Motorcycle Exhaust Maintenance - Do it Yourself - Video Guide: Tip of the Week

Uploaded by CruiserCustomizing on 08.01.2009

Kyle Bradshaw here with your Cruiser Customizing tip of the week. This week we’re talking
about the exhaust pipes and all the bad stuff that happens to them.
The co-rider on the back accidentally leaves their boot on the bike and it melts the rubber
to the pipe, you’re at the grocery store and accidentally brush one of those plastic
bags to the pipe, or if you’re running a pipe without heat shields, you’re going
to get blueing down the top of them.
All of these things can be remedied fairly simple.
Anything stuck to the exhaust pipe, a pretty simple solution is oven cleaner.
First let’s look at the product called Blue Job, one of my favorites.
Blue Job is a really neat product that’s going to eliminate the blueing from the pipe.
So most of the exhaust pipes these days come with a heat shield like these Vance and Heinz.
Underneath the heat sh you have basically what they used to run in the old days, a solid
pi that went straight to the back which always blues.
With the full-length heat shield if your bike is tuned properly, proper air-fuel mixture,
you almost never ever get blueing on your pipes, but if you do, Blue Job is the way
to remove it.
Going to demonstrate this here today on this pipe in the nasty section so you can see how
good of a job this product does.
So inside each tub of Blue Job you’re going to find an applicator and a powder. Now this
is a brand new bottle of Blue Job so don’t be surprised when you open it and find out
that it’s half-empty. So we’re going to take this applicator, we’re going to get
it wet, we’re then going to dip the applicator into the Blue Job and rub it on the pipes.
As you can see, it makes a paste, and it’s that paste that’s going to allow the product
to properly work.
Alright, I’ve been working this section here for about five minutes. So let’s get
a clean cloth, wipe this pipe down, and see the magic.
So check this out, Blue Job is amazing.
This entire section of pipe was hella blued. So with a little bit of Blue Job and about
five minutes of work, this entire pipe is clean. Now let’s take a quick flip, this
nastiness right here is what the front side looked like just a few minutes ago.
So now that we’re done removing the blue off of this pipe with good old Blue Job, let’s
go ahead and remove some plastic bag off of the VTX pipe.
There really is a pretty simple way to get burned items off of the pipe.
The best solution? Easy Off Oven Cleaner.
The first step of this process is to heat the pipe, so I just got done taking the bike
for a ride around the block.
Pipes are a little hot.
Lay some paper down so that you don’t get any overspray on the wheel or the tire or
the ground or anything that you don’t want to be destroyed. And then you take your oven
cleaner, make sure you protect the bike on the other side of course, and apply oven cleaner
to this pipe.
In this particular unfortunate situation, we had a bag from the grocery store that landed
on the pipe and melted itself, which is not a very good thing.
So now that we have the pipe sprayed, we’re going to go ahead and let this sit for probably
twenty or thirty minutes, come back with a moist wet cloth or sponge and see what happens.
According to the instructions on the Easy Off we had to let this sit five or ten minutes.
It’s been roughly 15 minutes. According to the instructions, you take a wet sponge
or rag and we’re supposed to be able -- check that out -- to wipe it right off.
Check that out!
Less than 15 minutes and these pipes are back to almost brand-new after having nasty stuff
melted to them. Easy Off Oven Cleaner: awesome.
In summary, if you’ve got blue exhaust pipes, Blue Job is the ticket. If you’ve got rubber
or plastic or anything else melted to your pipes, Easy Off Oven Cleaner is the way to
Thanks for watching this week’s Cruiser Customizing tip of the week.