banana! So why wouldn’t you want to be eating potatoes every day.