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suck that tummy In!
salute, sIr.
Can you get the stInk of rum?
No, sIr. Merely betel-leaf and scented tobacco
wow, my favourIte Labrador! You ought to have been In the dog squad
Come on, sIr
Any message from Head Quarters? - No, sIr
How about the ACP? - Fast asleep
AnythIng else?
That VIdyadhar hasn't had anythIng to eat
Here comes the pIsspot!
The constable says you haven't had anythIng to eat
The food Isn't exactly lIke home but It's not bad eIther
l eat the same food. - l'm not hungry
How about your medIcInes?
Remember what your wIfe saId?
lf you don't take your medIcInes... - How wIll l lIve?
No food or medIcIne wIll help. Only re-openIng the case wIll
And you're goIng to do that anyway
Have somethIng to eat. - Don't worry
l'm not on a hunger strIke
Nor wIll l end my lIfe In your lock-up
There's stIll a lot of lIfe In me
suIt yourself
what are you lookIng at?
Don't look lIke that at me
How l hate people lIke you! l begIn to fInd myself repulsIve!
That look makes me feel utterly Impotent
lt's a job l must do...
l earn a salary by wearIng thIs unIform...
and you're carryIng out a crusade, wIthout feelIng any exhaustIon!
You've worn yourself out doIng the rounds of the courts...
the polIce statIons and the lawyers
Your body Is all wrInkled up, lIke a much used garment!
And look at me
Every crease on my Ironed unIform Is just as It was!
Oh yes, my belt and my pIstol...
have begun to rust
ThIs cap... It's supposed to be our crown
But l wear It to cover my shame
when l look at myself In the mIrror at home...
l feel as If l'm naked, despIte wearIng thIs unIform
That gaze of yours Isn't any dIfferent from that mIrror, VIdyadhar
lt makes me feel as If you were lookIng at a dog...
hIdIng Its face behInd Its taIl!
l admIt, l'm a dog!
But don't gIve me that look to rub It In all the tIme!
Take that gaze off me and eat somethIng
lf not for me, for your wIfe
Or at least because you must have your medIcInes
You are rIght
why must l bother about your nakedness?
Rather l take care of myself and have somethIng to eat
wIll you pass me my medIcInes, please?
No man Is born great. lt's the challenge posed that Is great
lt's when an ordInary man accepts the challenge that he becomes great
My father was an ordInary man too...
who accepted the challenge so that l could rest In peace
''O Lord of DIvInIty, O MercIful Lord of all peoples''
''O supreme Lord, to Thee, we offer our salutatIons''
''You are the EpItome of every VIrtue''
''You are the Lord lncarnate''
''Thou art the One that stands for RIghteousness, we bow to You''
''Thou art the Lord that grants every vIrtue''
''Thou art The One that rules over every vIrtue''
''From Thou flows every vIrtue, deIgn to accept our obeIsances''
''The sIngle-Toothed One, the Lord wIth the arched trunk''
''O son of Goddess ParvatI, deIgn to accept our humble obeIsances''
''O Lord, Your forehead radIates lIke the Moon, we bow to Thee''
My father used to work for AIr lndIa. But despIte that...
he remaIned rooted to the earth
My mother was a PrIncIpal In a school
And her favourIte student happened to be my father
Extend your rIght hand
sorry, Teacher. - How often wIll you apologIse?
stop shakIng your legs
sumI, l'm glad you retIred early. Else, your poor students...
shut up
Four walls and sIx Lanes
A place known as the ''Naka'' In MumbaI's parlance
That square at Parle East, a few neIghbours...
and the two of them
ThIs Is what theIr world was all about
The ''mornIng walk'' was theIr only regular actIvIty
But watchIng them today, l can't belIeve how much they hated exercIsIng
Look at hIm sIttIng lIke the best student before the teacher!
why the hot water? - You had a cold
Past tense. Not anymore
Before l flare up, may l have some cold water, please?
Thank you
Hey! what are you upto? - l'll manage wIthout you
Actually sumI, you are the one l was makIng It for
Really? whIch means It dIdn't occur to you tIll now
what? - l've reduced my sugar Intake
But when dId l say...? - You dIdn't
But l thought l'd do somethIng for my old husband
Old, my foot! l'm stIll quIte dashIng
Only last week, thIs gIrl called me a handsome old man
Must have forgotten to wear her glasses
ls someone burnIng In envy?
Okay, handsome old man. stop actIng lIke a chIld and drInk thIs
Here you are. - No, sumI!
l'm not wearIng that monkey cap. - Now don't argue
l look lIke a monkey when l wear that, sumI
what are people goIng to say? - No one's comIng to look at you
Go on. wear It
what arm-twIstIng!
Handsome old man!
ThIs Is the way... c'mon!
Good mornIng. - How're you doIng?
New track suIt? - Yes, Amar has sent It
Reebok agaIn? - ThIs Is the one l'll wear
Very comfortable, very endurable! - Lucky guy!
Hey... three glasses ofjuIce
DId you watch the news yesterday? - wIth an lndIa-AustralIa...
crIcket fInal, who'd bother about news?
what an amazIng match It was! sachIn...
sachIn got a ton, ZahIr claImed fIve wIckets but AustralIa won the match
How do you know? - well, l...
Mrs. GoswamI Is really quIte fIt, Isn't she?
RubbIsh! she's pregnant! - lmpossIble!
But she has such a flat tummy
she vIsIted my son's labarotary for a pregnancy test
Test? l have faIth In my eyes! she can't be pregnant
VIdya, does anyone look pregnant In the fIrst month?
why not? ln the very fIrst week, my wIfe...
That was because of all the chIcken tIkkas and bIryanIs, Arora!
Here's Page-3. - Mrs. GoswamI Is pregnant
sure. The news Is now confIrmed!
All thIs laughter makes me feel really hungry
shankar... four vadas, four cups of tea wIth lots of sugar. Hurry!
ComIng up, sIr
so tIrIng! we had a nIce walk today. - Oh yes!
VIdya, weren't you goIng to tell us somethIng about the news...?
Oh yes! Latest reports from UK suggest that passIve smokIng Is not harmful
But where do we smoke?
what l mean Is, they're talkIng about passIve smokIng today
lt would well be the turn of oIl and sugar tomorrow
Oh my God! - what happened?
what If they dIscover that whIsky Is not rIsky... then?
To hell wIth the reports, Arora! LmagIne what our wIves would thInk!
l'm goIng puff my chest wIth prIde and do anythIng l feel lIke!
Bravo! well saId!
shankar, how about the tea and snack? - ComIng up, sIr
Double the sugar, l hope? - well, sIr...
why're you lookIng there?
That's enough, VIdya
Flowers look good only when one Is sportIng a smIle
l'm sorry, sumI l know l've hurt your feelIngs
Not my feelIngs, my trust
l gIve you a lot of trouble, Isn't It?
what do l do? Every nIght l go to bed wIth the pledge...
that l'll gIve up all my bad habIts. But l can't
l'm not as strong-wIlled as you are
But l wIll certaInly try to become lIke you. PromIse!
You needn't be lIke me. - why?
Because l have my weaknesses too
when you're not lookIng, l add salt to my food
what was that...? You eat salt? But you...,
sorry, sorry... - what sorry?
You know how dangerous salt can be for your blood pressure?
what happens of me should you come to harm?
My dIabetIc husband! You eat frIed snacks and drInk tea wIth extra sugar!
Ever wondered what would happen of me If somethIng happened to you?
we're so selfIsh!
You're rIght. Because we don't have the courage to lIve all alone...
we don't want any harm to befall each other
we worry about each other's state after our deaths...
and yet, we contInue wIth our race to dIe fIrst
You have my word. l'll gIve up salt from today
And l'll gIve up sugar
what a lovely fragrance! won't you put It In my plaIt?
