Wacky News of the Week August 24, 2012

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{\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\sb100\sa100\f0\fs24 In Modimolle, South Africa, a male hippopotamus
who had been driven out of his herd by other male members seeking dominance. \par
The hippo wandered into the eight foot deep swimming pool at the Monate Conservation game
lodge. He could get out of the pool, because there are no step in it. The locales named
him Solly and were rooting for the hippo to make it. \par
Solly was in the pool for three day while waiting for a vet. A rescue team was standing
by with a crain to lift him out when the vet did arrived. But Solly died before the vet
got there. \par The vet said he died due to the earlier stress
from fighting with the other male hippos and the stress of trying to get out of the pool.
\par ____________________________________________________________
\par Twenty-five-year-old former wedding planner,
Amanda Volf, always said she wanted a unique wedding. Well, she got one. \par
She and her bridegroom, Grant Engler, strapped on a couple of $90,000 jet packs and hovered
above the water at Newport Beach, California. She was dressed in white board shorts and
a rash-guard shirt and he wore a wet suit. \par
The crowd cheered and a kayaker capsized during the couple's first dance over water. \par
_____________________________________________________________ \par
For you golfers out there, if you play in a tournament that pays up if you make a hole-in-one,
just make sure Kevin Kolenda of Norwalk, Conn. is not the person insuring the purse. \par
This week he reneged on paying several golfers who made the aces in a Settle, Wash. tournament
and has since been charged with five felony counts of selling insurance without a license.
And this is not the only time he's done this. Just last month in Montana he pulled the same
stunt. \par _______________________________________________________
\par In Mashpee, Mass., 23-year-old William Kophammer
was caught by a police dog carrying a backpack that was filled with coins, jewelry, iPods
and a bunch of other items that he allegedly stole from several Cape Cod homes and cars.
\par He was wanted on two warrants and now has
been charged with breaking and entering at night and resisting arrest. \par
After the police charged him, he kept complaining of back pain and was taken to the hospital.
Now I don't know if Kophammer is not very strong or he just stole to much stuff. \par
______________________________________________________ \par
It wasn't mad cow disease that disrupted Billings, Mont. this week, but it was a mad cow. A 1,200
pound black Angus cow to be exact. She was being unloaded at the Public Auction Yards
when she broke away for a two romp through town. \par
She terrified pedestrians, tipped over bicyclist and injured gravel truck driver Morgan Logan
who saw the police chasing the cow and decided to help. \par
Logan said he'd been around livestock most of his life and thought it was pretty funny
seeing cops chasing a cow down the street. But he stopped laughing when the bovine charged
at him from under a tree and sent him flying into the air. \par
Logan said, "I had no fence to climb - she caught me right in the open." He wound up
with broken bones in his lower leg and had a few sore ribs. \par
Jeramie Burg was leaving the library when he saw the cow and said, "The way the cow
was snarling and scuffing, at first I thought it was a bull without horns. It was total
chaos." \par That chaos ended when a police sniper was
able to get a clear shot and killed the mad cow with a single bullet to the heart. It's
carcass was hauled off to the city landfill. What a waste of hamburger. \par
______________________________________________________________________ \par
Then in South Ayrshire, Scotland, a bull got his head caught in a round bucket, broke though
a fence and was wandering blindly on a busy road. \par
Traffic was blocked for about 45 minutes as police tried to get control of the animal.
It wasn't until the farmer was called to the scene that the bucket was able to be pulled
off the angry bull's head. \par ________________________________________________________
\par Thirty-one-year-old Jennifer Brown took some
bed clothes, an alarm clock, coffee pot, basket and a hair dryer worth a total of $206, from
the Holiday Inn in Big Beaver, Pa. \par When police found Brown and the stolen items
in a room in another hotel nearby, she told them that her twin stole the stuff and had
just returned them. \par Her relatives let her down by confirming to
the police that she doesn't have a twin. Brown has been charged with false reports and theft.
\par ____________________________________________________________
\par The next time you go through the drive-thru,
grab your bag of goodies and put it in your lap to have a quick bite, just remember what
happened to 18-year-old Tia Grover, of Westfield, Mass. \par
Grover was reaching into her McDonald's bag at about 12:30 in the morning went she ran
through a flashing red light. A second later she was struck by a state trooper's cruiser
who had a flashing yellow light. \par Grover says she doesn't remember how the accident
happened, but she has been cited for failure to yield to a traffic signal, failure to wear
a seat belt, and impeded operation of a motor vehicle for having food in her lap. \par
___________________________________________________ \par
If you are going to be a good Samaritian, make sure you help the right person. \par
While driving down the street in Plainfield, N.J., two guys see what they thought was some
dude assaulting a woman. Turns out the woman had robbed the man of $400 and a gold chain.
\par She ran off when the motorists intervened
and now police are using videotape images to try and identify her. \par
_____________________________________________________ \par
Seventy-two-year-old Harriet Sweger, of McKees Rocks, Pa., had a really bad day this week.
She had her checkbook stolen by a woman who bumped into her at a grocery store. \par
And while heading to the police station, she stopped and asked a man for directions. The
man reached in her car and grabbed her purse. The police do have a suspect in the purse
snatching. \par ___________________________________________________________________
\par Was it 18-year-old Christopher Thomas or 18-year-old
Tayshawn Wilson who stole a car in Canonsburg, Pa., and who almost hit three people when
being chased by the police? \par Let's start at the beginning. On August 11th,
Thomas stole the car. Then on August 15th he was arrested and put in jail for robbing
a pizza delivery driver in Washington, Pa. But when he was arrested for the pizza robbery
he gave his name as Wilson. \par It was an anonymous tip that clued the Canonsburg
police in that Thomas was in the Washington County jail under the name of Wilson. \par
________________________________________________________________ \par
The Port Chester-Rye Brook Public Library located in Rye Brook, N.Y., maybe getting
a new form of reading material...toilet paper. \par
Two brothers, Bryan and Jordan Silverman, created the concept of printed ads, some having
coupon codes that can be read by cellphones, on toilet paper. \par
Twenty-two-year-old Jordan came up with the idea in 2010, but his 18 -year old brother
Bryan wasn't too sure of the idea until he realized that it was advertising to "a really
captive audience." \par The two have entered their concept in a contest
run by Entrepreneur magazine. \par _________________________________________________
\par In Nepal, 55-year-old Mohamed Salmo Miya was
bitten by a cobra while in his rice paddy. This made Salmo mad, so, he chased the cobra
down and bit it to death. \par He said, "I could have killed it with a stick
but bit it with my teeth instead because I was angry." \par
Salmo was not in danger of dying and was treated at a village health post. Police said he would
not be charged with killing the snake because it is known as the Common Cobra and is not
an endangered species in Nepal. \par ______________________________________________________
\par In southern Indiana, state troopers have cut
down more than 100 marijuana plants. They say the plants are easy to spot from the air
due to the drought this year. \par Talking about the resilient green marijuana
plants, Sgt. Jerry Goodin said they stick out like a sore thumb among the browning forests
and corn fields. \par Trooper Mike Bennett pointed out that marijuana
can flourish in harsh conditions and said, "It's not called weed for nothing." \par
_______________________________________________________ \par
Speaking of marijuana...in France a rehabilitation scheme of jail inmates growing their own produce
seemed like a good idea at the time. \par So did the inmates. Among their vegetables
and flowers, they started growing cannabis. \par
French wardens discovered the plants when they were about 3 feet tall, then everything
went to pot. \par ____________________________________________________________\par
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