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Rantarou, Dad & Mom agree send you to Ninja school
Hope you like it?
For many generations Ninja is our family- Always remember that,
to honor our family
Rantarou, Will you be the best Ninja?
I will
I promise
Take care yourself
Sure! mom!
I got to go
Rantarou, don't forget work hard is success
Rantarou ...we're waiting for you..
I'll be back
Oh!..Wait a second!
- Ninja Special Force Training Center...
Attention! every one
Sir Yes sir
Who want to become Ninja?
I'm here finally New life just started
Welcome to the Ninja training center
I'm Yamada, your training Head-Master This is Doi, your Skillful Master
Good day Masters
Before start training, there is some school's Rules you need to know
You! Who told you sleep while I'm talking?
Are you UP yet?
Shinbe, he love to sleep after eat and always runny nose
Ok, back to sleep
What so.. Noisy?
I'm baby sister, helping Mom!
Yep! Kirimaru is my best friend he like... haircut
He love...pedicure too!
Help baby drink milk, please?
What?!?? ... alright !!!
And now ..very proud to introduce.... ...this is ..our Principal
..please master
Do you guys.. know ...who am I?
I'm school's Principal, also Director of this center
Good! that's ..Awesome! ..more than enough for today.
And now .. I got to go!
Wow, perfect move!
Don't know when I can do that !?
Keep flying through the window!... I don't get it,
Is Principal want to die or what?
Shinbe still sleeping after been blown out of the window
Ninja's noodle was so good!
Levitation is the basic Ninja's technique
Each one of you must climb to the top of mountain
Are you kidding?
Shinbe don't scare, we must climb up there
I'm trying
But may not make it!
Shinbe we'll pull you up
Doesn't work! I'm so heavy
Cut rope, let me fall down
Don't talk stupid like that
We are friend, stick together at this hard time
You guys make me cry
That's right, if die then all die!
C'mon down
Want to be a Ninja why Cry like a baby
Help me!
Today we'll learn about explosive stuffs Any one know anything about Bomb?
You, Rantarou
Yes sir
Bomb is some kind of smell and delicious fruit
Found in America, red out side, yellow inside and juicy
Forget that fruit
We learn "Boom", explosion not farm stuffs
Will teach you guys how to make bomb
Look, this is a bomb I made
More explosive more powerful of the bomb
Let me show you how it work
Don't panic, nothing will happen
Blow up only when I fire it up
Is this right way to fire up?!
Who told you to do that?!
Sword for real
Kids We learn about Swords today
That's second lesson Rantarou
Get in there
So dump, holding sword that way how the hell you can get in
and roll like that will hurt you understood!
SuFu, it's dizzying!
Write down what ever just learned
Just memorize and good practice all of you will become Ninja
We learned today Blind fire hit lesson
Blind fire is a weapon that help...
Who is that woman?
She look like a Ninja
There are 3 rooms only!
So who is she?
Will find out about that...
we take a photo at Break time
Let introduce about Ninja in my class The First is Sodaemon
He's a warden of class
The Second is Torawaka
He's expert musket (gun)
Next is Sanjirou love trapping
He also like trapping things
His family is professional dyed fabrics
Here is Danzo
He has a big Horse farm -They're all my classmate...
Time to clean up class
Shinbe go get equipments
my job is spray disinfectant, kill bugs
The basic throwing darts is throw up...down...turning throw
The Ninja must know..
How to throw the Darts!
Take easy, don't hit me
Must hit target
aim the target then throw, Understood?
Yes SuFu!
So dangerous!
Good Tea
Can believe I'm still...that great!
Oop! something under my foot?
Both feets!
Stupid dog!
I'll kick your ass!
Foods so fresh
Hmm.. Yummy.! ....I'm full, so full
Yum Yum Menu!
Waiter! 3 orders please Enjoy! Thanks Madame!!
