American Potato Salad Recipe : Chop Eggs for Potato Salad

Uploaded by expertvillage on 05.03.2008

Hi! This is Richard Buccola and today on behalf of Expert Village, I am going to show you
how to make some good old fashioned American potato salad. This is where I put my pickles
and the same thing with the celery and the scallion. Good time to go start washing some
stuff. My potatoes are almost ready to come out but as I clean up stuff, what I will do
now is take this bowl. The bowl that it will be prepared in and I will get together our
mayonnaise, our mustard and get our dressing together. So when I come back I am going to
show you how to put our dressing together. I come back over here and I am going to get
my cutting board and my eggs that should be ready now. Basically just sitting in cold
water and take them out. I'm going to show you what we are going to do with these. We
are actually separating the whites, reserving them and chopping just the yolks. All I like
to do here and this is a simple trick. Just crack it and roll it like so and it will come
apart pretty easy. Try not to get no shells in there. Get off all your shell. Simple way
to just get out the yolk is just watch, a simple peel. A simple peel and you can actually
get out that egg yolk keeping the white on the side and the yolk on one side. What you
do then is just give it a mash like this. Little chop and then you are going to add
that to the bowl. When I come back, we will be putting this all together; American potato