ING DIRECT y UNICEF - Llévalos a la escuela

Uploaded by ingdirectespana on 22.12.2011

This is the story of a very special school.
A school that measures just 8 centimetres square
and has enough room for all the children in the world.
The story starts in Zambia, Brazil or India
and takes place on a website
It is a website full of children... but they are missing one thing.
Something that only you can give them.The school
But here is where the most difficult part of the story comes in.
Because the children are here
And the school is here.
How can we take them from one place to another?
Is it possible to jump from a computer to a mobile phone?
Will it work?
This Christmas at ING DIRECT and UNICEF, we only have one wish.
We want you to download the school on your mobile...
And take a child there.
Take them to school
A story that begins on a website
and ends in your mobile.