Editing basics: Disappearing tricks

Uploaded by rewboss on 20.03.2010

This is my third video on basic editing techniques for YouTube videos.
If you’re unsure how to use a video editor, you might want to see the other two before continuing with this one.
If you’re a regular to this channel, you might have seen a couple of videos recently in which I did some amazing things.
In one recent video, for example, I lost my clothes,
whereas in another, I disappeared completely.
You may be wondering how you could do that for yourself.
You might not believe it, but if you’ve followed the other videos where I talk about how to use a video editor,
you already have the information, the knowledge necessary to make disappearing tricks like that.
It’s really quite simple. Let’s start with the disappearing clothes trick.
I began by standing still for a couple of seconds, and then taking my shirt off,
being very careful not to move my feet.
Then I simply settled back into the same position as before,
and stood for another couple of seconds.
I wanted to replace the original soundtrack from the video with music,
so the first thing I did was remove the soundtrack.
That involved separating the audio and video, then simply selecting the soundtrack and deleting.
Now I place the scrubber at the point just a frame or two before I start to take my shirt off,
and make a cut at that point.
I then move the scrubber to the other end of the video,
to the point just a frame or two after I’ve taken my shirt off and settled back into position.
Then I make another cut, so I’ve got three sections in all.
Now I simply delete the second section — the middle section —
leaving me with my shirt on and my shirt off,
then I can put the third clip next to the first clip, simply to get a jump cut.
And there we go: like magic.
I wanted to add music to this.
In the original video I could use the whole piece, but obviously I’m going to use a tiny portion.
Interestingly, I wanted to line up the point my shirt disappears with a specific moment in the music.
On the timeline, the waveform is displayed,
so I can pretty accurately see the exact moment I want to line up with the cut in my film.
And that’s right there.
Now, if I trim it a little, I can play it, and you get the full effect.
The other one is where I vanish without trace, during a sneeze.
It’s a very similar technique, with some small differences.
First, I performed the sneeze.
Then I simply got out of my seat, and got out of sight under the desk,
being very careful not to move too many things.
Especially the camera.
I had to make sure the seat was in roughly the right position.
Then it was a question of throwing the handkerchief in the air a few times.
It took several attempts to get right.
What I had to do was to get it roughly where I was holding it in the first part.
It’s not as easy as you might think.
First, I make a cut at the point where I’m at the height of my sneeze.
My editor plays the sound at the point the scrubber is,
which sounds very strange.
Once I’ve found the exact frame, I can make a cut.
Now I move to the other end of the video...
and find the best example of me throwing the handkerchief in the air.
Which to my mind was my final attempt.
It’s then a question of placing the scrubber at the point the handkerchief is in mid-flight.
It helps to zoom in onto the timeline to do this.
I need to get the frame exactly right: I don’t want to get my hand in the shot.
I make a cut; then, as before, remove the middle section, the bit we don’t need.
And move the two clips together.
The only problem is, when I play it, my sneeze cuts out far too early.
To deal with this, I need to separate the sound from the video.
And now I can edit them separately,
and make the sound of sneeze carry on to the point after I’ve disappeared.
It can be a little tricky to get it exactly right,
but you can see why it’s so helpful to be able to see the waveform of the soundtrack you’re editing.
Once I think I have everything as I want it, I can use the preview just to make sure.
That’s the magic of video.
OK, it’s not exactly “Star Wars”, but you can make yourself do some impossible things.
When I say “impossible”, I mean “impossible”. I mean...
these things just don’t happen in real life, do they?
Hey! What’s happened?