Woman of the Lake / 女のみづうみ (Full movie with English subtitles)

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What are you thinking of?
You look like someone who believes in something.
Do not worry...
I think of you.
I don't believe you.
I am sure that you think of something else.
My face... How is my face?
In the street, women often look back on me.
That is because you are beautiful.
That is also what I thought before. But not now anymore.
My face...
has something unbearable for a woman.
The face of a woman
that passes without scruple her days at the hotel.
We have no more time left.
Time, time...
You always say that before you run away.
Would you leave me a souvenir?
Out of this hotel, there's nothing left between us.
I have my camera with me.
If that reassures you...
Production: Keinosuke KUBO
Based on The Lake By Yasunari KAWABATA
Screenplay: Toshirô ISHIDÔ
Image: Tatsuo SUZUKI
Light: Yoshio UNNO Sets: Itsurô HIRATA
Sound: Ichiro KATÔ Music: Sei IKENO
Editing: Sachiko SHIMIZU
Mariko OKADA
Sakae UMEZU Yukio TADA
Shinsuke ASHIDA
A film by Kijû YOSHIDA
You have not yet taken one...
I just receive them from the lab of a friend.
I will develop them myself.
Who are you going to ask? It's your body...
And because this is my body I want to see them first.
So you do not trust me...
We will separate sooner or later.
I do not want to do anything I can regret.
If only for once,
I would like to wake up with you, quietly,
in a bed, in the morning light...
Didn't I stay late enough? Don't torture me.
I already do everything I can!
Now begins a long night of boredom.
Do you understand?
- I'm going. - I'm not coming with you.
It's better like that, isn't it, lady?
You know very well why. Stop your whims.
Wait a moment, he arrives.
I have a meeting tonight to decide the measures to take
against Tôto Dentetsu. Do not expect me tonight.
Mr. Kitano is here for the room.
- Let him in. - Yes.
What happens? So early in the morning...
They took the negatives.
A man followed me the other day.
- Who? - A satyr, no doubt.
How did he know your name?
I threw my purse in his face.
There was money in it,
and a cash book with my name.
Did you go to the police?
The negatives were in the bag!
He wants money?
He says he just wants to meet me.
Lady? A call for you!
- Well! - Don't go see that man.
You understand what that would mean...
At each moment, someone can see my body.
Who knows, maybe even Mizuki.
Your husband?
Maybe he found out about us.
Maybe he asked someone to follow me.
Mizuki... There is something cold in this man.
It is a good opportunity: Divorce,
and marry me.
You're serious?
I have a child, you know.
What a cowardice!
Yûichi is only a pretext:
You never had the intention to marry me.
It's true...
You find me cruel?
You're impossible!
You enjoy to make me suffer...
I'm jealous.
Jealous of your husband. Of this man...
- This man who has stolen your photos. - Stop!
I don't want think about it!
It's him!
He knows about us.
He observes us.
I hear you.
What do you want from me?
After tomorrow, the express train from 16:28 from Ueno.
Take a ticket to Katayamazu.
Be alone.
If you don't show up...
I will send the film to the office of your husband.
Of course if:
He is the commercial director of big department stores in Tokyo.
Who was it?
A friend.
On an hour like this... it is not reasonable.
I find you weird lately.
What do you mean, weird?
A perfect wife is like air.
Nobody remarks her,
yet we can not live without her.
You, you are no longer air.
In that case...
I wonder what could be a "perfect husband".
I try to ensure that you do not lack anything.
But that does not seem enough for you...
I knew you would say that.
There is nothing to be so nervous.
What did you tell your husband?
That I went to a girlfriend from high school.
That's all.
This man is perhaps here in this station...
Have you ever thought about what I feel
going to meet this man?
I prepared some money, 200000.
What are you talking about? His purpose is clear.
All this... we do not have to talk about it.
You really want to go there?
I am against!
Take my hand.
The hand of a woman
that apart from my husband, you're still the only one to know.
He is perhaps taking pictures of us right now.
I am not the only one, obviously.
You would also be embarrassed if our relationship came to be known.
Is not it, Mr. Kitano?
Lady... What do you think of me?
We only see each other 2or 3times per month:
You're not a man to be happy with such a pure relationship.
Are you telling me now that this is the last time?
I do not agree.
Whatever happens to me,
you will have nothing more than a report.
Trains are delayed on the Tôhoku and Takasaki lines.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
- Were you there? - A week without news,
this is what you call a lover?
I had a lot of work. Nothing more.
Surely you look very busy.
I went to see dad at the office.
Mr. And Mrs. Mizuki...
They often change the organization of the rooms, it seems.
Interior decorating, what a lovely job.
Are you finished? I forbid you to involve in my work.
Even after our wedding!
You could change the sheets from time to time.
