Cooking Tips : How to Remove Meat from Crab Legs

Uploaded by cookingguide on 27.10.2008

To clean crab legs, first start with your crab leg and this is specific to Alaskan crab
legs. First we're going to pop off at the joint, one of the legs here. And there's several
things that you can use depending on how hard your shell is. If your shell is pretty hard
you can use one of these shell crackers or if not, we can use scissors. And I'll show
you how that works. Now, to get to the meat, we're just going to take our scissors here,
because this shell is pretty soft, if you press it it kind of gives away. And I'm going
to cut down, the inside of the leg to expose the meat. Now you can peel back the shell
and remove the meat.
And that is how you remove the meat from the crab legs.