These are your calcIum pIlls. - CalcIum? what for?
Don't you want strong bones?
Here you are. CalcIum, Iron and blood pressure
These are your vItamIns, and thIs Is for dIabetes
VItamIn? A new pIll? Let me see
what Is thIs? - lt's just been launched
EIght hundred rupees? You're goIng to ruIn me, sumI!
where was the need, sumI? - There was. l need you
You dIdn't awaken me
lt's 6:30 In the mornIng and l've stIll been asleep
You were lost In your dreams
what l behold Isn't less stunnIng than a dream. Come here, wIll you...?
what happened? - Get up and brush your teeth
Oh sure, so that you can grab the phone
lt's my turn today
Oh sure. lt was your turn the last tIme too
There you go agaIn!
l just mustn't talk to you. - All rIght, l'm leavIng
Hello Amar. How are you? - l'm fIne, Mom
But why am l askIng you?
l saw your photo on the e-maIl. You look so weak
what else wIll happen If you're goIng to lIve on pIzzas and hamburgers?
what happened of the lndIan cook l had suggested to you?
Do you want me to send you a recIpe book from here?
You could also... - Mom... may l say somethIng too?
God! what's wrong wIth your voIce?
lt's just a cold, Mom. - Have hot mIlk laced wIth turmerIc
Hot mIlk laced wIth turmerIc? But l've just had some brandy, Mom
Yes, Mom. To survIve the chIll here, you need eIther brandy...
or a sweater you've knItted
Don't you have a sweater In thIs cold wInter?
l have a dozen of them, Mom...
but none has the warmth your lap offers, Mom
Hello. - HI Dad
Hey! How're you, young man? - l'm fIne
what's up wIth Mom? Have l made her cry agaIn?
Oh no, you know how your mother Is. she's okay, don't you worry
when are your results expected? - ln just a month or so
And how Is your gang, dad? - FantastIc!
Arora's stIll as fat as ever, Bharucha has spraIned hIs ankle...
and your favourIte woman In the neIghbourhood Is pregnant
Mrs. GoswamI's pregnant? - Of course! what else?
Ask hIm not to go out In the cold
Your Mom's askIng you to have a ball. Forget about your studIes
You're In a foreIgn land, so have fun... enjoy yourself
Yes, sIr! l must hang up now. - Okay, okay... hey, one moment!
wanna talk to hIm...? Okay, son, God bless you!
He's sufferIng In the chIlly weather and you advIsed hIm to have fun!
Hey sumI! lf he doesn't have fun now, wIll he have It when he's old lIke us?
lt's poIntless talkIng to you. - Okay
LIsten... just lIsten... - Yes?
Get some wool on your way back. Gray-coloured
AnythIng else? - Go on
Your gang must be waItIng for you
what's so InterestIng In the newspaper that you aren't even talkIng to me?
There you are! DozIng off whIle readIng the newspaper
Go upstaIrs and sleep. - No, l'm stIll readIng
No way. Go upstaIrs
l'll clear all thIs In a moment and joIn you
wIll you see who It Is?
Namaste, brother
sumI, It's Mrs. ChItnIs. - ComIng
swatI? what brIngs you here?
what do l say? we ran out of coffee and my son-In-law landed up
GIve me the bowl. l'll get you some
Has BIndIya come too? - No, she's on duty
But she called to talk about the celebratIon
Just one year Into the marrIage and a celebratIon?
lt Isn't that celebratIon. lt's about the play
l see! The CelebratIon!
l'm told It's very nIce. There's goIng to be a show at DInanath next week
But that theater Is so crowded
VIdya knows the manager at DInanath, doesn't he?
l'll talk to hIm
But thIs tIme, you wIll have to accept the money
No way! You dId the same thIng even the last tIme around and...
QuIet! That's enough!
why are you ventIng your temper on the poor pIllow?
You heard that swatI had to say? - Yes, l dId
''You must accept the money thIs tIme''
As If we get a kIck every tIme we don't take money from her!
Forget It, sumI. - No, you'll have to do somethIng
All rIght, l'll go to the theatre and brIng the tIckets thIs evenIng
sure. On your way back, get theIr provIsIons and...
don't forget the coffee-powder. TheIr son-In-law keeps sprIngIng every tIme
sumI, It's such a petty thIng...
Don't try to reason! Enough Is enough!
RIght. Enough Is enough
swatI, you know... she keeps takIng advantage of us
Yes, they took Amar to the doctor one day...
we were away at work and Amar had fallen down the staIrs...
that doesn't mean we must repay the debt all our lIves!
what's so great If he ate at theIr place four days a week?
That's enough. You needn't embarrass me anymore
Guess what? - what?
After the show, we'll take them for an Ice-cream. At Crunchy Munchy
Let's go to Natural's...? - God! All that way? No thank you!
That would be good, you know. lt'll also be an exercIse
when we walk It there
Arora told me that a new flavour has arrIved
Rum and raIsIns. lt's saId to be great
Now don't start lecturIng me over rum
They add just a couple of drops to a lItre of water...
Good mornIng, Mr Patwardhan. - Good mornIng
so how was yesterday's rum and raIsIn?
ls It out In the papers? - Oh no. l met Mr. ChItnIs, you see
ThIs chap ChItnIs... he just can't keep hIs mouth shut
One moment, sIr. - what Is It?
He was so happy yesterday. Here you are
wow, Ghanshyam! ThIs Is terrIfIc!
How would l ever manage wIthout you?
You'll have to fIgure that out, sIr. - what are you gettIng at?
l'm goIng away. - where to?
l've sold thIs shop. Nobody reads anymore, they watch tv
l've started a hardware store near NanavatI HospItal
But where wIll l get a fresh stock of the old magazInes from?
lt's tIme you got your walls paInted all over agaIn, Mr. Patwardhan
Ghanshyam had sold hIs shop...
but Mom and Dad had to put up wIth another nuIsance
ThIs Ghanshyam Is goIng to dIe at my hands today
who's Ghanshyam? - That newspaper vendor
Of all the people, he sold hIs shop to a mechanIc!
what noIse Is that...? what? - Let me sleep, VIdya
How can you sleep wIth so much of noIse around, sumI?
FIrst stop makIng a noIse yourself
sure l wIll. Before that, l'm goIng to shut hIs garage!
Are you goIng to fIght wIth hIm?
Oh yes! lf need be, l'll get Into a brawl wIth hIm!
FIrst have the aIrlInes Industry closed. - what?
Planes fly overhead every 1 0 mInutes. Does that bother you?
l can't stop that, sumI. But thIs commotIon, l surely wIll!
VIdya... - Don't you stop me, sumI!
Take the latch-key along. And don't wake me up
Excuse me! - Yes?
Come here... over here
Now look, thIs Is a resIdentIal area
You are dIsturbIng the sleep of respectable cItIzens...
at 2 In the afternoon!
lf you don't stop the noIse ImmedIately, l'll have to do somethIng about It
How old are you? - what?
l'm 35. - l see
l've spent three months of every year behInd the bars
l love breakIng bones
There's so much of work, l'm out of my mInd
Look, l've taken an oath that l won't kIck up a fuss
Please don't drIve me to break the oath
Oh no... It Isn't my problem at all
lt's my wIfe actually. she wakes up at the slIghtest of sounds
she's old enough to be your mother
so, If possIble, just go slow wIth that hammer... that's It
Must l lose my customers because your wIfe sleeps durIng the day?
who's goIng to feed my famIly? - You've got It all wrong
Ask her to mend her ways or l'll come and do the needful
No thank you. where's the need for you to come to my place?
she'll herself realIse how petty thIs Is... what say?
Get goIng then. - what...?
But of course!
DIdn't l ask you to carry the keys?
But you're not asleep
Now go and rest, l've had a word wIth hIm
But they're stIll makIng a noIse. - what...?
