InDesign Footnotes and Paragraph styles - CS5 Tutorial (Part 3b)

Uploaded by unluckylion on 22.04.2011

Welcome back to the second part of the tutorial: How to work with text.
If you missed the first part of the tutorial
you can click here and watch the video
Otherwise we can continue.
You might want to insert footnotes
for example after the word "big moon".
We want to have a footnote to explain it further.
Go on *Type* than on *Insert footnote*
And now we get a 1 over here
And a place down here, were we an type.
Lets type something
[ Typing sound ; ) ]
Now the text has no Paragraph style
we would like to create a Paragraph style
I would say we decrease the size of the text
for example to 10 or even 8 pt.
You create a new style, we call it footnote.
And than we are basically done.
We can apply more formatting to the footnote in the text.
for example, we could create brackets around the 1.
The easiest way to do that
is to go on footnote options
And here we can create this prefix
for example the brackets, and they are automatically added.
We also should set "footnote"
as the Paragraph style for the text in the footnote.
If we create a additional footnote
The formatting is automatically applied
the paragraph style is now "footnote".
This was everything I wanted to show you in this tutorial.
I thank you for watching and hope you enjoyed it.
If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment.
And I would say, we see us next time, by!