Win Grace's Pajamas

Uploaded by MyDamnChannel on 01.05.2008


Do these pajamas look familiar to you?
They are the authentic costume of Grace,
from Bedtime Stories.
You notice all of the wrinkles on the arms, and the front?
They've been folded and on my shelf since the filming of
Bedtime Stories.
Man, they are wrinkled.
If you purchase them, I promise I will iron them.
This is how dedicated I am.
If you go to, and you search for Bedtime
Stories, pajamas--
pajamas, pajamas, tomato, tomato.
These pajamas are a lady's small, are flannel--
well, they recommend that you wash these
prior to wearing them.
Heh, something that I didn't do.
Decor of moons and suns.
Very flattering to any shape or form.
The eBay auction is starting today, and will continue for
the next week.
So make sure that if you want these pajamas--
now worn only twice, by myself, and no one else--
to bid on them.
Excuse me.
Nothing worse than that burp has happened in these pajamas.
They come in two pieces, a top and a bottom.
Therefore, you can wear them separately.
You can wear the top with a pair of jeans out to a club.
The possibilities are endless.
Moons are fairly unisexual.
These are the ultimate purchase for
anyone who wears clothes.
Never go out of style, being that the moon will be around
forever, as long as we know.
Get them while they're hot, metaphorically speaking.
They're relatively cool temperature, so.
Get them while they're here.
I'm excited to see if anyone bids on them-- anyone at all
wants some used pajamas.