Basic Household Cleaning : How to Disinfect Plastic Toys

Uploaded by eHow on 03.01.2009

All of us that have children know that they have their toys and their toys generally come
with germs because obviously the children come with germs. How do we fix that? Well
I'm Cynthia Deer, I'm with Three's Company Too and I'm here to show you how to disinfect
these toys. First thing you want to do is you want to get them clean. Make sure that
there's no dirt on them. So you wash them off with a little sudsy water and then what
I like to do is I like to use the disinfecting wipes. You could use any of these wipes which
are always nice. I love the fact that they're in a nice container like this. And then you
wipe them down with your little wipe here. You then want to rinse it well in clean water.
Dry it so that it's nice and clean for the children, so that they can make it full of
germs again so you can wash it again tomorrow. But the thing is that you can do this on a
bigger level. You can put it in your tub, you can put it in your sink, make some sudsy
water, have your wipes handy and you could do a variety of toys at once which is generally
what I like to do. The ones that the kids are going to be putting in their mouths, like
this is the type that the children like to chew on or you know, throw around, these are
the kinds I like to make sure are nice and clean because these carry a lot of germs.
So you always wan to make sure that they're nice and clean and disinfected, so that they
do not spread those germs. I'm Cynthia Deer. This was how to disinfect your toys and I
hope you have a great day cleaning.