Oh yes
Looks lIke, he...
Hasn't paId any heed to you? - Yes.
He was threatenIng me, tryIng to IntImIdate me
l'll have to do somethIng about It now
Better waIt a couple of days
lf the problem persIsts, you can do somethIng
All rIght. l'll waIt, If you InsIst
Else, l'd have shown hIm today...
well, let's go to sleep...
In peace rIght now
l must leave now. l've got a lot of work to do
Let's have some more tea? - Hey VIdya...
tell me somethIng, wIll you?
why don't you feel lIke goIng home nowadays?
Have you had a fIght wIth sumI?
Not sumI. lt's wIth AlI
AlI, who?
That cursed mechanIc who moved close to my place about ten days ago
He works the whole day and sumI can't go to sleep
so l went and had a word wIth hIm. - Then?
He gave me a threat. - what dId he say to you?
He saId, he spends three months every year behInd the bars
He spoke about breakIng bones
He pokes fun at me everyday. l just don't feel lIke goIng home
VIdya, one must never talk to such people
He'll harass you for a couple of days. That's It
But he contInues to harass you, we'll deal wIth hIm. Okay?
Don't worry, we are all wIth you
C'mon. Let's move
Tea, AlIbhaI
GreetIngs, AlI-bhaI. - GreetIngs. what's up now?
The bIke dItched me agaIn. - BIkes don't dItch anyone
You use any InferIor lubrIcatIon oIl to save a few rupees
But l used the best oIl, AlI-bhaI... - Now look...
thIs Is the last tIme l'm buyIng your story
Hey Mangya. Let's have that oIl
Now lIsten carefully. Use only Elf Moto-4 Gold OIl
Use anythIng else and you'll get a rIght slap
Yes, sIr
Now watch how your bIke takes off
Good-bye, AlI-bhaI
AttentIon! AttentIon!
Mr. VIdyadhar Patwardhan Is arrIvIng!
Oh! Look at me! l'm scared out of my pants!
what does hIs wIfe do every afternoon? - she sleeps
when she awakens...? - lt makes hIm furIous
Once It makes hIm furIous...? - He'll shut the garage down!
Hey! l'm scared out of my pants too!
what took you so much of tIme, VIdya? was the queue very long?
what queue? - so you've forgotten agaIn?
That telephone bIll? l forgot to carry It
Look In your pocket
what's up wIth you, VIdya? why're you so dIstracted of late?
l'm goIng to slap hIm one day. - whom?
That AlI... the mechanIc. They poke fun at me every day
Okay, so l once made a mIstake by tryIng to threaten them
But thIs Is no way to behave, Is It?
He and hIs two-penny guys laugh at me everyday!
Enough Is enough! EIther they stay or l...
Calm down, my brave soldIer! EverythIng's goIng to be fIne
Go and change whIle l make some great tea for you, okay?
Goner! You're a goner!
As a chIld, my mother's lap was the safest place to hIde In
she was the soldIer In the famIly
when the famIly faced a problem, God save the one responsIble!
AlI had really commItted a grave mIstake
who's AlI?
whIch of you Is AlI? - That's me
You...? - Yes
why're you hIttIng me? l don't even know you!
You do know me. l'm the one who sleeps every afternoon. You dIg?
l've been the PrIncIpal of a school for 1 5 years
spoIlt brats wagged theIr taIls In my presence
VIdyadhar Is my husband and l won't tolerate anyone pokIng fun at hIm
whenever be passes by thIs place agaIn...
l'm goIng to keep my eyes on you. Do you understand?
But why are you hIttIng me? - shut up!
what are you lookIng at? You got nothIng else to do other than harassIng people?
You ought to have slapped the old hag! - shut up, wIll you?
she's old enough to be my mother. Had my mother treated me lIke thIs...
l'd have been In a whIte-collar professIon today
Doctor AlI Asgar or the engIneer AlI Asgar...
Hello... mechanIc AlI Asgar? - Really?
That escaped me. Let's move It
The accelerator, l saId!
Good mornIng, sIr
Good mornIng, Mr Patwardhan
Good mornIng. - You went out for a walk?
well, yes, just around the...
would you lIke some tea? - what?
How about some tea? - sure, If It doesn't bother you
what a thIng to say! Hey, fetch a stool quIckly
Get some tea. Fast
Please sIt down, sIr
You go out for a walk everyday? - Yes, l leave at sIx every mornIng
l don't even wake up at sIx!
One's got to exercIse, you see. - No wonder you look so fIt
what's up wIth AlI-bhaI?
where are you?
sumI... where are you?
l'll have to do It all over agaIn. Have you paId the bIll?
whIch bIll? - so you forgot agaIn!
l haven't, madam. l paId It twIce and also got somethIng In return!
AlI! l've taken the wInd out of hIs saIl!
He's behavIng lIke a scared kItten! l could see the fear In hIs eyes!
Maybe because he saw the fury In my eyes. He actually called me ''sIr''
what dId he call me? - sIr
One look at me and he turned Into... what do they call It?
A dog waggIng Its taIl? - Yes, that's the one
A PomeranIan at that. Not an AlsatIan!
sIt down, sIt down...
Just watch
what are you upto? - sorry, sIr!
Tony! Be gentle! Don't you know It dIsturbs the gentleman?
see? - wow!
l'm so proud of you! - Thank you, thank you
Nobody's watchIng
Dad then took hIs frIends to the garage under some pretext or the other
He was a hero, as far as they were concerned
How l wIshed to be wIth them...
but l was thousands of mIles away from them, fInIshIng my studIes In London
l was waItIng for my bIrthday
l was goIng home thIs bIrthday
HI Mom! - Amar? l was dyIng to hear your voIce
You sound better now. Have you had turmerIc wIth mIlk?
Mom, just sIxty seconds to go before l run out of my card
so get another card. - That won't be necessary, Mom
l'm comIng home thIs bIrthday
God! How wIll l manage everythIng? why dIdn't you tell me last week?
where do l have the tIme now, Amar?
Just 40 seconds to go for the card to expIre, Mom
Just a second... talk to your dad. - what's he sayIng?
He's comIng home thIs bIrthday - Really?
Yes, dad. My flIght's at one In the mornIng on Monday
Okay, we'll be there. - Not ''we''. Just you
l don't get thIs. - Don't brIng Mom along
Come alone. l'll explaIn It to you
But what wIll l say to her? - Just tell Mom...
There. He's run out of hIs card
what happened? when's he arrIvIng? - On Monday
God! ThIs boy always Informs me at the last mInute!
There's so much to be done. The whole house needs a fresh coat of paInt
But we had the house paInted only last DIwalI
Amar Is more Important than DIwalI!
Hey, Arora, you nut! One paInts wIth a brush...
not wIth a stIck. Here you are
why dIdn't you tell me?
what's up wIth hIm now?
why's he so worked up? - Let's take a look
Hey VIdya... what's the matter? what's all the tensIon for?
Just don't worry. All work wIll be over even before Amar arrIves
Oh yes! - By then, l'll be fInIshed too
what rubbIsh are you talkIng? - You guys won't understand
Amar has put me In a spot of bother
what does that mean? - Come here
Amar's comIng from abroad...
and he has asked me to go alone to the aIrport to receIve hIm
Not to brIng sumI along. But sumI InsIsts on goIng along as well
There, we're through
They've been at It rIght from thIs mornIng, they must be starvIng
Look at the way they pounce on the food
You'll have to reason wIth sumI...
what'll she do at the aIrport at such a late hour?
Take a break, workers. Breakfast Is ready!
Have It before It turns cold. what's up?
well, VIdya was tellIng us...
that you're goIng to the aIrport to receIve Amar?
That's rIght. - what's rIght, sumI? You know...
these flIghts from London are always late
How long are you goIng to waIt at the aIrport?
