Add Excel charts to reports based on QlikView data

Uploaded by NPrinting on 30.11.2011

In NPrinting Excel reports can not only contain data from your QlikView
document but also any type of Excel object you can create which are then
generated using that data. In this tutorial you'll learn how to insert an
Excel graph into an Excel report generated from QlikView data.
You could do this by creating a new Excel report and a new template but what
we're going to do is take an existing Excel report and clone it.
We'll then modify the template and save it with a new name so that it doesn't
overwrite the template used by the original report.
The first thing we need to do is to insert an Excel chart
into our report,
so we'll select the type of chart we want
and click on it. Now we'll select the data we want to use in our chart by clicking
here and adding a series.
We'll take the series name which will be total sales in this case
and the values
which will be the total sales field and the cell immediately below the total sales
Now we'll edit the axis labels
which will be the product field and the cell immediately below the product
Now click on okay
and we'll position the chart on another worksheet
by deleting it,
and copying it.
Then we'll modify the size of the chart
so that it fills as much of the worksheet as we want.
We'll go back to the original work sheet,
save the template with a new name,
then we can close our template
and when we preview the template
our QlikView data populates the first week just like in our original report
and an Excel chart which is generated from that data populates the second