DRIVE CENTRAL - July 9, 2012

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MIKE SPINELLI: Welcome to Drive Central.
Here's where you're going to find out what's coming up on
Drive this week.
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book of faces.
Book of faces.
Anyway, this week on RideApart, Jamie Robinson hops
on a Triumph Bonneville, takes off into the wilds of
California with just a carton of
cigarettes and a beach umbrella.
That last part is not even the slightest bit true, but let's
take a look what is.
MIKE SPINELLI: That's RideApart, Monday on Drive.
And this week, Tuned is back.
That's right, Matt Farah takes an exclusive test drive of the
mega horsepower Hennessey Venom.
Yes, the Hennessey Venom.
Just watch this if you don't believe me.
MATT FARAH: Here we go.

MIKE SPINELLI: That's Tuned with the very lucky-ass Matt
Farah this Tuesday on Drive.
And this week on Chris Harris on Cars, Chris finally gets
his mitts on a Pagaini Huayra.
Say it with me.
And that can only mean one thing.
Let's take a look at what that one thing is.

That's Chris Harris on cats.
I heard you're on a new show called Chris Harris on Cats.

It's about cats.
All right.
That's Chris Harris on Cars every Wednesday.
And Live and Let Drive is back.
Yes, and it's in Iceland.
For the season opener, Alex Roy explores Iceland's car
culture, and that includes an R32 Nissan Skyline.
It's the first of a three-part Iceland extravaganza.

Let's watch.
ALEX ROY: Let's navigate me to the right place first, because
I'm, like--
lost once again, we ended up down by the fishing docks
surrounded by rusting, enormous, stubby, tall fishing
boats, warehouses, and then I heard something that made me
feel at home.
Street racing meet over here.

I saw like five cars come out of here with exhaust.
It's totally a street racing meet.
Look at all these [BLEEP]
Look at all these guys.
Street racing, car culture in Iceland.
That's a Skyline right there.
Let's pull over right there.
Pull over.
We've got to talk to this guy.
I ran out, approached the first two cars hoping they'd
recognize me.
And unbelievably, they did.
I asked them if they wanted a hot dog and they said, have
you been to the best restaurant in Iceland?
And we were off.
MIKE SPINELLI: That's Live and Let Drive with
Alex Roy every Thursday.
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