Heavy sleeper: Woman dozes off during flight, misses destination

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It is common for passengers to fall asleep during flights
because the journey is long and the seats are also comfortable.
But what can be said of PIA's wonderful service
which showed the extreme height of neglect
by not waking up
Patrice Ahmed travelling from Lahore to Paris
on reaching her destination
and brought her back to Lahore from Paris
SOFIA (DAUGHTER): It is not my mother's fault at all
The plane reached Paris from Lahore, but she slept on her way
but the PIA staff did not wake her up
it is their fault
Patrice reached Italy after a long journey of 8 hours
and then from Italy to France.
What is surprising is that when a plane lands at its destination,
the staff comes into the plane for clean-up and technical inspection.
In this case, it seems that nothing of that sort happened.
That is why, Patrice's sister-in-law holds PIA guilty for the incident.
SISTER-IN-LAW: She slept when the plane reached Italy.
Then the plane went to Paris, but the no one woke her up
so she came back to Pakistan
She said that when she woke up, she saw she was flying.
It is not her fault at all.
It is PIA's fault which is charging her.
On the other hand, PIA is also being stubborn
and instead of accepting the mistake
is blaming the woman.
Now, who is right, that will be known after the inquiry is completed.
If a journey is long, then passengers do fall asleep
but if the ones responsible for waking passengers up fall asleep themselves
then such similar issues will emerge.