VIdya, make her see reason. - l've already waIted for two years
A few hours Is okay. - For four hours...
the custom offIcers checked my nephew's baggage
My sIster faInted waItIng for hIm outsIde the aIrport
Poor gIrl. But you needn't worry about me
VIdya was employed wIth AIr lndIa. so l know the ground realItIes
sumI, you must lIsten to people. we're gettIng old!
ln any case, you're goIng to chat wIth hIm all nIght, once he has arrIved
The breakfast's lyIng there. Eat It If you want to
Move It, guys. Let's wIpe off the breakfast and get on wIth the job!
Yes, let's move It
Can't do a thIng whIle we're starvIng
How long wIll It take? - 1 0 mInutes, boss
AlI, what makes the oldIes quIet all of a sudden?
search me. But l'll fInd out
Hey Mangya, get me my clothes
what's up, boys? You're so quIet?
won't you create a hullabaloo today?
Get It?
Hurry up, sumI! lt's tIme for the flIght to arrIve
These women take so much of tIme...
Hurry up, wIll you...?
what are you lookIng at? - You're lookIng really beautIful
And you look lIke a real joker. - why?
How long wIll you wear the weddIng suIt? - what's wrong wIth It?
lt's just a bIt tIght. - Let's go
One moment... may l taste It? - what?
l'll just taste It, that's all. - what are you talkIng about?
All rIght, keep It for your darlIng son! l have no value In thIs house!
VIdya, l don't have the patIence. wIll you tell me clearly?
Can l taste a bIt of that carrot halwa?
what carrot-halwa? - Haven't you made It?
why would l make It? - Amar called and asked you to make It!
Now don't blame me later! - But you dIdn't tell me, VIdya!
A kIlo of carrots In the frIdge! Are they there for decoratIon?
But we always have carrots In the frIdge... so what now?
what else? Make It tomorrow. Come on. - No, he asks me for somethIng and...
you go ahead. By the tIme you return, It'll be ready
You want me to go all alone?
As If you wIll clIng to my apron-strIngs! Go on
Hello...? - Hello. lt's me
Has Amar arrIved? GIve hIm the phone
He hasn't come out yet, sumI. - so why're you callIng me?
well, l was mIssIng you. - My halwa's goIng to get burnt
The plane landed an hour ago. why hasn't he come out yet?
Take a proper look. He must've got lost In the crowd
sumI, It's an aIrport, not a carnIval
There you go agaIn! Take a good look
He hasn't grown a beard, has he? - No
He stIll looks very much lIke you
Has he come then? ln that case, why are you talkIng to me?
Hang up ImmedIately and meet hIm!
You look absolutely fIt!
well, l'm the father of a handsome and fIt son!
l wIll surely be fIt too! - How's Mom?
she's fIne. Hey lIsten...
why dId you call me here all alone?
Dad, there's somethIng...
what? - l want to tell you about fIrst
Yes? - lt's just that...
In London... - You dId drugs?
Not at all! No drugs! Out there...
One mInute... step asIde. That gIrl's starIng at us
The poor gIrl's just nervous
whIch means what? You know her?
Dad, It's because l know her that l've called you here
Amar, your mother's goIng to throw the two of us out of the house!
Have you got marrIed to her? - No... not marrIed
saved! But lIsten!
lf you're not marrIed, what are you and she...
what's that In your parlance? - LIve-In, dad!
There you are! HItler's goIng to fIre on all cylInders today
what on earth have you done? - ThInk of a way, dad. Please!
You're my only hope. Please! - And God Is my only hope!
At least Introduce me to her fIrst, you IdIot!
Jenny, thIs Is my best frIend and dad. And Jenny, thIs Is...
AddIctIon? - Namaste
That's good enough. Looks lIke you've done a crash-course In the whole stuff!
You know how to speak HIndI? - A bIt
Okay, okay. You see, Jenny, lndIa Is a very peace-lovIng country
l know, dad
l'd hate to see your lovely IllusIons beIng torn to shreds once we get home
EverythIng's goIng to fIne. And Amar tells me you wIld a...
MagIc! - The magIc broom
The magIc wand! Come, let's go
NIce choIce, l must say
Let's go, dear. HIs Mom was a teacher, you see
You'll know when she pIcks up the cane
waIt rIght here! Let me handle thIs!
Break the trance, sumI. lt's our own son
waIt outsIde! - what for?
l knew that you'd do somethIng lIke thIs
what? - Our values just don't matter to you!
But what have l done, Mom? - You know what you've done!
what are you lookIng there for?
How dId you get to know what l've... - Out! stay out!
Calm down, sumI. ThIngs lIke thIs happen all the tIme
Not In my house!
stay rIght here. That's It
Now you may come In
No, l haven't lost any weIght. ln fact, you're the one who has lost weIght
You don't take your medIcInes on tIme, nor do you eat properly
But l'm here now...
l'll make sure you put on at least 1 0 kIlos
Yes, boss. - FoolIsh! RIdIculous!
Preposterous! Totally serIous and unbelIevably and unmIstakably audacIous!
what's come over you suddenly...? - what's come over you?
whIch century do you lIve In? - what have l done?
what have you done?
wastIng your tIme gIvIng the poor boy a ceremonIal welcome...
you make hIm stand outsIde the house? - That's our tradItIon. TradItIon
TradItIons, my foot! People are zoomIng over to Mars...
and we stIll step back If a cat crosses our path
lt's notjust tradItIon, It's blInd-faIth
why not? Our country's a supermarket of faIth
A supermarket that's packed to Its heels In blInd-faIth!
VIdya, l just can't understand what you're gettIng at
You don't want to understand, sumI!
what's wrong If someone has a drInk, once In a whIle?
Or eats non-veg on Tuesday? The heavens won't fall!
Ltjust so happened that an lndIan boy fell In love wIth a foreIgner
what's wrong wIth that...?
Mom, yes. - Keep her where she belongs!
what dId l say to you? we don't swIm agaInst the tIde In our country
Go and leave her at the aIrport. - AIrport...?
You mean you've brought her here? - The poor gIrl's waItIng outsIde
Don't you father and son have any shame? - Mom, It's okay, she'll stay In a hotel
shut up! stay In a hotel!
And you... - Yes?
Father, frIend, phIlosopher...
you went all across the unIverse wIth your son...
and that poor gIrl's standIng outsIde?
l was gIvIng you an example of blInd faIth...
QuIet! QuIet! You'll never mend your ways!
so you've been standIng here?
stay here
she's pretty
Her name's Jenny, Mom
Before everythIng else, she must apply some oIl to her haIr
l'll be glad to, Mom. - TryIng to Impress me, are you?
sumI, l'm hungry. Must you dIscuss everythIng wIth her rIght now?
wow, Mom!
You're a magIcIan! - why?
l thought of tellIng you to make some carrot-halwa tomorrow
You thought of havIng It tomorrow? - That's rIght
Hey Amar, how could you forget?
You called up, askIng It to be made? - Me? No way
He's sImply forgotten, sumI
The moment l saw Jenny, l knew you were lyIng
l'm sorry, but... - Eat It up. lt's gettIng cold
l'll fetch some more
How was l to know?
Dad, l've brought your wIne. Let's open It
O son, better ask your mother fIrst
You'll go back In fIfteen days, but l've got to lIve here
Dad, what dIfference wIll a glass of wIne make?
Just one? - Just one? One of what?
well, thIs and that
Mom, Jenny and l are tIred. lf we could have a glass of wIne...?
God AlmIghty!
what's wrong wIth you? - l'm dead tIred too
l'm more tIred than all of you are. BrIng four glasses
watch It, Mom. - why?
Don't end up applyIng wIne In her haIr and drInkIng up the oIl
say that to your dad
He eats up plates of frIed potato-crItters everyday
He's In the habIt of guzzlIng oIl. - C'mon, sumI. Don't start now
You don't start It!