A man smells extremely!
Notice to all travelers.
Because of the derailment of a train on the line Kitagata,
the passengers of the train
to Katayamazu Onsen please wait
in the waiting room until the traffic is restored.
- It is annoying, not? - No.
Apparently, they do not know when we can go.
You seem to be alone...
I guess it's not much fun.
How far are you going?
To Katayamazu.
I am going there too.
It is a pleasant place. The bay is very beautiful.
Is it you who called me?
Come with me: Not far from this station,
20or 30minutes by car
there is a very pleasant thermal station.
The place is much more enjoyable to wait.
Ms. Miyako Mizuki from Tokyo
is requested to report to the office of the station master.
Ms. Miyako Mizuki from Tokyo is requested to go to
the office of the station master where a visitor is waiting.
Sorry, I'm Ms. Mizuki, you just called me.
Ah, Miyako Mizuki?
- Where is the other person? - She was there a moment ago.
- Is it a man? - Yes.
Curious... Wait,
- I will place an ad. - Allright!
Are you sure?
- Good. Would you wait here? - Thank you.
Excuse me... Can I ask you a favor?
Can I phone to Tokyo?
Of course! What number?
Tokyo 403-6501.
We are in line with Tokyo.
- You can talk. - Thank you!
Hello? Honey?
It's Miyako.
A train derailed, we are blocked at Komatsu.
Yes, at the train station.
Everything is fine.
Is Yûichi already asleep?
Thank you.
Hello? Ah, Yûchan? Mom...
That's... Ah... You're a good boy...
Be wise, Mom returns as quickly as possible.
Well, good night!
With this accident, I could get to you faster than expected.
And the other... is he there?
Why did you come?
I did not want to lose you.
I no longer fear anything.
Mizuki may well see these photos.
I do not care what can happens now, since you're here.
That's why I came.
We will finally be able to travel alone both.
I won't let you leave alone anymore.
We apologize for the inconvenience
the line Kitagata is in use again,
passengers are invited to go as soon as possible to the dock No. 3.
We apologize for the inconvenience
the repair work is now complete,
the train to Katayamazu Onsen
will depart shortly.
Travelers are asked to take a seat as soon as possible.
Please... I would like to develop this.
I would like to develop it!
But these are naked pictures!
Not bad, this woman.
When will it be ready?
I will do it tonight, come fetch them tomorrow morning.
I want ten in format 25x 30.
Sir... you've taken them where?
I can not tell you.
She does not look like a pro, huh...
It can not be your wife, not?
Why not...
Hey, say... Me too, in the back room,
I have a nude studio for the clients of the thermal station.
The meeting at noon has just begun.
Hm? If you like, you can go have fun.
There is a girl at least as pretty as her, very young and firm.
I will come tonight.
Sir, don't misunderstand: We only deal with artistic photos here.
We do not assure other services...
Above all, be sure not to damage the negatives.
I know.
It is you, not?
It surely you who follows us everywhere.
What are you talking about?
Why did you hide when you saw me?
It is useless to play the innocent.
- You want to provoke me? - No.
In fact, I would like to talk to you...
about various things...
How much do you want?
You're after money, not?
I understand absolutely nothing of what you are saying.
Listen to me:
For you, this may be just a game
but for us, these negative are very important.
They can destroy the family of this woman.
And even if
you did not want to make profit out of it,
the money is ready.
Tell me your price.
I can also deliver you to the police
for theft.
May I remind you that everyone
would learn about you and this woman?
If it is the same for you, go to the police.
Are you bluffing?
- Come here with a married woman... - Because of you!
You look like you're having fun.
You are a bastard...
a coward!
I do not need you to find that out.
If you want to pay, you can as well take all the pictures.
What do you think?
Why do you run away?
I was afraid.
What an idiot! You tremble...
When I woke up, you were gone.
I was afraid, I thought you were gone...
Without you, I am not going anywhere.
What an anguish!
I met him.
- Where? - He was handing over
the negatives to be developed.
You've talked to him?
He told you what he wanted?
What kind of man?
A banal type...
A kind of perverse.
Let's go back to Tokyo tomorrow!
I will talk to Mizuki, I will tell her about you and me.
I have decided... since you joined me.
Unless it does bother you...
I won't leave you anymore, Madam!
In total, it's 2500yen.
I was reassured seeing all this...
Sir! Your money!
You come back whenever you want!
It's her, not?
Stop! What do you want to do?!
You are the wife of Mr. Mizuki, right?
You are as I imagined.
And what kind of woman did you imagine?
- A beautiful woman. - What do you do here?
What a hospitality! I came to see you, of course.
Mr. Kitano, maybe we should book her a room?
If I do not bother you, I can install myself in your room.
Ah? Well, please, go ahead...
Honey? Can you give me a towel?