Tomorrow will have fighting practice
Put it down
May not fun tomorrow Forget it
Give me some Take it
Today is fighting exercise
Piece of cake for Cool Ninja like me
They're pretty good!
Rantarou It Not easy to become Ninja
Ninja must pass all the tests
Relax! Let it go!
Relax even get hurt, is that right daddy?
You can say that again
Ignore the pain, right?
Rantarou You will make it
I count on you
Who is this?
Miss Yamamoto, we wrote all down
Yeah! that's Miss Yamamoto Master of Girl Ninja's class
What? Are you sure it's her?
Some time you just see.... an Old lady...
But in a second.. Transform to a beauty sexy girl!
So, she really young or ugly old woman?
It's me, Yamamoto
She's famous in Disguise costumes
I don't get it! she's young or old?
No one know about her in school
Some time she's a baby
Why you change like that?
Is this..still...Grilled fish
Am I got Flu ..dizziness ????
Don't waste your food
My class will have 2 new student in couple days...First, Kisanta!
Hansuke Gift for you!
Hi SuFu! Master Tobe bring a new guy in, Kingo
Nothing new, same old every day
Ah! so lazy Any thing to eat??
Little rascal Ninja! I'm Caposai, boss of Dokihote castle
Only my Ninja is the best
Ninja's food not too bad!
Principal! We brought some food.
Come in
Bring it in
Sign here, If you want to enter school!
Shut up!
Sign here!
Did I say shut up! don't bother me! -Please, sign here!!
.. YOU ?! Caposai? long time no see!
Principal, Is this your Old Friend?
Yuck!!..Fish Dried Potato..!
Our Conflict (Feud) must solve today!
Wait a sec!
Let me eat first
Ok, You will lose any way
Give me a hand! Why my Head so heavy!
Don't touch me!
Go for it?
Hey, Dog! don't run
Not again!
That's it!?!
Let go home! Sir!
They ran away
Ah!...I have an Idea!
Command from Principal
Let kids go out, face the real world!
Let them go
Kirimaru have no parent, he must stay with SuFu Doi
Mom! Dad!
I'm home
Is school bankruptcy?
Are you Skip school?? Rantarou!!!!
Nope! Not what you think!
Here school's paper let me visit home
Come here
Do you know this dart?
Did you learn from Ninja school?
Still..great! Not bad!
Sorry mom!
Don't know I still be Ninja?
Don't say that. Just try harder
Rantarou! You is my hope
Don't let me down Always count on you
Smell money!?
Rantaro Shinbe? Why you here?
My house still far away I stop by because I'm hungry
What ????????
Haven meal!
Anything left in kitchen?
Still hungry
Shinbe, why don't we visit master Doi!
Kirimaru also live there!
Cooking done yet?
Only 2 fish? Cook more time will Expand!
You means fish will bigger?
Any body home? Rantarou - Shinbe
Hi SuFu
we here to see you
Any thing to eat? Food? Is your stomach leaking!?!!
Poor kid! why so sad!!?
He's crying... I'm ok, no more cry!
Add water, more food for you guys
What's you doing?
One for Rantarou
one for Shinbe
Kids, keep playing! Sufu, back home early, Ok!
What's now? Food ran out? That's all I have!
One for Kisanta
What is this? A letter, they ask me to delivery
Is it Important? Can I see?
Let me read
Oh No, it so wet! Dry it out
Now, it burnt! What should I do?
Don't Worry!
I have another copy!
Hey! what's up guys!
Hope No more people will come! Hi! Is Master Doi home?
Another one again!
Hi! buddy! We are here!
Bring it to.....
Hi Sufu! What ...is that?!
SuFu, what's this? SuFu...Master...
Wow! who cut... Your hair?
Just back from .. BeBe hair salon!
They gave this moon cake for you guys
Don't like this? Okay! Master, there's something Important!
I know! Really?
Kisanta, hand me letter!
And Go with me Kirimaru!
Go Where? ..What happened was....