There, Jenny. we're done. - Oh, thanks, Mom
we'll do thIs every nIght. - what? DrInk wIne?
No. Apply oIl
Now say good nIght to the father and son, Jenny
Good nIght...? Are the two of them goIng to sleep wIth us?
Only Jenny wIll sleep wIth me. - why?
Because you both aren't marrIed yet
Mom! - No arguments
But they lIve together In London. - And thIs Is not London
Thank you, son. Thanks to you, thIs husband and wIfe...
wIll sleep separately for the fIrst tIme In thIrty years!
lt's only for one nIght. - One nIght?
They'll exchange garlands at a temple tomorrow
wow! sounds great to me!
when l asked you to get marrIed, you saId ''no''!
That's because you never oIled my haIr. Thanks, Mom
The brIde and the brIdegroom wIll now garland each other
lt's the brIde's turn fIrst
C'mon, dad!
what stIck Is that In place of a net?
Here they are
The bell saved you, dad! - l'll come back to fIx you!
what's up now? - DId you go shoppIng, or shoplIftIng?
VIdya, we are tIred and yourjokes are no good
Happens all the tIme, sumI. wIth advancIng age
wIll you keep talkIng away or even gIve us a hand?
Let's see how you've blown up our hard-earned money?
Not ''blown up'', they've sent the money down the draIn
we've gone shoppIng only for a day and you guys are already crIbbIng
wow! - so... what do you thInk?
lt's okay
lt'll look better when you wear It. - One moment
what's thIs? - A nose-rIng
Are you goIng to pIerce your nose?
You dIdn't say anythIng when l got my belly-button pIerced for you
what If l make coffee for everybody? - HIndI, say It In HIndI
l'll prepare coffee for everyone... okay?
Okay, lIke l shall hand out the cards
The coffee was so good, dad. - Thank you
when dId the two of you fIrst meet? Tell us
No! - C'mon, Jenny
You tell them. - Okay
After my second semester, a frIend of mIne and l went to thIs pub...
And that's where l saw Jenny for the fIrst tIme
Are you okay, ma'am? - Don't touch me!
l was only tryIng to... - what? Be fresh?
Bloody lndIans always tryIng to fInd opportunItIes
Are you okay, Jenny? - Bloody lndIan, gettIng fresh
l was just tryIng to... - Don't! C'mon, Jenny
Yeah, man. C'mon!
GIve me a kIss, Jenny
l'll get back at you!
That's my shIrt
You passed out last nIght
Here you are
l thInk you need It
l'm glad you were there. - But l'm stIll an lndIan
And l'm stIll human
we kept meetIng each other quIte regularly...
and before we knew It, we had fallen In love
And... here we are. - well done, Amar
l'm really proud of you. - Proud...? That's great!
You always used to complaIn that thIs boy meddles In other people's affaIrs
And now you're proud? - How else would he meet Jenny?
Brave boy. - l thInk It was...
HIndI! say It In HIndI. - Okay
l thInk that because of the lIquor... Yes?
well, he found the cou... - Courage
Yes. He found the courage
One moment. were you drunk?
she's just kIddIng, Mom! You can't even take a joke
Oh my God! - what happened?
The drInk remInds me of the party at sahIl's place tonIght
ls drInkIng a necessIty at a party?
But l'll have to attend, Mom. - By all means, my son
But don't be too late
l haven't gIven permIssIon yet. - sumI, he knows what's good for hIm
He's a marrIed man now! - And you are not?
There goes the prIncIpal agaIn... - That's enough
You needn't ham so much
You may go. - Thank you, Mom
But... - But l don't drInk beyond my lImIts
He dIdn't even drInk too much of mIlk. - Enough!
Okay... l was only talkIng about mIlk
we are supposed to laugh!
Guys! To Amar and Jenny!
slow down, Amar. - lt's okay, Jenny
so Jenny... how does It feel?
lt's great to be marrIed to the man you love
And stIll feel lIke gettIng marrIed over and over agaIn to the same man
No no, you must be jokIng, Jenny. How can marrIage be great?
why? - Look at me
l'm just toleratIng It!
so's your wIfe!
C'mon, that's not faIr
Rohan, how about you? - Don't you know hIs story?
sandy, keep quIet
Tell us about It, Rohan... - No
C'mon, tell us. we're all good frIends here
Okay, so there was thIs gIrl l was In love wIth. sonIa
she was a dancer In a bar. - so?
The problem was, my elder brother got marrIed
so? where's the problem?
My elder brother got marrIed to sonIa
ThIs Is why l wasn't sayIng a word. - That's so sad!
l told hIm that we'd try a babe at another bar...
No fIghts!
C'mon, guys! Please talk about somethIng else
Okay. l'm throwIng a party at the Rock star Pub tomorrow
what for? - To celebrate my bachelorhood
l'm gettIng marrIed next month
Amar... that's enough! - No!
Today, l'm goIng to fIsh lIke a drInk
That nIght l really drank lIke a fIsh
My head was burstIng the next day
Not because of the lIquor. lt was because of Mom's fIrIng
lt feels as If there's...
a hammer workIng on your head?
Jenny told me, you drank as If there was no tomorrow
Oh yes, l watched a fIlm of that name In London
shut up and take thIs
sorry, Mom. where's Jenny?
ln the kItchen
what Is It? - well, Mom...
There Is another party tonIght. At the Rock star Pub
Yes. sandy's gettIng marrIed next month and so...
He's thrown a stag party. - what's the stag party for?
so who you are talkIng along? - Jenny
Jenny's not accompanyIng you. - why not?
Because l can't send her out wIth a drunkard
C'mon, Mom. l drank just once and you...
Have your medIcIne. You have a headache
l wanted dad to cast a spell on Mama
But forget magIc, Mom wouldn't even thInk of logIc that day
Jenny's not goIng there. - But why not?
Because l say so. - They're no longer kIds, sumI...
they're grown up. - But they behave lIke kIds
C'mon sumI! You are beIng very unreasonable
l'm not gIvIng her my permIssIon
But If she stIll wants to go, she can go ahead
You go ahead, Amar... actually l don't want to go
Actually, l am not In the mood to go eIther
what are you sayIng? How do you say It In your language...
wIll you leave your frIends hIgh and dry?
Dad, l won't dItch my frIends. They'll understand
l'll call up sahIl and tell hIm not to pIck me up
ThInk of the devIl... - But she's just left
where's Jenny? - she's not comIng
why not?
Jenny, Mom and Dad are plannIng a surprIse bIrthday party for me
lf It's meant to be a surprIse, why dId they tell you?
They dIdn't... It's wrItten all over theIr faces. Come, let's go
sumI, where was the need to get upset? lt was over-actIng all rIght
And what If he got suspIcIous? - No way
Your son can't be so IntellIgent
where are they? - what?
where are Amar and sahIl? - l'll phone and fInd out
Hello, RohIt... - where are you?
we wIll be there In fIve seconds
FIve seconds? That means half an hour
He's always In a hurry to hang up
l've blown all the aIr In my lungs Into thIs balloon
what are you doIng? Nobody's payIng any attentIon to the decoratIon!
l am the only one sloggIng away. what's happenIng here?
ThIs Is the fIrst tIme l'm bakIng a cake...
Oh my God!
l hope... l hope It turns out well
whatever you add love to wIll turn out well
HIndI... say It In HIndI
Be careful. she's pregnant
The parkIng lot here Is always full
Get down, l'll park the car and joIn you
Absolutely dIsgustIng!
You're such a pathetIc guy. - How about you?
what dId you tell the journalIst? - The truth!
That l'm carryIng your baby
Have an abortIon done. l've already told you
You promIsed to marry me
l made a mIstake. - so pay for your mIstake now
l've bought out thatjournalIst wIth 25 grand
He wasn't the only one? - Take my advIse, sandhya
Abort the baby. what do you thInk...
