AXE Chickipedia - Spying Girlfriends 007 - Ep 26

Uploaded by bindass on 07.10.2012

Hi baby, I have reached Bangalore
Why was your phone off?
I called you four times
I was in the flight, isn't it obvious
Nothing is obvious with you
There is a suspicious guy who has been following me
Why would anyone follow you?
I have no idea, he has been following me since morning and now he is sitting close to me in the cafe
Leave that, tell me what is your plan for the day
Give me one second, Let me just teach this guy a lesson
No No, Do not do anything like that
What do you mean don't do anything, he has been following me since morning
If I hit him, he will learn his lesson
Please baby don't hit him
Or should I call the police on him
Police! Don't do anything of that sort, He is from my college, I sent him to spy on you
I am sorry, please forgive me
Why would you tell your college friend to follow me?
Because I think that you are cheating on me
How can I trust when and where you would hit on other women
You only disconnected my call and made sure I take this kind of action
Some girlfriends think you are always cheating on them
With all this happening, romance does not seem to be the priority in a relationship
You will find a clue in everything that happens, and every day will be a new mission
Who's finger prints are on your phone
Why did Sneha Like your photo on facebook
Who gave you this T-shirt?
Why was your phone busy for so long
Who takes so long to get ready for Office? It's obvious you are going somewhere else
Listen, Give me your facebook password
Who's unknown number is this?
I am coming to your office party, so that people know you have a girlfriend
You can message me if your in a meeting right?
You have been going for walks every day, you met someone or what ?
Why do you have two numbers for Rajeev on your phone?
You know only one Rajeev right, this other number must be a woman's number
This attitude is what you call Insecurity
And this will not let you live properly
You will keep explaining yourself to your girlfriend, but they will never trust you
You might as well put a camera on your head and let her get a live feed of what you are doing
What is your phones password
You already know it
I tried it, but it did not work. I know you changed the password
Okay tell me, last week who all went for the movie with you?
All my college friends.
And how many were women?
Two, Ayesha and Deepika
Why did you call Ayesha 4 times!
That's because I had to pick her up, so we were coordinating
I am his girlfriend, one second
Why would I say I love you?
You sent a message from my phone to Ayesha saying I love you?
I was just checking if she would reply or not, and why are you getting worried?
You were going to tell her I love you a week later?
If your girlfriend is so suspicious then don't even make the mistake of handing your phone over to her
Because after she gets your phone, her suspicion will only increase
To maintain this one relationship, you will have to put in all your effort
One girlfriend can stress you as much as all your problems
If you have a friend who has a similar spy girlfriends problem
We took their experiences and put it in this episode