How to do a Home Facial : How to Apply a Homemade Facial Mask

Uploaded by expertvillage on 21.01.2008

Hi, I'm Teri Lynne. This is David O'Donnell and we are here on behalf of Expert Village,
giving David a facial and now it's time for the mask. So, this is the longest process
of the facial. The whole thing only takes about a half hour, the whole facial from start
to finish. But this takes about half the amount of time because there's waiting involved because
you can't put a mask on and take it right off. So I've taken a nice generous amount
of the mask, this stuff is bright green. There's all different shades and types of mask that
I just spoke about in the last segment. I'm going to try to keep it away from his hair,
sometime you might get little hairs in there. Don't be too concerned with that. You want
to go up as high as you can on the forehead and again work your way down. You want to
stay away from right too close to under they eye area, you don't want to go any higher
up than that and never on the lids. It's just the stuff under your eye and your eyelid are
just so gentle and so delicate you really don't want to be putting too much or fiddling
around with it too much, that's the reason for that. So it's almost like painting. You
just want to paint the mask on so you can't see any skin underneath it so it's a nice
thick layer. If you've got oily skin, you'll want to put a thicker layer on cause your
skin will need more product. If you've got drier skin you can put a nice thin layer on.
We'll work that in, all the way up to the lip area but not on the lips of course. And
if you want to go down on your neck you can, feel free. I'm not going to but you can definitely.
Now this is kinda a relaxing part of the facial. This is the time where you might want to lay
down, grab a pillow, lay down, put some music on, do some meditation, just some general
relaxing letting go of the day and just closing your eyes and maybe even taking a nap for
15 minutes. Set a timer. But again we are going to let this sit for about 10 - 15 minutes
or until hardened and dried and then we are going to take it off.