- They are inside. - Really?
You can leave this serious air.
For my part, I have no intention anymore to marry her.
She however continues to have confidence in you.
Honey? I can not to close the valve.
I wonder if it is not broken...
Kiss me.
Do you want something?
I... have something to ask you.
What is it?
Yesterday, a man came to see you for photos...
I would like to ask you a few questions...
What kind of pictures?
The pictures of a naked woman.
- Ah, those... - You have them?
He came to pick them up this morning.
- The negatives as well? - Of course!
No! Is it you?
It is useless to hide,
I already saw them.
Amateurs should not take pictures like that...
It can ruin someone...
Wait a moment, I have something to show you!
Please, enter.
I buy them. Tell me your prize.
No haste, let's first talk quietly.
Me, as you see,
I'm also practicing nude photography.
The customers of the thermal station,
they would be delighted to have photos like that.
Last night I took several of them...
Each of them could bring me a lot of money.
I have 200.000yen with me.
I travel, I can not collect more!
- Ask at home! - It is impossible!
Is it because your husband does not know about it?
So you do not want me to take pictures of you?
Here, for example... Your poses are very daring...
This sum will be enough, I suppose?
Just because I sympathize...
- Everything is there, not? - Yeah.
It's expensive, love affairs. Not, Madam?
Yes, that's right.
Give it to me.
That's me.
We have seen each other from afar, this morning, on the dune.
I want to meet you in real this time.
I hope to leave from here tomorrow.
I would like to set the record straight with you.
I will be there, without fail.
It's him, not?
Are you still there?
I am always in the same room.
I was worried about you.
I was afraid that out of resentment you would do foolish things.
It is you, is not it?
Your voice is much softer than on the phone.
You do not want to sit?
I think we met before.
For me, this is the first time.
You're right.
Yet I know your face.
- You've seen the pictures. - Yes.
No. In fact, I know you for much longer.
We met somewhere?
You can not know.
You often went to the hotel, the two of you.
Just next door, there are rooms of a school.
I have often seen the window of the class.
You are a teacher?
Yes, indeed.
Finally, I do not know if we can really say that.
The other night, you made me so scared!
- Why follow me? - Because you ran away!
- But you followed me! - I did not.
Let's say you attracted me.
You thought I was an easy woman...
I wanted to meet you
to talk with you.
Especially since I saw those pictures.
Can you hand them back?
If I did,
the link I made with you would be broken.
I resigned myself to it.
Resigned? What do you mean?
Isn't it enough like this? Do I really have to tell you?
Are you kidding me? I go back!
Your hands are cold.
- Stop! - Madam! It's okay!
Stop worrying about this guy!
You don't hate him?
If we have suffered so much, it is because of this guy!
But what do you want me to do? What do you want me to do?
I return to Tokyo by train at noon.
- Really? - And you?
Me? I'll stay here another two or three days.
Where do you go?
I thought doing a trip to the course.
You are angry, not... for yesterday?
I would perhaps better follow you, who knows?
- You're not going back? - I've changed my mind.
Madam! Where do you go?
Who was that with this man?
It was his lover.
He had a lover?
You try to tell me that I am an idiot...
You do not want to return to Tokyo?
And if you remove these glasses?
Nobody knows you here, apart from me.
We're finally alone together.
What a shame that you hide your face.
You are cruel.
What do you hope for in bringing me here?
I did not force you.
You want my body, not?
Why not say it once and for all?
You hate me, don't you?
I see it in your eyes.
You want to push me from the top of the cliff...
If I was gone,
you could return to your comfortable little family.
If I had the courage, it is what I would do.
I think...
I was in love with the woman you were on the pictures.
A woman who does not exist in reality.
I know very well what you try to tell me.
You want me to love you.
It's impossible.
Even if I spent the night with you,
you could not make me love you!
And this man?
You love him?
You know that girl?
She's a nude studio model.
You visit such places?
I visited one after handing over the negatives.
That store? I went there too.
It was horrible.
The skipper
drew several copies of the pictures and tries to blackmail me.
What does he want?
The same as you, without doubt.
It looks like it will start.
You want to see, not?
No! No! No!
Don't make noise.
Someone is coming.
We should not move.
When did you arrive here?
With the night train.
Kitano called me.
They have already taken the train to Tokyo.
Well, then...
I guess I have nothing more to say.
Your explanation wouldn't be of any use anymore now.
What became of the other man?
It's settled. Definitely.
The pictures?
I burned them.
There is still some time before the next train.
Go prepare your luggage.
Your plans have unfortunately failed.
I am here before you.
You may have destroyed the pictures,
but I'm still alive. And I know all of you!
I did not intend to kill you.
At that moment, I had no hatred to you.
So why did you push me off this cliff?
You find me monstrous?