This Is My Boomstick! - Army of Darkness (2/10) Movie CLIP (1992) HD

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For that arrogance, I shall see you dead.
[Gun Blast]
All right, you primitive screwheads, listen up.
See this?
- This is my boom stick! - [Gasping]
It's a 12-gauge, double-barreled Remington.
S-mart's top of the line.
You can find this in the sporting goods department.
That's right. This sweet baby was made in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Retails for about $109.95.
It's got a walnut stock, cobalt blue steel and a hair trigger.
That's right, shop smart.
Shop S-mart. You got that?
- Yes, sir. Right. - Yes, sir.
Now I swear,
the next one of you primates...
even touches me...
- [Yelling] - [Snarling]
- [Shrieking] - [Water Splashing]
Now, let's talk about how I get back home.