Os Barbixas - Improvável - Troca (com Bruno Motta e Fábio Rabin)

Uploaded by videosimprovaveis on 23.12.2009

Time to play, ladies and gentlemen, the favorite game
of any woman caught cheating on her husband: "Quick Change"!
Elidio, Daniel and Rabin, let's play "Quick Change"!
It works like this: They will play a scene and every time I say 'change'!
they will have to change the last thing they said.
You, in green, who said it was your first time here.
There's something in my hand! Everybody's seeing it!
You're gonna tell me what it is!
- A bottle. - A bottle! Give it up for her!
It's a bottle. See? A bottle.
I'll give the bottle to Elidio.
Here's the bottle.
A bottle will start the "Quick Change" game,
and it starts... Now!
Hey dad... Can I drink some juice?
-But I don't want it, I want beer! -Change!
-I want whiskey! -Change!
I want a joint!
Gimme a joint, dad!
- My son... - Yeah!
I have to hide all the bottles in this house...
Because of you!
- Child Protective Services shows up here again... - Change!
- Adult Protective Services shows up here again... - Change!
Elderly Protective Services shows up here again...
What if they find the bottles?
It's a 'Jason Queen', dad!
Listen! Hide this bottle!
- They can't find this stuff in my house! - Change!
- They can't find this kind of thing in my house! - Change!
They can't drink anything here, got it?
- Oh! - Change!
- You! - Change!
Agent Thompson! I'm from... Elderly Stuff.
I heard a complaint.
It seems an elderly child is here... Drinking.
That never happened here!
-Really? Then what's that hand behind you? - Change!
- What'sthat other hand behind you? - Change!
What are these two hands and a feet behind you?
I... Am an octopus!
You scared me! For a moment I thought you were a perpetrator!
All right, then, bye-bye!
- Dad! - Change!
- Mom! - Change!
Come in!
We're from... Octopus Inspection!
We heard about a human being living here!
No, never!
Are you trying to warn me of something?
You! You...
What's behind you?
-Nothing! - Change!
- Everything! - Change!
So, what's up?
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.