Berliner Philharmoniker YouTube Symphony Masterclass Viola ??

Uploaded by ms200shred on 23.12.2010

Hello and a warm welcome to the YouTube Symphony Orchestra.
My name is Martin Stegner,
I have been playing here with the Berlin Philharmonic
for 14, 15 years now
and I was also principal violist for 3 years in the German Symphony Orchestra
and I would like to go through the orchestral position from Richard Strauss'
"Don Juan" with you.
Okay, that is the beginning.
It is a very virtuosic piece.
Unfortunately, it is very difficult.
believe the beginning is relatively clear.
am continuing with bar 6.
Okay. We should try
to bring out again the difference between eighths and fourths.
I will start
The next passage:
Here you also have to think of a good fingering.
Here I will start in the first position
and end in the so-called half position.
That´s clear
It continues:
So, now we come to the most uncomfortable and difficult section
Until here it is clear.
When I have achieved the piano I have to understand
that I have to position the bow very well,
so that I am at the right bow position
where I can then play the piano,
that I arrive here in the middle.
I recommend this position:
I am going now into the E scale, play in the F scale
in the fifth position.
Okay. Time is in tempo:
I would recommend at this point not necessarily to play spiccato
but with a very slow span, and play very tight in the middle.
It sounds like spiccato, but it is very precise.
I hope I was able to help you a little with my tips,
I would recommend
very importantly to practice these pieces with a metronome
with a slow tempo,
in a medium tempo,
where you can still control everything, but where things are already uncomfortable.
Everything must work in this middle tempo. Then change to a fast tempo

but don't practice too fast.
wish you all a lot of luck with your practice and with the reviews
and one more thing:
please don't cut after each tone.