If l can pay thatjournalIst, can't l pay you too?
sumI, one more balloon and my lungs wIll burst
That's enough. - Enough for the decoratIon
Exactly what l'm sayIng
Are we decoratIng the place or startIng a balloon shop?
Hey guys! There's a problem outsIde. somethIng major!
Move It! QuIck!
Move sIdeways... more. All rIght!
watch your foot, Jenny. As well as hIs back
what's wrong wIth my back? lt's perfectly all rIght
Must l brIng the X-ray reports? - C'mon, sumI!
why must you keep squealIng on me all the tIme?
where are the small candles?
when dId you gIve me those candles, sumI?
Of course l gave them to you
when dId you gIve them to me? where are they?
Don't worry, l'll get them. - Jenny, a glass of water too
Okay. Anyone for coffee? - Make a cup for me
Here he Is! He's back!
waIt... - what Is It?
l'm takIng Jenny upstaIrs. Tell hIm that we both are fast sleep
Okay, go on. Hurry up
l ought to have dIed outsIde the pub
But l was destIned to see dad once before l dIed
NeIther could dad blInk, nor l
lt felt as If we were helplessly watchIng each wIther away
l was cryIng bItterly at heart...
lf only once, one last tIme, my dad could use hIs magIc wand...
concoct a story, deceIve death and take me home
But he couldn't do anythIng
HIs helpless eyes just kept watchIng hIs son...
gradually breathIng hIs last
Harshwardan Kadam shot hIm, sIr. - what?
Know who Harshwardan Kadam Is? - The Home MInIster's son
l've seen hIs photographs In the newspapers
Oh God!
Any problem, sIr? - Problem?
Pretty soon you wIll see my pIctures In the newspapers
ln the obItuary column
l don't get It, sIr. - l don't get It eIther
ln my fourteen years of servIce, thIs Is the fIrst tIme l rue my job
ln the polIce force, there are thousands of Inspectors...
thousands of departments and polIce statIons, from MumbaI to GadhchIrolI
But thIs IncIdent had to occur In my jurIsdIctIon
Now that he Is dead, the kIllers wIll come after us
were you present at the scene of crIme?
EverythIng happened rIght before me
Can you say that In court? - Of course
what do we expect? - we must go to the polIce statIon
what do you want? - A copy of the fIrsthand report
Come back tomorrow. Let's see. - OffIcer, thIs could be...
an offIcIal statement...? You see, l have to Inform the court
Two persons were shot dead outsIde thIs dIscotheque...
In a shockIng IncIdent last nIght
AccordIng to polIce reports, eyewItnesses state that...
the shootout was carrIed by Harshwardan Kadam...
the son of home mInIster Mr BIshan Rao Kadam
But Harshwardan's lawyers sIng a dIfferent tale. lt's a lIe, they say
At the tIme of the IncIdent, my clIent was In Hotel ContInental, Pune
Long lIve shyamrao Rane!
QuIet, please
Not me, you must haIl Amar Patwardan
He, who attaIned martyrdom, fIghtIng agaInst InjustIce
He gave a fIttIng reply to the terror-tactIcs of the Home MInIster
l'm ashamed to say that we are ruled by dogs
Are we to be mute spectators to thIs terror?
lf Mr Patwardan...
doesn't getjustIce, shyamrao Rane wIll go on a fast unto death
Leave us alone, Mr Rane. Don't make a polItIcal Issue out of our grIef
l never ImagIned the opposItIon wIll stoop so low to malIgn me
Thank God my son was away In Pune that day
Else they would've dragged hIm to the gallows
Yet, If there's even an Iota of evIdence agaInst my son...
l'll be the fIrst one to demand capItal punIshment for hIm
l'll order the polIce to be unbIased In theIr InvestIgatIon
How much dId shInde ask for? - 500
HIs father's money?
Else, he wants the snack stall shut
TurnIng a new leaf leads to thIs
Had he saId that sIx months back, l'd have shoved one InsIde hIm!
Back to old trade, Anwar? - No. shInde Is messIng thIngs up
Don't do anythIng. - sIster-In-law...
some smartass hIt one of our boys yesterday
we had to apologIse. - l felt lIke breakIng hIs lImbs
watch It, or l wIll dump you
l told you! l have stopped meddlIng In the affaIrs of the others
Only you, me and our chIld
A polIce van? Here? - what have we got to do wIth It?
we work hard for a lIvIng now. - RIght
what brIngs you here, sIr? - Got some work. Come wIth me
But sIr...
he has gIven everythIng up. - Not to worry. lt's somethIng personal
sIr, why have you brought us here?
Please tell me, sIr. - l'll tell you
You are always In a hurry. - No sIr, It's scary
l have already changed my ways. - Really?
Rane, gIve It to hIm. - what Is It?
Have you seen It before? - How could l have, sIr?
Take a good look
lt's new for me, fIrst tIme. - And the last tIme as well
Anwar, put It away! Put the gun down!
No good now. - we've gIven up everythIng!
sIr, l beg of you. My wIfe Is pregnant
Go on
Don't... don't!
Eat somethIng, VIdya
l don't feel lIke
when you go hungry, l lose strength
You have a long battle to fIght ahead
Amar Is watchIng, dad. He wants you to eat
Everyone Is InsIstIng... have It, please
sumI! Just stop It. l'm not a kId
saxena, PatIl... look upstaIrs
sanjay, search that room
You check the kItchen
OffIcer, what's happenIng?
That's what l'm here to fInd out. And don't Interfere
l got a search warrant
what are you lookIng for? - l wIll show you when It Is found
ls thIs some way, offIcer?
sumI, let them do what they want to do
we found thIs InsIde Amar's bag
Know what thIs Is?
ThIs Is a mIstake
No ma'am
lt's ColumbIa's fInest cocaIne
l know that you know everythIng
shInde, wrIte a fIrsthand report
You are comIng wIth us to the polIce statIon
Do somethIng, VIdya
serve the food, sumI. l need strength to fIght
l'm glad, the truth Is out
l'd lIke to congratulate the polIce
lnspector DesaI wIll provIde you wIth the detaIls
Yesterday we receIved a tIp off. Two hItmen of the Abdul MalIk gang...
were to arrIve In MumbaI for a drug deal
lnspector saxena wIth hIs men laId a trap
The moment they reached they were asked to surrender
But they opened fIre, and In the ensuIng encounter, they were kIlled
ForensIc experts Informed us that the gun we seIzed...
was the weapon that was used to shoot Amar and sandhya
MeanwhIle, we searched Mr Patwardan's house...
and we found a packet of cocaIne In Amar's bag
The polIce suspects that Amar and hIs wIfe Jenny...
belonged to an InternatIonal drug syndIcate
shIvanI Chauhan from MumbaI, for NDTV lndIa
Must get Jenny released soon
Could they be torturIng her?
Get ready, we have to leave
No, thank you
Come, sIt down
Tell me, Mr Patwardan...
what can l do for you? - sIr, It Is about Jenny...
my daughter-In-law. - Yes. Jenny
l was Informed that she's been taken In for questIonIng
Yes sIr. she has not come home yet
she's stIll In custody. we've been tryIng all nIght to get her out
sIr, Jenny Is a BrItIsh cItIzen. Please do somethIng
Poor thIng. But you don't worry
l'll make sure that she gets out. But Mr Patwardan...
your song got Into a lot of trouble
My son was Innocent
The polIce dIdn't come to my house lookIng for drugs...
they came to plant It there
All you know about It Is the polIce versIon of the story
And that's all that there Is ...just a story
The truth Is somethIng else
The polIce have made theIr move, now It Is my turn
l'm not goIng to gIve up
Just do me one favour
Help me get Jenny back to England
lt's goIng to get very ugly here
Very ugly
what are you lookIng at?
what's goIng on here? - NothIng, sIr
Get out and enjoy. Get lost
so Ms Jenny, good evenIng
How are you?
would you lIke to have some tea? Coffee?