On the way here.. ..saw 2 men with New wave hair style
Crazy animal hair Look weird
I heard about that too
Nice hair up-do
I think you like Lady GaGa style
So they came to hair salon
Hurry, Get there now
-BeBe Salon...
SuFu, is that you Are You Ok?
..hair..still beauty on you!
Did they mess up your shop?
Yes, and beat us badly
See this bump!
SuFu! Kingo, Are You Ok?
You got bump...too? ..You know...This Shop was open as usual
Suddenly they came while he doing hair color
Punch.. kick...every where! ..Don't know who are they....
Angry!.. I'm Upset ! ..... Can I sing a song ! Sing?
That right!
Can't believe it! They Screw up this shop!
Sound Really Mad!
Rose! Oh! ... my love... where .. R ... you ...
Rose! Beauty ..and.. the Beast.....!
Won't forget about this !!! Exactly!!
.. Cool! .. sing very Cool... pretty cool..!!
I chased and gave them a lesson
Duke! We're Not afraid No fear!
Let see what in here?
Got your Hostage!
Dare to Rescue?
Devil Ninja's Boss ..I fought them couple times
Evil Ninja
Hold it!
You, No where to go Darts!
Lucky shot! ..Bastard....
Dummy Ninja! ..Technique was..Dart, inside dart pipe... Aim...shoot!
It call Hidden-Dragon-Noodle Dart
Like this!
Now! go fight again!
GOT That?! Stop Reckless driving
Hey! ... Tape that Screen for me!
Who R you?
10 fight 1! No Fair..we came to help
So they help you beat those Ninja?
Yeah! they did!
Yup! exciting fight!
So, Knocked out bad Ninja? -Yup!
But, They might come back!
Come back?
Good evening!
Sanjirou! Heidayu! Who told you to do that? Trapping indoor??
Just practicing Ninja technique!
Prevent bad guys!
Very ...Fast learning?
That's good.
If they fall traps Up here just beat down, easy win!
Bright Idea from me, Genius Takiyasha!
Kids, eat anything yet? -Meals ready inside
Is that right! Master, follow me
Come here, Mikiemon! Yes
Is...enough food? -Nope! but..!
What's that, Kirimaru? Hi SuFu!
An Old Good man give to us!
Children, are you Ok? What happens? -We so hungry!
Got No food!
So we...lay down like that!
Poor kids!
We must do something important!
Roll call!
No worry! Just want to know who is missing
Here we go - Isuke? -Here!
Isuke - Here! Heidayu...
Put your hand down
Heidayu -Present
That's Kisanta Heidayu ...Here!
Are you Mad at me?
Nope! Master, .. Nothing!
Nothing SuFu!...Nope!
Shut up! Seriously! Pay attention!
Calm down all of you
Don't waist food, eat it!
Yeah! Master from -Gangbusters’s school...
Sempai! Kisanta, Hi!
All came visit me?
I came visit Yo!
Did you ate my fish?
How dare Yo said that!?
He's my Ex-Sufu
Oh Yeah? Yup, He's the best Ninja
He'll teach me use weapons Uhm
Eh! Santa! Something for you
Give to me What's that?
Sanjirou, you Ok? ..something goes wrong with landfill
Don't let them escape Look over there!
Fill it with dust
Oh! No!
What happens?
My Ass!.. Um! Nothing!
Heard something?
Stupid, What waiting for?!
Pull it down
Watch out!
I hate those idiot kids
Back..Go back inside!
Rats fall in the hole
Go Kick stinky rats
Let Pray - Fight for the Good...! Ready.... for Evil...!
Blow you up with this !!
Big Brother!
Alright- Fish On!
Still alive?
Any problem? What's that?
Awesome! Thanks SuFu
Teach me Please!
Don't Ignore me! Look up here idiots!
Is..Rice cooker still Ok?
Just a little Scratch!
All.. Get Inside now
Here I come!
