RIT on TV: 'The Hammer' Preview

Uploaded by RITUniversityNews on 27.10.2011

>>ANCHOR: Well tomorrow night at the Stars and Stripes Drive-in. it's a one-time showing
at 7:15 of the movie "The Hammer," the inspirational story about U-F-C fighter Matt Hamill. Hamill
was deaf from birth but he didn't let his disability stop him. He became a three-time
Division III wresting champion at Rochester Institute of Technology, and then made it
into the UFC. The movie "The Hammer" is a biographical film spotlighting his drive and
determination. The movie will be shown open-captioned for the hearing impaired tomorrow night. Hamill's
roommate at RIT now lives here in Lubbock. Lori Mallory is an instructor at Texas Tech
and her husband Ruben interpreted our interview. She showed me photos of the college days with
Matt, and she's thrilled to see the movie about Matt's incredible accomplishments.
>>LORI MALLORY: Yeah, I was never really shocked that he became a champion. He was definitely
a great wrestler, champion wrestler, and for him to get into the UFC, that was definitely
a shock to me and I've never really seen him since he got to the UFC. I think it will inspire
a lot of people because of his story and his life growing up and all the struggles and,
you know, the tribulations he had to go through himself to get to where he is today. And he's
been successful. So I think it's going to be a great movie for that reason.
>>RUBEN MALLORY: Matt was just - you never really met a person that had such a strong
effort, and his work ethic and the way he lived. It was all about doing the right thing
and giving it 100-percent. That was definitely Matt.