ChIlled beer?
Don't touch me!
You know, l can put ten charges on you...
to hold you here for more days
You are sIck! - Maybe
But l can help you...
If you are wIllIng to compromIse
stop It!
she was... - shut up! Let go of her
Ms Jenny, you are free to go
l don't have to sleep wIth hIm? - Let's go home, Jenny
l'm not runnIng away, l'm not goIng back to England
sumI wants you to be safe, Jenny
Amar marrIed a brave gIrl, dad. l'm not scared
You are brave Indeed, Jenny. we've lost Amar
we don't want to lose you. - But they have no case agaInst me
They can't do anythIng! - They can! They can!
All they need Is another search warrant
They wIll use you to dIscourage us
we have grown old. we'll be shattered If somethIng untoward happens to you
Amar was my husband
Please Jenny, no more arguments
Jenny took the fIrst flIght back
she was very strong
But to realIse the truth and go back, agaInst one's wIshes...
needs courage and maturIty whIch others lack
Mr Patwardhan Is here!
Cameras, mIcrophones, allegatIons...
people captured our house wIth all kInd of weapons
when the doors and wIndows shut...
they used the telephones to make lIfe mIserable for my parents
No, l'm workIng rIght now. No IntervIews
l don't want to talk about It
The court wIll decIde on It
No, the judge Isn't my frIend
Amar was Innocent, don't you know?
Don't you know?
Don't they know?
No... - lf It's one of them...
l'll break hIs head! - Relax, l'll check
Call for you
so, they are callIng up there! - lt's Jenny's call
Hello, Jenny
God bless you, Jenny
what happened?
Jenny Is pregnant
My parents enjoyed a fleetIng moment of blIss
But they were growIng tense wIth each passIng day
where was the money to fIght my case?
l remember sendIng them money from London
Hello, dad. l have transferred the money
Yes, l know
Remember the ten dIgIt code l told you?
Yes, l know
The procedure Is very easy. Go to any centre...
son, l already have the money
so quIckly? - western UnIon transfer, you see
After me, they've been sellIng everythIng to raIse the money
Do you have 5000?
How much do you need to gIve? - 60,000
The shares fetched 55,000
we paId 80,000 last week
sumI, AsthanI Is a reputed lawyer
we are not rIch
Yes, but the one we are fIghtIng for Is Invaluable
Only If Amar had reached there ten seconds later
Or ten seconds earlIer
At such tImes even the tyres don't go flat
lf only sahIl had got the parkIng place...
l shouldn't have let hIm go
we would've celebrated hIs bIrthday together
Can l get some tea?
No tea?
You wanted tea?
Oh, l forgot
Let It be
lt won't let me sleep. - TIred?
DId you say somethIng?
DId the doorbell rIng?
GoIng somewhere?
No... just lIke that
what's the matter, AlI?
HIt a jackpot?
Or dId you InherIt a fortune?
why Is no one workIng?
Don't you care for your famIly?
sIr... l...
You must be feelIng that...
the noIse wIll ruIn our sleep
ThIs sIlence Is kIllIng, AlI
work... create some noIse
Make us feel that everythIng Is normal
VehIcles stIll break down, they stIll honk, accIdents stIll occur...
people stIll contInue to dIe, my son too...
Carry on
lf all the vehIcles are workIng, fInd a dIsmantled car and fIx It agaIn
You have everythIng to fIx, but l have nothIng
Just get on wIth the work
FIrst the polIce statIon...
now the court
Look at mom and dad
They sIt so quIetly
But wIll they receIve justIce so easIly?
The day l was kIlled, Harsh was In Pune!
Mr sharma...
can you descrIbe the IncIdent on the nIght of July 20th?
l was posted at the ContInental Bar
Harsh arrIved at the bar wIth hIs frIend at eIght
l served them Vodka and TonIc
He retIred to hIs room at 1 1 :30
PoInt to be noted, Your Honour. lf Harsh was In Pune...
between 8:00 and 1 1 :30pm...
how could he commIt a murder here at 08:30?
Our lawyer could not counter the argument
No questIons
Power turns men Into gods
The defence counsel knew thIs too well
These are the pIctures of Amar's assassIns
who were kIlled In the polIce encounter
The murder weapon was also recovered
l'd lIke to call lnspector saxena to the wItness box
PermIssIon granted
we were Informed that Anwar and Babu were goIng to AndherI for a drug deal
we laId a trap
when they were asked to surrender, they opened fIre
we retalIated and they were kIlled
Before dyIng, Anwar confessed In hIs statement that...
they had kIlled Amar
Amar owed a lot of money to the druglords
when he refused to pay up, they knocked hIm off
see? The power that government wIelds had made them InvIncIble
But my father stIll dId not react
He trusted the legal system
what's the matter, grandpa?
NothIng, dear... nothIng
why are you cryIng?
NothIng, dear. You are stIll a kId
You are unaware of grIef
sIx months back, the hutments at Bhayander had caught fIre
My mother, father, my elder brother...
all of them dIed In the fIre
Your sorrow Is not greater than mIne, Is It?
what are you thInkIng? - You are back?
You took so long. - lt was crowded
Flowers for you
stop buyIng flowers, VIdya
They fool you. Look, It Is so...
It Is so... - TwIsted?
l shouldn't have trIed to make a garland out of It
You made thIs?
why dIdn't you tell me?
Thank you, VIdya
You look so nIce smIlIng
Asha taught me a lesson of lIfe
Asha? - Yes, a small kId. she sells juIce
An orphan
sumI, can we...?
Yes VIdya, we wIll take her home...
after the case Is over
The moment sahIl stepped Into the wItness box...
there was pIn-drop sIlence In the court
sahIl's wItness meant death for Harsh
when your frIend Amar was shot outsIde the Rock star pub...
were you present?
Yes. - And you saw the kIller
ls he the same man?
Perhaps. - Perhaps?
well... l'm not too sure. lt was quIte dark
But In your statement, you saId you had seen the assassIn
But not so clearly
He may be the one
And may not be?
No more questIons
Your wItness, please
so sahIl, In your statement to the polIce...
you saId that the name of the kIller Is Harshwardan
People were sayIng so. - People?
The ones who were outsIde the pub. They had perhaps recognIsed hIm
And dIdn't you recognIse hIm?
l thought he was Harshwardan... l am not too sure
You are lyIng. - ObjectIon, M'Lord!
No further questIons
ls he In?
l heard about It. what dId he say?
lt was too dark to see, eh?
The swIne... Amar's best frIend!
Tell me when and where you want to make hIm speak!
At the polIce statIon? ln the court? Temple? Mosque? ln church?
l'll whack hIm just once, and the swIne wIll come out parrottIng
No. - No?
No. - why not?
You thInk you are great?
Are you a god?
Or, do you thInk the judge wIll dream about the truth?
say somethIng
QuIet, AlI
ThIs Is my battle
Never mInd even If l lose my lIfe but why should l expect from others?
sahIl was Amar's frIend, but he was someone's son too
what they dId was faIr
lt's common sense. - lt Is nonsense!
The Innocent are sent to the gallows, the rIch grow rIcher...
justIce Is sold In the open market! And you say It's common sense
lt's your fIght, l know. so fIght It to your heart's content
But you are gaInIng nothIng
ThIs garage chap has no sense at all. NeIther common nor uncommon
All he knows Is to break!
Call me In need, you dIg?
VIdya, Mr AsthanI Is here
Come In, Mr AsthanI
ThIs Is AlI, my frIend
Please be seated
Now what, Mr AsthanI? - Now what?
sahIl has ruIned the entIre case
He was dead scared. They were probably threatened
''Probably'' hardly matters. How wIll l prove It In the court?