Find the way trapping him
Can Yo do it?
Hey guys, Come here... a famous Hairstylist from..
- BeBe salon is waiting..! - What?
Eagle Down!
Traps work every time
Work like a Champ! Is Hairstyle beautiful !?!!
We're Not done yet! My backup will come...wait and see..
..Not help at all! .. -What make Yo say that? -Your backup still sleeping!
Backup!...will come
Backup? Who's that?
Bad Ninja
They'll come, I think
They work for Hidden Ninja Boss
Must get rid those little Ninja
They're here!
How come got so much Bumps make up like that?!
Look at those Fat Ugly mother bad Ninja up there!
..C'mon Guys, Go kick butts.....
Jump like Kanguru!
Fine! Tell Boss beat them up!
That's right!
Can Boss hear us?
Help! Help! ..Thieves! Thieves in the hole!
Come! Dangerous outside!
My God! ... Sitting Meditation?
We're Help fighting bad guy!
Up there! Hiding!
What's up there?
Who's hiding?
What? -Dripping from heaven!
You guys cannot run, sitting here scare of him?
Coming down!
All of you Stay, don't move ... if don't want to die!
Is this Ladder made in China?
Cooked Well Done up there by Kids!
You! idiot...
I'm Killer, the Secret Agent!
You are.. Assassin?
What are you here for?
My Duty is finish ..something... I...and..I.. forgot!..
So, any way ... I'm here !.. Any question?
Really! What do you want??
Fact is..that Ninja is ..so Evil!
I'm here ..Challenge you guys..
If you Win then I will Not kill you. -What's talking?
Therefore.. will stop his ... Chainsaws.
I'm Not scare Yo ass, Yup!..For real!
Is that so?
Ninja Kids, Make your choice!
If you win, then I Stop fight you!
That is - The Duty of Ninja!
Hey! Stop interrupted me!
So, Dare you fight with Assassin Club ?? - To become Real Ninja ???
Don't get it! Fight ..Who?
First, go up the Mountain.
Look for a Temple
Big Temple Shaolin Temple?
Rantarou, Do we need to climb up there? ... It's your chance for lifetime...
What is your ... Decision?
Go for it ? Or?
Eh! what is your call?
I call ... Go ahead make my day!
I am In! .....I'm in!
Let's Rumble ... The Winners!
Go Ninja!
Wait..wait, It Would be dangerous!
Think again!
Kids! It is Not easy!
-Piece of Cake!
Yep! it's me -All guys are here!
Fish Dried Potato ..Big head!
Wrong !.. I don't like it!
I'm Caposai ...Not Fish Dried Potato!
Make No different!
Howdy! Can we share bath! And..rub my back too!
I Never thought about that!
And Never thought about that too!
Que CARAJO!?..What The HECK?!
Bath time is done! All yours!
Dirty old man! I never forget about... shame of you!
Take easy Boss!
As Principal, I say ... Let them know power of our school!
Kids, Go kick their butt!
Class 2 here!
Class 3 present
Class 4 ready!
Class 5 here Class 6 also here
C'mon ..Girls, let's.. jump down!!
Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno - One for all, all for one...
D-Day .. Started!
The Ninja Kids has landed
Take a short cut!
Move..move..Faster! Must be there First!
Short meeting please!
Keep running ..and meeting.. As same time
Wait here!
Bad Ninja?!
Get lost NOW!
Blocking my way?!
You ask for it!
You'll get it!!
Are You Still Wearing Diapers?
No way to beat me!
So what!
Give up ready?
How to catch 1 bad Ninja
first...Focus second..Listen last... Action
What's Next buddy?
Where 2 guys go?
Where're they go?
Long enough to catch ..bad fish?
Look.... get him!
Will let every one know
We'll catch 1 for sure!
Ahead..move quick!
Here they are!
Stay Down!
Yep! 3 of them!
Trapping Ninja so easy
Hurry up!