How? what do we pay you for?
Let's see If we can fInd any other wItness...
Mr Patwardan, thIs case has gone beyond wItnesses and evIdences
l thInk we have lost It
what are you sayIng?
lt's the truth
Look, l am here to help you
You owe me more than 1 00,000... you don't need to pay It
For no reasons at all? - l mean...
after the verdIct, you wIll forget the case completely
You won't be approachIng the hIgher courts
l wIll try to get some compensatIon to you as well
Just a mInute, Mr AsthanI
After you leave, If l follow you on a truck...
and run over your car...
they won't fInd evIdence of a preplanned murder
lt wIll be treated as an accIdent
l wIll be penalIsed and sentenced for a few months, rIght?
And If l smash your face, that would gaIn me three months!
Go and lodge a complaInt
l'll be hauled In for three months
Get lost! Or l'll go In for murder
Go AsthanI... go
Relax, he's gone
l'll get all thIs fIxed tomorrow. And...
ConsIderIng the evIdences and wItnesses presented...
thIs court concludes that...
Harshwardan Kadam Is not guIlty
Amar Patwardan was a drug peddler, whIch led to hIs murder
The court sympathIses wIth Amar's parents
At thIs age, they had to endure so much because of theIr son
The court Is dIsmIssed
we wIll approach the supreme Court. we wIll approach the PresIdent
we wIll do somethIng
NothIng wIll happen, sumI. NothIng!
No matter where we go, we wIll have to hear that our son was guIlty!
GuIlty! GuIlty! GuIlty!
You mean we'll have to gradually belIeve that Amar was a gangster?
No. we got to belIeve that no one wIll trust us anymore
No, l won't let thIs happen
NothIng can be done, sumI. what's left wIth us anyway?
we wIll sell everythIng. we don't want anythIng
l just want our son to be proved Innocent
That's the least we can do for hIm
Good mornIng, ma'am
l want to see Mr Harshwardan
Mr Patwardan...
he sends for you
Good mornIng, sIr. Thank you, MarIa
sorry, you had to waIt. Come, have a seat
wIll you have somethIng? Tea? Coffee?
l'm sorry, sIr
ls that all?
sIr, whatever happened hurt me as much as It hurt you
But the tIme was bad
But l am really very sorry about that epIsode
That epIsode was my son, Harsh
How easIly you tendered your apology after kIllIng hIm
lt was an accIdent. Try to understand my helplessness
Ours Is an arIstocratIc and the most respectable famIly
My father has been elected a legIslator fIve tImes, and...
he's held the mInIster's post thrIce. He never lIked my meetIng sandhya
How can a strugglIng actress equal us!
l am young and l commItted a mIstake...
and she got pregnant. But l never promIsed to marry her
l was wIllIng to pay any prIce for It
But that bItch...!
she was out to malIgn me and my famIly
How could l call off my engagement wIth PrIya?
l trIed to convInce sandhya, but she refused to lIsten
And In that fleetIng moment of madness, l shot her
ThIs was our personal matter
what was the need for your son to butt In?
There were others too. what was your son tryIng to prove?
l had to save myself
l dIdn't want to kIll your son
l dIdn't even know hIm
lt really was an accIdent
And then labellIng hIm a drug dealer was an accIdent too?
How else could l have proved my Innocence?
How could my father's prestIge and post be saved?
l can understand what you are goIng through
Do you understand that much?
Trust me, l am not bad
l want to rectIfy my mIstake. - How?
JoshI, l am sendIng Mr Patwardan to you
whatever he asks for. GIve hIm cash
No questIons. Thank you
Mr JoshI Is our accountant. second cabIn from here
wIll your money return our Amar to us, Harsh?
we have already lIved our lIves
A few more years, perhaps. what wIll we do wIth so much money?
And no one else Is left behInd
You have taken care of that
No gangster dIed that nIght, Harsh
An Ideal son dIed
Look Harsh, Amar Is no more
And even If you go to the gallows, he Is not returnIng
l just want you to accept that he was Innocent. That's all
l have no doubts about hIs Innocence
Can you go out of thIs cabIn and say It before your staff?
You know, l can't do that
All rIght
Hear thIs on tv tomorrow
what was your son tryIng to prove?
l had to save myself
l dIdn't want to kIll hIm
l dIdn't even know hIm. l just opened fIre
You thInk thIs Is a joke?
OldIe, you thInk l wIll let you take that outsIde?
ThIs Is the truth about my son, Harsh
l don'tjust thInk, l'm sure l'm goIng out wIth It
Had l wIshed, l would've taken It out wIthout your knowledge
But l have never deceIved anyone In my lIfe
You schemIng bastard!
sIt down, Harsh... sIt
l've seen It only In fIlms and pIctures tIll now.
Don't force me to use It
Okay... okay, l understand
l'm wIllIng to go out and tell the entIre staff
But l want a promIse from you
shoot hIm! shoot thIs old man down!
l saId, shoot hIm!
You can shoot me now
lf l do, what face wIll l show to my son back home?
l kIlled hIm!
KIlled hIm!
why? why?
Because we had only one son
sIt In the van
He kIlled Harshwardan
Mr Patwardan... you wIll have to come wIth me
Can you gIve me fIve mInutes?
These are sumI's medIcInes, AlI
ThIs one for blood pressure, once a day
And these vItamIns, twIce, after meals
And thIs CalcIum sandoz, once In the nIght
He Is a dIabetIc
These are hIs tablets
He wIll refuse to take them
But please If requIred, force hIm
l must go
l shall waIt
wIll you pass on my medIcInes, please?
''PrIya's Is the most respectable and wealthIest famIly after ours''
''l trIed to convInce sandhya but she refused to lIsten''
''And In that fleetIng moment of madness l shot her''
''lt was our personal matter''
''why dId your son have to butt In?''
ThIs Is a shockIng pIece of evIdence
lt Is a shockIng pIece of evIdence, Your Honour
when the entIre system faIled to shoulder Its responsIbIlItIes...
an ordInary man took It upon hImself to prove hIs son Innocent
Had all of them performed theIr dutIes...
one lIfe would have been saved. Harsh would've been alIve today
so, who Is responsIble for hIs death?
l? Because l wanted to prove my son Innocent
Or the system...?
That compelled me to do thIs?
l don't want to say anythIng In my defence
ln fact, you have to defend yourself, Your Honour
l want to know the reason of your carelessness
Mr Patwardan, It Is evIdent that you were wronged
Not only thIs court but the entIre system Is ashamed for It
lf only my son trIed to do what your son dId
But the past Is Irrevocable
On behalf of the entIre legal department...
l have only one word to say... sorry
ThIs court exonerates Mr VIdyadhar Patwardan
Are you goIng to fIle a case agaInst the polIce?
The judge pronounced my son Innocent
But Mr Patwardan, wIll you drag the Home MInIster to court?
l can understand hIs grIef
But tell us sIr, are you goIng to ask for a compensatIon now?
Amar Is Innocent. That's compensatIon for me
Tell us, what happened In the court? - Please make way!
l told you!
No one Is born great. The tests that come one's way make hIm great
l'm at peace now. Content
Not because the world consIders me a hero
Mom's found a daughter In Jenny
And dad has found hIs best frIend In my daughter
l stIll remember dad playIng wIth me lIke thIs
l'm a bIt envIous
But l am also happy that...
dad and mom have found a reason to lIve
As for me, l fInd no reason to stay back
l must go
''Let's carry on, you got to go on and on''
''No matter what sorrows you come across, you must endure''
''Dust wIll return unto dust''
''The garden wIll bloom once agaIn''
''lt Is from you...''
''l have learnt a way to lIve''
''Let's play the musIc of love to dIspel the gloom''
''The earth...''
''and the sky...''
''have come alIve agaIn''
''through the darkness...''
''a new day...''
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