Some one there!
Rantarou, don't just stop without warning!
Look like a Victim?
An Old man!
Wait, .. could be a Trap? Yeah! What now, Rantarou?
Take a break any way! Is Shinbe Ok?!
Kirimaru... I'll look..
Shinbe, You Ok?
I'm tired...running around!
Ok! Let's Go!
We're here because of Yo!
How are Yo Old man!?
Still alive?
Tricky Old duke! Just Kick if See him again
Kirimaru, are you sure?
Uhm..just threatened! I'll protect Yo, Don't worry,
Kids, I'll chop your heads off!
Hold it!...Stop! What now?
Master want us brought some food to you. Cool down!
Know him? Nope!
Take a look
Welcome to the New Game! Here we go.
Two Teas, 1 Toxic and 1 non-Toxic If pass...then continue to go!
Tea? why not milk?!!
Rose tea, Green tea, ...just tea !!
Please! Free sample!
Okay...I'll try.
Smell like..(sh.)..!
Drink, don't talk!
Ah!...Not bad! Good!
Kirimaru, Try it!
Got to be good! Okie Dokie!...give 2 me!
This is mine
Try poisoned me !! Huh! You, drink it!
Your turn
Please enjoy!
Tap Out! Give up! Don't kill me!
Quickly! Split in 2 directions
Hurry!! Almost there!
Is that a.....
I'll be there!
Rantarou! Go ahead!!
Rantarou! Count on you!
You, cannot win! No way! Gotcha!
Are they almost there yet? Yup!
Eh, Ugly! you lose!
Up! Up!
What is that?
-Spreading Needle Technique...
Spreading Technique?
Ninja's Trap This technique will stop enemy chasing behind!
Pretty cool stuffs from Ninja
Hey, going where?
What? Not Nice! So!
Forget Ninja's bible..go..go!
How? Very simple Use this, Rantarou
Thanks buddy!
What the hell.. he's doing?? Look
What ? How can you do that?
Hey donkey!
Too far!
Can..Shoot up there?
Expected ..You can do it!
Rantarou, Win or Not...Up to you!
Nothing is cannot do!
Road damage badly !!?
Trail sloppy to Temple!
Shoot..injured him.. Then Rantarou have a good chance!
That's the Big moment..
Win or lose ...in your hand!
Wait until he's in close range then... Shoot!
And I'll try to stop him!
Straight shot, ..Bullet will fly circle. Remember that!
Aim at your target
Keeping both eyes open, Squeeze the trigger
If fire wrong way, you lose!
I'm scare!
Don't turn Rantarou down!
Get Off me!
I Won!
J'ai gagné...ฉันได้รับรางวัล ... ..मैं जीत गया!
Off..off my foot!
Rantarou, Don't give Up!
Try again, Harder! Rantarou
Will Do It!
- We WON!
Principle, Tap out NOW!
This is It!
Do It NOW! ...มันทำตอนนี้ ... अब यह मत करो...
Or Too Late!
Shoot Him!
Do It!
Shoot, .. What are you Waiting for ??!!! If he has that bell, he win!
Look at me... sounding bell for winner!
I'm the Winner!
Strike The Bell ready?
What going on?
Bell was shot by Torakawa
It's Over!
They shot the bell!
No sound from bell?!!
We lose, Right?
-Assassin Club, From now on .. Don't touch those Kids!
Cannot be it! What you doing?
We're lost!
Get Off here!
Be back next time!
Enough Crying! (Psst!..go..to..)
Reward..Free Hair Cut?
I cannot do anything!
SuFu !!
- We Won...
Ninja Kids, You WON!
Where is Ratarou?
We Won!
We beat Assassin Club
Rantarou, You are the Winner!
As a Middle man, I pronounce you, Rantarou the WINNER...
Sir! Please sign to leaving school early!
Go away!
Kids! Good Job!
What's that?
- We DID IT ! -
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